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Live Your BEST Life!

Live Your BEST Life!

Take The Leap!

Take The Leap!

Take Better Care of Yourself!

Take Better Care of Yourself!

Find More Joy in Life!

Find More Joy in Life!

Dream Big and Bright!

Dream Big and Bright!

Feel Like a Kid Again!

Feel Like a Kid Again!

Change Your Belief Bubbles!

Change Your Belief Bubbles!

Find Your Balance Point!

Find Your Balance Point!

Increase your energy!

Increase your energy!

The Possibilities are Unlimited!

The Possibilities are Unlimited!

Dr. Jane's 



Holistic Health Coach


20% off!

Save with Pre-payment!

Choose the 6, 12, or 24 Session plan below!

with  Jane Smolnik,

Naturopathic Doctor, Master Teacher, 

Spiritual Health Coach, Cert. Intuitive Healer

Have you been over stressed or suffering with one of the 'mystery illnesses' or chronic problems that don't seem to improve no matter what you do?   


Most people don't realize that often the 'mystery illnesses', such as Lyme, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Epstein-Barr, Adrenal Exhaustion, Thyroid Problems, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and others that we can't seem to recover from, the ones that seem to leave us always tired, actually have a mis-understood root cause.  Most diseases so. 


What if you stick to your diet, take the best supplements, yet you still have symptoms that persist like fatigue, headaches, joint pain, brain fog, sluggishness, inflammation, constipation and digestive disturbances, nervousness and anxiety, insomnia, skin eruptions, yeast, attention problems, and mood dysregulation?  Sadly these are becoming more and more commonplace.  Is it 'just stress' or 'hormonal'?  I don't think so.


Our current lifestyles often leave us with high levels of stress, more toxins than ever, deficient food and nutritional intake, weaker immune systems, high EMF exposure, and often hidden heavy metals, micro-organisms, parasites and/or viral infections.


What is REALLY the underlying cause of our health problems?  What if you could heal once and for all? Our viewpoint, our beliefs and outlook, and our 'frequency,' also play a major role here. Having trapped emotions and a lower vibration makes you vulnerable to disease, as well as being very acidic.  We can have hidden blocks, inherited emotions, cellular trauma's, even ancestral patterns that all need to be cleared.  You can easily RAISE your vibration, shift the recurring things that bring you down, release chronic pain and other conditions, and restore your alignment with your TRUE self!


ALL of this can be reversed to allow the body to regain homeostasis, a natural state of balance. The human body is magnificently designed to do miraculous things and totally heal itself, given the proper conditions. How would you like to feel more JOY, more VITALITY, more PEACE in your life? What do your GUIDES want you to hear? How can you feel more connected?  What is your TRUE purpose? You actually CAN recover!

Are you ready to move forward to a new and better stage in your life?  

Are you ready to rebuild your energy, and find more joy in your life?

I am taking a limited number of people who are committed to improving their health!


Discover my unique transformational program and create lasting change!

The 'Ultimate Results Program' 

Transformational Health Coaching


Jane Smolnik is an accomplished healer, speaker and teacher with over 30 years of experience in the field of natural medicine and holistic healing.  She is a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Iridologist, Kinesiologist, licensed Avatar Trainer, and a Certified Intuitive and Spiritual Healer.


Her passion lies in getting to the 'root cause' and dis-covering the innate healing wisdom of the body and what is required of us to truly heal.  This is an essential part of our path, our unique journey as we are actually healing and releasing DEEPER issues, old residual patterns, fears and blocks, cellular memories, and building ourselves back up, and honoring our Soul's intention.  



Self-love is the most important first-step we can take in our healing, as well as the greatest outcome we will

ever experience!

 1st.  Balancing The Physical Form 


First we start with a Comprehensive Health Evaluation so I can

learn your history, diet and lifestyle, any medications, supplements,

diagnosis's, emotional or physical trauma's, etc.  I will then tailor the

program to meet your specific needs.  



We can work on steps to:

  • give you more energy and vitality

  • balance your nervous system and cortisol levels

  • relieve the damage of stress in your body

  • eliminate aches, pains, and inflammation

  • strengthen your immune system

  • improve digestion and assimilation

  • cleanse toxins and congestion

  • eliminate parasites, yeast, viral infection pockets

  • balance your hormones, improve your sex drive

  • improve circulation and blood sugar balance

  • reverse the aging in your cells

  • learn what foods promote healing for you

  • learn which foods make you WORSE

  • release your blocks and make your life work for you

  • even help you sleep better!  


This is a CLIENT-Led program, as well as an insightful learning program.  What is it that YOU want to achieve?  I'm here to listen to you and help you meet your goals. We will work on ALL 5 Levels!

Ultimate Healing Coaching

The Ultimate Results Program!

offered exclusively by Jane Smolnik, ND

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I have been helping people for years.  BUT... the healing is usually limited if we just focus on supporting the physical body only.  


