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'Developing Inner Mastery'

Becoming 5D Beings

Online EXPERIENTIAL training Classes

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MASTER these

Esoteric Arts!

Mastering these innate skills of our conscious abilities increases your inner creative power,  expands your awareness, and transforms your life to manifest your greatest inner joys and deepest desires.

What better time to  go inward to develop these higher skills for a more meaningful life. 

Perfect for anyone - beginner or skilled. You always expand further!


Personal Transformation'

We are ALL Becoming 5D Beings!

 Interactive Online Training Course 

Life not working the way you'd like?
Are you a Victim, Reactor, or Creator of your Life?
Want to SUPERCHARGE Your Intuition?
Are you ready to increase your creative powers and abilities? 
Wish you could have some major BREAKTHROUGHS?
Ready for an inner transformation? This is for YOU!
Inner Mastery Level 1:
  • What exactly does 'Becoming 5D' Mean? How do we develop it?
  • How do we change from being a Victim, Reactor, to a Creator of our lives?
  • Learn to use your innate consciousness abilities in a deliberate, powerful manner.  
  • Use Mindfulness Meditations and Guided Imagery to deepen your effectiveness.
  • Deepen your Intuitive Skills and Conscious Sensitivity in a whole new way!
  • Discover how your attention works, and how to improve focus and free attention.
  • Expand your current level of awareness to increase your vibration, power, and intention.
Inner Mastery Level 2:
  • Identify the different levels of consciousness and quickly shift between them.
  • Shift old subconscious, stuck beliefs. Understand where you lose your power.
  • Become more aware of where you are right now, where you may be stuck.
  • How and Why to raise your vibrational frequency.
  • Learn how to communicate with Nature!
  • Discover your Soul's purpose, greatest challenge, and your greatest gift!!
How could your life SHIFT having a 'toolbox' of new skills to utilize and practice? 
Personally for me, learning these skills years ago created MAJOR shifts!  My life shot up like a ROCKET! I finally had the tools, and more importantly, the understanding of how, why, and where I was stuck, and HOW to shift things to manifest the life I knew was more in alignment for me. I was UNLIMITED and there was no stopping me!
I had a new found joy, clarity, and excitement for life again. I realized how powerful I really was, how I was truly an unlimited Divine Creative Being!  I knew who I was, what I truly wanted, and how to create on a much deeper level.  I was clear. It was totally empowering! There is no way I would have come so far in my life so quickly if it wasn't for my inner desperate desire to create some things differently, to allow my Soul to THRIVE! - Jane
I want to share with you the BEST in my 'Inner Consciousness Training'.  Join our amazing course online, in a format which is now more affordable and available to anyone at anytime. 
You will deepen your understanding, practice new skills, learn new tools, and expand your awareness even further! These classes will build on each other for greater impact, deeper exploration and lasting empowerment. 
You are truly a NO LIMIT Being!
Whether you are a novice, or have been working consciously for years, it doesn't matter.
There is NO limit to your abilities to expand further.
You will always come with your own level of awareness, and go FURTHER every single time!

Each class is 2 hours of in-depth training, with Q & A period,
as well as experiential exercises to explore, practice, and enjoy. 
PDF Workbook will be included with each class. 
They will be RECORDED so you can review it again, or watch it whenever it works for you.
Join in several group Mastermind conference calls with Dr. Jane.
You will be invited to join an ongoing online Forum to connect with your Awakening Course mates to discuss your experiences, insights, celebrate achievements and more!
Enjoy the Course Series LIVE with group interaction, Q & A,
and shared experiences. Designed to BUILD on each level!
Plus you'll receive recordings to review, or in case you miss it.
Extended Early Bird Special!   SAVE $100!!
Class Starts Monday Dec. 13th at 6:00 pm EST.
PLUS ~~ BONUS CLASS - Discover Your Soul's Purpose!
Visit AwakenMyWisdom.com for more info and classes!


4 week online class  - Being Rescheduled - Stay tuned!!!

Look what's Included:

All classes include the LIVE class, Experiential exercises, PDF Workbook with complete instructions,

recording for review anytime, plus Online community and Monthly Inner Mastery Group ZOOM Meeting!

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Developing Meditation Mastery

Go deeper and align with your Higher Self!

  • Learn a new way to meditate and expand awareness to 'get out of your mind'!

  • Create Sacred Space, Grounding Chords, Techniques, Psychic Protection, 

  • Deepen Your Connection and Expand Your Meditation Skills

  • Release and drain accumulated stress, trauma's, stuck emotions and thoughts.

  • Refine your Vibrational sensitivity! Discover your Soul's vibration.

  • Use these Expansion Exercises as an important foundation for the next level...

  • Instruction and PDF included, along with replay. 

Class starts Dec. 13th at 6:00 pm EST.


Expanding Awareness Further!

Continue to EXPAND further than ever!!

  • Learn some experiential techniques to expand your awareness further than ever!

  • Discover what pulls us off center and out of alignment. 

  • Learn some powerful exercises to Expand Your Awareness Beyond your current edges.

Replay Recording and PDF instructions will be available.

Class is Dec. 20, 2021 at 6 pm EST.


Mind Mastery of Attention, Awareness, Focus

Empowering Mastery of your mental abilities!

  • Learn about Free, Fixed and Focused attention – how to recognize and use each.

  • Master Neutralizing Attention and Self-Observation

  • Become Aware of Desires and Resistances; Align with Your Highest Self, Source

  • Use these foundational tools to change your reality instantly

  • Experiential exercises will develop this  amazing skill.

Class is Dec. 27, 2021, at 6 pm EST. 


Deepen Intuitive Skills, Conscious Sensitivity

Sensing and Feeling into Energy....

  • Deepen this Innate ability we ALL have!  Feel into life with conscious sensitivity.

  • Feel into Energy Fields, See Aura's, Use Powerful Extended Feeling Exercise

  • Learn techniques and exercises to open and strengthen your ‘intuitive body’

  • Develop foundational tools and exercises for deepening your intuitive skills

  • Recognize and use positive and negative reactors

  • Sense and feel into energy, people, places, situations, beliefs.  Very empowering!

  • Class is Jan. 3, 2021  6 pm EST