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Asheville Structural Integration - Jack Boyd

Structural Integration (SI) is a therapeutic massage bodywork technique that creates the space required for proper body functioning.   SI is a non-invasive, holistic alternative to address pain and improve overall health.  It’s a series of sessions involving soft tissue manipulation, realigning the body and teaching its parts and whole to move more effectively. 


SI creates the space and tensional balance in the body's structural framework required for proper body functioning. Through a systematic series of sessions, SI balances and integrates all body components in a balanced myo-fascial framework for an energetic, pain-free lifestyle.


Potential Benefits of Rolf Structural Integration (SI):

  • Reduce pain, stiffness, and stressBack pain relief, sciatica improvement, Remove limitations of old injuries, habits, and chronic tensions, Deep healing at many levels, Improve our body’s structural framework, Improve posture, improve circulation, Increase Improve range of motion and joint flexibility, athletic performance, Reduce chance of injury, Reduce muscle cramping and pain of spasms, Exercise and stretch weak, atrophied muscles, Enhance immunity by increasing the flow rate of lymph, Reduce post-surgery adhesions, Trigger the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkiller, amino acids.

Wellness Movement Center - Brian Schwagger

Wellness Movement Center (WMC) in Asheville, North Carolina helps active individuals restore movement, reduce pain and remove inflammation of the joints, shoulders and neck.

Through an active listening based assessment process, the true causes of unexplained pain, movement restrictions and imbalances are uncovered (not just the symptoms).

We take great pride in providing life changing results, helping those that seemingly can’t be helped, return to activities that were previously not possible.  

Brian Schwagger compassionately works with many clients when their conditions are complex and painful. They successfully treat individuals who have not responded to traditional medical therapies and alternative treatments.

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Discover the Healing Magic of Holosync!
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Zen Mediations
Solas Academy
Asheville Movement Collctive
AMC hosts dance waves for personal and community transformation.
International Institute of Iridology
Subliminal Guru
Rafael Jr.

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