When we address the WHOLE PERSON.....WOW!  

Lasting change!   Read on...

Manifest Better health

Let's Go DEEPER for Real Physical Healing!



Are you ready to...

  • Have more energy, STRENGTHEN and rebalance your body?  

  • Reduce the damaging effects of stress, toxins, invaders?  

  • Reverse the aging process?  Release old pain?

  • Eliminate your emotional blocks, 'heart walls', limiting beliefs,

  • fears, doubts, and inner pain?  

  • How about recurring themes?  Would you like to be more clear?   


As we address the 'Whole' person, it includes not only the physical form (body), but also the feelings, emotions, our perceptions and beliefs,  our mental formations, and expand the consciousness itself!  Very liberating, and eye opening. Start living a happier, healthier, more empowered life.  Be your TRUE Self!

This leads to true healing on a cellular level!



                      Get ready to improve your Life!

 2nd - Release Trapped Emotions and Blocks



We will also work on identifying and :  

  • Eliminating emotional blocks and trapped emotions.

  • Releasing inherited emotions and patterns,

  • Releasing traumas stored as cellular memories and pain.

  • Releasing your 'Heart-walls' that block your ability to give

  • and RECEIVE love and abundance fully.

  • Discover your deepest Soul's yearnings!   


  Learn to ALLOW your 'Heart and Soul'  to guide you into true healing, and a better, more joyful life!  Your health depends on it!





 3rd - Limiting Beliefs and Perceptions  


Are your beliefs and perceptions of life holding you back, or keeping

you from healing?   We will explore and uncover your hidden subconscious beliefs that are running on auto-pilot and creating situations over and over.


                   Your beliefs do affect your biology!  


We ALL have limiting beliefs, and most of them are buried in our sub-conscious and work as the 'default' mode in our lives.  


How would you like to release them with BELIEF-BREAKTHROUGH sessions?    This is a VERY important part of our well-being!    


See the world through new eyes. and magically notice that EVERYTHING

changes!  It's always up to you.  I am well trained to help you see and shift what no longer serves you. Then watch your life change, almost instantly!  





 4th - Strengthen Your Mental Concepts  


  • What are the chronic or repetitive stories that you have burned into deep grooves in your brain?  

  • What are the thoughts, images, and ideas that you insist are true?  

  • What are you always telling yourself, or saying to others?  

  • Do you have negative self-talk and not even know it?  

  • Can you quiet your mental chatter, the 'Monkey-Mind'?  

  • How do you create NEW thought patterns, positive ones, and make them stick?  

  • Can you change your 'story'?  Of course you can!


Learn to use your mind with INTENTION.  Would you like to create a different, healthy new story?      (CLUE: ...your CELLS are listening! and even your DNA!)  How can you transform your story?  





 5th - Enjoy Deep Soul Healing!  


In these powerful healing sessions, we will connect with your Guides, Teachers, Loved Ones, and Masters and ask the deep questions you have, or what is needed for true, lasting healing. Often profound insights and amazing shifts occur.


  • The eventual goal of wellness is the actualization of one's true psycho/physical/spiritual potential.  

  • It's about finding meaning and purpose in your life.

  • All beings naturally strive for growth and expansion of awareness.

  • This creates a high level of personal wellness!

We all have past trauma's, wounds, inherited patterns, and even some unresolved past life challenges that linger for us to pay attention to so we can heal and release them.  This work is sacred, compassionate and loving, yet very real.  It is accessing your own Soul's records to find out what it needs for continued healing and growth.

                   Go ahead and MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE in your life! 

Letting go of old beliefs
Healing our DNA
renew your cells
Epigenetics of Healing
Radio show

Relax and Listen to Dr. Jane's Radio Show

to understand more about this!

Jane's Radio Show - 6 Dimensions of Healing - Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND
cellular health coaching

Are you ready to live your BEST life?  Why wait?

Commit to yourself NOW! 


If you are ready to commit to yourself, to commit to really healing, and growing, and living your life to the fullest, then I am ready to work with YOU!  I am committed to helping you determine precisely what is needed to improve your level of health, vitality, joy, and happiness...naturally!




Choose 6, 12, or 24 Sessions of the powerful 


Have bi-weekly sessions by phone or Zoom with Dr. Jane!  


This is a powerful program that produces amazing results!  After your initial evaluation, we will start working on your OWN specific personal health program.  You will learn remarkable things about yourself and your health, and be inspired.  Learn how to cleanse toxins and invaders, increase your energy, change your habits, your diet, expand your awareness, connect more with your Innate Intelligence, Align with your TRUE self, and

 love and support yourself more than ever!   


You will get amazing insights and learn how EVERYTHING is related, including your emotional challenges,

blocks, cellular memories, inherited patterns, limiting beliefs, and so much more.  


