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Naturopathic Holistic Health Coach

A naturopath is educated in the art of healing using a variety of natural methods.  These include,  but are not limited to: herbs, dietary counseling, nutritional supplements, orthomolecular nutrition, flower essences, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, energy healing, kinesiology, stress management, light & sound therapy, iridology and biofeedback, all with a holistic approach - meaning addressing the 'Whole person'.

A naturopath is known to be a “drugless” doctor who does no harm.   Many people who seek out the assistance of a naturopath are looking for someone to help guide them to allow their body to heal itself.  Some are looking for a non-pharmaceutical approach to wellness.  Others have tried just about everything and are ready to try something different in their quest for better health.

PLEASE NOTE:  I am NOT a licensed medical doctor, I do NOT diagnose disease, nor do I treat or cure anything.  I do not prescribe drugs, do surgeries, use I'V.'s. You are encouraged to maintain your primary care physician for all medical care when needed.

The practice of naturopathy is based on the premise that the body is self-healing.  There is a belief in a vital energy or life force beyond the physical realm, although modern medicine has not found a way to measure this energy.   When there is an illness or disease, the life force has become blocked in its ability to self-heal.  The task of the naturopath is to discover what may be the obstacles to healing.  The obstacles are of a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual nature.  Either there is
something vital to health that is missing or something toxic that needs to be removed or released.

A naturopath looks not at 'disease', but at the body systems that are out of balance or
harmony.  From this approach, one can expect to discover the underlying reason for one's
particular symptoms.  While a headache can be alleviated with an aspirin, the aspirin will not
prevent further headaches.  Nor is a headache caused by an 'aspirin deficiency'. Therefore, the 'root'
cause has not been discovered. A naturopath will look further to find if the body's endocrine system
is out of balance, if the nervous system is stressed, or if the circulatory system may be a contributing
factor, to name a few.   Each person is unique.

What's involved in a detailed 'Health Analysis'?  A personal consultation with Jane Smolnik will
include an in-depth evaluation looking at all aspects of symptoms, lifestyle, personal and genetic
influences to ascertain the most advantageous health building plan for each person. Usually short-
term advice is suggested followed by a longer-term plan of preventative action.

This is what I look for:

1: Current Symptoms – A 'Symptom Evaluation’ includes a printed report, graph of body systems,
and recommended natural health building program addressing your current primary needs.
2: Core Issues/ Blockages/ Deficiencies—Utilizing 'Meridian Reflex Analysis' - Muscle Testing the
acupuncture reflex points to determine nutritional deficiencies, chemical imbalances, allergies, or
structural blockages for specific recommendations, and checking the bodies response to treatment.
3: Root Causes, Genetic influences, Constitutional needs - Detailed Iris Analysis for health of
organs, tissues, glands, genetic pre-dispositions, digestion, brain areas, endocrine glands,
congestion, toxicity, assimilation.  A simple 4 minute Vital Scan/Herat Rate Variability screening test may also be performed.  Includes personalized recommended health building program and your own health info folder.   

I am different from your medical doctor for many reasons.  I spend a great deal of time with my
clients, particularly for the first consultation.  The ratio of time to fee is reasonable.  I must stress that I am NOT a medical doctor.  I encourage my clients to see their medical doctor for proper medical
care whenever needed, and then they may come to me to learn about their nutritional needs and
preventive health building recommendations.

The role that a Naturopath / Iridologist can play in your overall health needs, both now and for prevention, are invaluable! 

Do naturopaths require a license?  The answer depends on where you live.  There are naturopaths across North America, Europe, and in many parts of the world.  Here the practice of naturopathic medicine is regulated state-by-state.  In some parts of this country, naturopaths are licensed to practice as 'naturopathic medical physicians' (NMD's). They are licensed by the AMA because they can prescribe medicines, diagnose diseases, use I.V.'s, and perform minor surgeries (sort of a hybrid between a traditional naturopath and medical doctor). 


However, most states do not require licensure for trained 'Traditional Naturopaths' who don’t use these medical practices.  In these states, doctors of natural medicine serve as natural health counselors, being trained in the art of natural therapies.  In other words, they must avoid stepping into the arena of ‘practicing medicine’, which is defined as diagnosing and prescribing.  Naturopaths may do health assessments and health education, teaching you how to find and maintain health.

You can expect to pay up front for the visit; any reimbursement from your insurance company (if
any) is made directly to you.  The naturopath is not considered a primary care provider.  You are
expected to have a family doctor for your medical care.  The naturopath uses a holistic approach
(quantum physics) for each person, always trusting in the innate healing power of nature.


Jane Smolnik is a Traditional Naturopath, certified in Iridology and Cardiovascular Screening,
and Holistic Energy Therapies.  For more info you may reach her at 828-777-5263.

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