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The Five Essential Elements of Healing

We can all have some kind of health issues of one form or another. Do you have problems with your digestion? How about your energy levels? Do you sleep really well? How's your immune system? Are your hormones balanced? How's your sex drive? Do you feel depressed or anxious? Are you getting exercise and movement to keep your body strong? How about your eating habits, are you getting enough nutrients daily? Are you detoxing properly? Are you aging rapidly?

As a naturopathic Doctor I see that these imbalances tend to stem from one of '5 Essential Elements of Healing'. After your Comprehensive Health Evaluation, we can identify the area that's most in need and start working towards your own specific healing program. You often have to go deeper for lasting change!

1 How's your PHYSICAL Health? First we start to work on steps to:

~ give you more energy and vitality,

~ learn what foods promote healing for you, and which foods make you WORSE,

~ balance your nervous system and cortisol levels,

~ relieve the damage of stress in your body

~ eliminate aches, pains, and inflammation

~ strengthen your immune system

~ improve digestion, assimilation, hydration, and elimination

~ cleanse toxins and congestion

~ eliminate parasites, yeast, viral infection pockets, bacteria, or mold

~ balance your hormones, improve your sex drive

~ improve circulation and blood sugar balance

~ reverse the aging in your cells

~ make your life work for you, even help you sleep better!

Do you Love and Support your physical health?

2. How's your EMOTIONAL Health? How well do you handle stress? Are you happy? This certainly impacts your health! We can also work on identifying and :

  • Eliminating emotional blocks and trapped emotions.

  • Releasing inherited emotions and patterns,

  • Releasing traumas stored as cellular memories and pain.

  • Releasing your 'Heart-walls' that block your ability to give and RECEIVE love and abundance fully.

  • balance your hormones and neurotransmitters for emotional stability

  • Discover your deepest Soul's yearnings!

Do you have Love and Compassion for Yourself and others?

3. Are your BELIEFS and PERCEPTIONS of life holding you back, or keeping you from healing? We can explore your hidden beliefs: which ones are helpful for you and which ones hinder you.

Your beliefs do affect your biology!

We ALL have limiting beliefs, and most of them are buried in our sub-conscious and work as the 'default' mode in our lives. How would you like to release them with BELIEF-BREAKTHROUGH sessions? Do you believe you can heal completely? This is a VERY important part of our well-being! ​

See the world through new eyes. and magically notice that EVERYTHING changes! It's always up to you. I am well trained to help you see and shift what no longer serves you. Then watch your life change, almost instantly!

4. How about your MENTAL CONCEPTS? What are the chronic or repetitive stories that you have burned into deep grooves in your brain? What are the thoughts, images, and ideas that you insist are true? What are you always telling yourself, or saying to others?

Do you have negative self-talk and not even know it? Can you quiet your mental chatter, the 'Monkey-Mind'? How do you create NEW thought patterns, positive ones, and make them stick?

Can you change your story'? Of course you can!

Learn to use your mind with INTENTION. Would you like to create a different, healthy new story? (CLUE: ...your CELLS are listening! and even your DNA!) How can you transform your story?

5. How expanded is your CONSCIOUS AWARENESS? Can you become more aware, more 'MINDFUL'? Of course. There is NO LIMIT to our conscious awareness!

The eventual goal of wellness is the actualization of one's true

psycho/physical/spiritual potential.

It's about finding meaning and purpose in your life. All beings naturally strive for growth and expansion of awareness. This creates a high level of personal wellness! Learn to expand your awareness and see the BIG picture, create a brighter future, and learn to pay attention to your 'intuitive' or HIgher Self, BEING MORE AWARE THAN EVER!

How would your life change? We have NO limit to our awareness! Would you like to learn new tools for how to use your conscious awareness in a totally productive and powerful way? EMPOWERING and EYE-OPENING.

Go ahead and MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE in your life!

Are you ready to...

  • Have more energy, STRENGTHEN and rebalance your body?

  • Reduce the damaging effects of stress, toxins, invaders?

  • Reverse the aging process? Release old pain?

  • Eliminate your emotional blocks, 'heart walls', limiting beliefs,

  • fears, doubts, and inner pain?

  • How about recurring themes? Would you like to be more clear?

'Transformational Health Coaching' is a powerful program that produces amazing results! After your initial evaluation, we will start working on your OWN specific personal health program. You will learn remarkable things about yourself and your health, and be inspired. Learn how to cleanse toxins and invaders, increase your energy, change your habits, your diet, expand your awareness, love and support yourself more than ever! We can even cleanse and repair your DNA.

You will get amazing insights and learn how EVERYTHING is related, including your emotional challenges, blocks, cellular memories, inherited patterns, limiting beliefs, and so much more.

This is a true commitment to YOURSELF! Inspiring, eye-opening, and truly transformational!

As we address the 'Whole' person, it includes not only the physical form (body), but also the feelings, emotions, our perceptions and beliefs, our mental formations, and expand the consciousness itself! Very liberating, and eye opening. Start living a happier, healthier, more empowered life.

Be your TRUE Authentic Self! This leads to true healing on a cellular level!

Jane Smolnik, is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Master Herbalist, and Certified Intuitive Healer with 30 years experience n the natural health field. She is located in Asheville, NC and works with people from all over the country. You can find out more on her website at: or

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