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BioChemistry Health Questions - page 3



NOW COMPLETE PAGE 3 BELOW.  This saves us both time and money.  You can then go to the 'BOOK NOW' button below and choose a time for your Holistic Health Consultation that works for you.   Choose either the Health Consult by phone (1 hr.) or the 2+ hour Comprehensive Health Analysis in our Asheville office.


Dr. Jane will go over your results and put together a personalized recommended health program for you.  NOTE: This is NOT to replace proper medical care.  You may be advised to see your medical doctor for serious conditions.


The way you answer each symptom question can give insight into nutritional deficiencies or needs you may have.

NOTE: If a question is asked more than once, please answer for every section.

You must complete ALL 3 pages!


Take your time and answer the questions as honestly as possible by rating each symptom with one of the following.

0- Never

1- Mild: occurs once a month or less

2- Moderate: occurs several times monthly

3- Severe: aware of it almost constantly

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