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for Dr. Jane

Jane Smolnik, ND

" My akashic records (healing) session with Dr. Jane Smolnik was nothing short of profound.  When the guides, angels, masters, and even passed relatives came forward I could feel a surge of energy.  Unconditional love was so very present and there was no doubt in my analytical mind that this was very, very real.  I learned a number of things that I needed to hear to progress in my path of spiritual evolution.  I learned that there was a man who hurt me as a child that required both my forgiveness and deep understanding of that contractual agreement we agreed upon before incarnation. My mother came forward and helped me to accept some major things from my childhood.  But most importantly I could feel her love in a fullness that I never felt it when she was alive.  I would highly recommend this to everyone."    Gael Riverz, ND

5  Star - Mar 28, 2017

very comprehensive session!

Jane offered me a wealth of information and insight into my body's performance, including ways to improve each area of functioning. She is a very knowledgable healer and practitioner and I look forward to learning more from her and the health collaborative partners.  - C.F.


Warren Resen

5   Star

Feb 5, 2017


My first session was amazing. After her non-invasive tests, Dr Smolnik revealed things about my physical condition that only I knew and recommended steps to take to resolve many of my problems. Will return for follow up results after regime has been followed for a period of time.  W. R.


marianne e

5  Star  

Jan 26, 2017


my first visit with jane i learned so much about what was going on with my body. jane is wonderful and full of knowledge . i look forward to my 2nd visit with her. - M. E.


Sherry B

5   Star

Dec 16, 2016

very thorough!

I am so impressed with Jane Smolnik for her commitment to her work and diligence that all bases are covered. I have been seeing her for a while and never disappointed. Try her and see for yourself.  -S. B.


Brian Schwager

5   Star

Sep 25, 2016

My networking experience with Jane Smolnik

I really enjoyed both meeting Jane and hearing about her expansive educational and business background as well about her integrative and diversified services. Moreover, I am very interested about the Conscious Health Collaborative. I look forward to sharing our services with our client’s.  - B. S.


Sherry B

5  Star  

Sep 18, 2016

Alternative Medicine

I had an appointment with Jane Smolnik Last Friday. She is a Naturopath and Iridologist. And also uses Quantum Light Therapy. I have been seeing Jane for several months for the benefits of the Light Therapy and have the system at home. It has been beyond successful. In all her areas of expertise Jane is knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend her and have confidence in all she does. She is a healer we are lucky to have here in Asheville. And I am better for her work.  -S. B.


High quality advice and absolutely enlightening information with top notch care. I highly recommend Jane Smolnik, and have already told all of my friends about her. - Jasmine S.


Caring, knowledgable, insightful, EXTREMELY helpful, and uplifting  5 Star

"Dr. Jane is extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and caring. She took the time to listen and analyze every detail of my health issues before she started her tests. I am so thankful to have seen a doctor who listened to me and took everything I had to say seriously. Her tests and explanation of them were extremely AMAZINGLY helpful! I have been on a merry-go-round for months with almost 10 doctors, and her insight narrowed down the issues in about 5 minutes, plus helped w/ overall health. Thank you"

From a HAPPY customer:  Elan (Light Therapy) is doing wonders on my back (no aspirin in several days now) and has shrunk a large vein in my leg that was bulged out! Amazing results are beginning to transpire. Last week it relieved a large lump under my arrn the size of a golfball!  I am trying it on my gums today for several days to clear up a potential gum problem I am having… My husband is seeing a shift in his prostrate problem also!   - L.S.  (only had her system for 3 weeks so far!)

"I've done emotional release / intuitive healing with others but never got the results that I have with Dr. Jane. She was spot-on with the ages in which I experienced shock or trauma without me telling her. She's very compassionate and the clearing process she used made me feel like a  huge weight was lifted from me! I feel better emotionally than I have in years maybe even decades. I highly recommend this process to anyone that has tried to change themselves or their life yet still feel stuck.The process itself was very gentle and relaxing. Thank you Dr. Jane. You are a lady of many TRUE talents."


"What a wonderful experience I had with Jane. She is such a genuine and kind woman. We dove into my past deeply and she guided me towards healing. We worked on clearing out childhood pain in order to make space for my partner and I to bring a child into this world.  That month we conceived our first child and I walked into new light and healing. Thank you Jane for your work in this world, it is truly a gift. I encourage anyone searching for clarity, healing, or guidance to place their trust in this lovely woman." -Jessica R

"About an hour after our call I was extremely exhausted. But when you said that space opens up, that's literally what happened!  I've been lying here for 2 hours reveling in the expansion of my lungs! Taking deeper breaths, with ease, than ever before!  Also feeling much peace.  And I feel good this morning even though my daughter said she was staying in Siberia (an issue we worked on), I didn't freak out about the loss of my daughter but went to the place of feeling happy if this is what makes her happy." 

- G.R. Wisconsin

"Dr. Smolnik and her work with the emotional release sessions seems to be the answer and remedy
for all the emotional body healing I will search for from now on. Emotions are deep seeded
and in layers, but this treatment allows the mind to rest and the body to answer questions
that Dr. Smolnik asks. The body lets it be known where healing needs to occur and Dr.
Smolnik simply takes care of it with this wonderful healing modality. I am in awe, have
experienced instant life shifts, and getting unstuck in places where I have been stuck all
my life. Thank you so much and I will continue working with her several more times knowing
that feeling really free is completely possible and very near." -  L. Spencer - Asheville

'After the Emotional Release session with Jane, I felt a definite energetic shift and lightness, and a
feeling of optimism.  During the session I was aware of the energetic shifts around the subject we
were clearing.  I continue to feel a sense of optimism that's moving me forward!' - O. K. Asheville

"I have noticed a pattern after our sessions where immediately afterwards I feel lighter and
cleaner. Then a few days go by and it feels as if pandora's box opens in me and feelings relating
to the issues we discussed in session come thundering out of me like a storm. I mean door
slamming anger over lack of control, deep weeping over some of the other things we discussed.
And then the storm is over... It passes and leaves me feeling, again, lighter, cleaner but now also
more grounded, focused and filled with more self power than ever before." R.P. Greenville, SC

"I am so grateful for your willingness to present me with this quantum healing process. It couldn't
have come at a better time in my life as I am getting healthier and carrying a higher vibration
within that will continue to help with healing on all levels.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jane."  Very sincerely and with Love and Light.  K. P., Conn.

"Thank you Dr Jane.  I'm feeling much better and lighter today. t's like a weight has been lifted from me!

God bless you." Margaret

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