This is a true commitment to YOURSELF!  Inspiring, eye-opening, and truly transformational!  

You may also receive some of my 'Wisdom' webinars to watch and learn from, and you have my

support by text or email in between sessions.


  This 'Ultimate Results Program' is like having a

Life Coach, Health Coach, and Spiritual Coach all in one.  


Note: If you are interested, please call Dr. Jane for an initial call.

Let's see if we are a good fit for each other and what your needs are

Call 828-777-JANE (5263) Mon.-Fri. between 10 am and 6 pm EST. 


Anchor 1


6 sessions, 3 months

​Need a little extra help?  Perfect to get you started in the right direction! You receive 6 bi-weekly sessions for 3 months with me.  First we do your Health Evaluation, we then design the right program for your current needs.  It will include a BioChemistry Health Evaluation, clinical kinesiology with personalized natural health program. Then we will do a BioField Clearing session, and other deeper coaching, with a wellness plan to follow.  You also receive FREE VIP membership with a 10% discount on all supplements and FREE shipping!  I'm available via text or email between sessions, and will provide you with hand-outs and info. 

Cost is 1950.  3 Monthly Automatic Payments of $650 each, or  

SAVE 20% with pre-payment of $1560.



12 sessions, 6 months

After we do your Health Evaluation, we'll start working towards your own specific healing program. This plan allows us more time to go deeper for lasting change!   We work together for 12  bi-weekly sessions for 6 months with this plan. It may include several health coaching and clinical kinesiology sessions, nutritional support, BioField Clearing and Energy Healing, Emotional release work, and go deeper into Spiritual Intuitive Coaching to expand your awareness and increase your vitality! You'll have my support via email or text between sessions. Can be done long distance by phone or Zoom.  You also receive a FREE V.I.P. membership with 15% discount on supplements and free 2 day shipping, plus access to our extensive health library! Easily done long distance by phone or Zoom..

Cost is $3600.  6 monthly automatic payments of $600. each, or

SAVE 20%. with pre-payment of $2880.



24 sessions over 12 months

I LOVE this deeper program! We'll work together every other week for 12 months to restore your health and vitality, and transform your life!  Great for people who need to go slowly, yet steadily, or those with multiple health issues.  We'll do a Health analysis, then use Clinical Kinesiology to build a heathy foundation with recommendations for cleansing and detoxing, EMF remediation, and dietary recommendations. Then we go deeper with BioField Clearing, Advanced Energy Medicine, Intuitive Spiritual and Akashic Healing to align with your Soul's purpose and Innate Intelligence.


We'll release negative influences, toxins, invaders, emotions, blocks, clear the DNA, and turn things around completely to recover your true balance, vitality and optimal health!  We work long distance by phone or Zoom.  You also receive a FREE V.I.P. membership with 20% discount on supplements and free 2 day shipping, plus access to our extensive health library!  You can text or email me between sessions if you have questions or need support.  Please call me for a FREE Discovery Call to see if this is a great fit for you. 


Cost is $6600. Pay 12 automatic monthly payments of $550, or

SAVE 20%. with Pre-payment of $5280!

Interested?  Make a commitment to YOURSELF Now!

Payment options available.  20% discount for pre-payment!

Set up a FREE Consult with me to find out which program

would work best for you!

NOTE: This is cheaper than having even one medical emergency!  A trip to the hospital can cost

$5000-10,000 or higher, and leave you with more questions, and wondering if there's something

MORE you can be doing?  Don't wait till it gets that far!  When was the last time you invested in

IMPROVING YOUR LIFE?   (not just your car or house!)


Who can you turn to for help? Are you stuck on medications that don't seem to correct the problem?  Are you experiencing happiness and JOY in your life? Or are you stuck in PAIN, fatigue, stress, and despair?  What will it take for you to REALLY open your mind and your heart to receive the life you deserve?  Let's take this transformational journey together!  ARE YOU READY?



Please note:  I am a Traditional Naturopath, with a Doctorate in Natural Medicine and a Diplomot in Holistic Iridology, Certified in Comprehensive Iridology, a Master Herbalist, highly skilled kinesiologist, a Certified Holistic/Spiritual Healer, and licensed Avatar Master. I have worked consistently in the field of nutrition and health education since 1990.


I am a Health Educator/Coach, NOT A LICENSED PHYSICIAN. As such, I do not diagnose or treat disease, nor do I recognize disease. I also cannot and will not tell you not to take a medication your doctor has prescribed. Rather, I help educate you and support the innate healing response of the body through diet, nutrition, natural remedies, relaxation & visualization, exercise, emotional release, belief management, energy/light/vibrational therapies, and stress reduction techniques. With your permission, I can intuitively connect with your Guides, Angels and Higher Self, to share their loving support, encouragement and insights with you.



Contact me here if you are interested and I will contact you to set up a free Discovery Call to see if this is a good fit for your needs.

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