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Ultimate Healing E-Books!

by Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND, MH, Iridologist 

'Making Your Own Herbal Remedies'

Learn to make your own medicinal tea blends, oils, salves, herbal honeys, tablets, extracts, tinctures, compresses, and even your own nourishing Vitamin/Mineral formulas!  


This easy to follow guide is complete with recipes, formula's, tips, how-to's, dosage charts, and much more.

There's an excellent section on home remedies for Families and Children.  Be prepared whenever something comes up.  Would you know what to do? 


Plus learn how about the healing qualities of 21 of the most common Essential Oils and many powerful ways to use them!

Jane Smolnik, herbal remedies, natural therapies, essential oils, naturopath, master herbalist

EVERY household should have this guide!   

Herbal medicine is considered 'The People's Medicine'!  We were provided with everything we need on this beautiful planet to live, grow, heal, and prosper!  You can easily grow your own herbs, and learn to identify and gather them in the wild.  There may be a time when you cannot purchase herbals remedies from health foods stores anymore, only from your doctors! 

Dr. Jane used to own a 70 acre medicinal herb farm for over 20 years and had a company making herbal formula's, tea's, oils, salves, and more.  She even had a line for animals.  Now you can learn all her best secrets to making great formula's and easy home remedies.  There are recommendations covering a wide variety of common ailments.   

It’s fun, easy and empowering!  It will save you money over buying the little expensive bottles of extracts.  They make great gifts if you put a pretty label on them!  

You will learn how to make medicinal strength tea's, salve's, compresses, even herbal tablets, tinctures, extracts, and bath salts.  Discover an easy way to make a great tasting vitamin-mineral syrup, or nutritional herbal powder blends to sprinkle on almost anything!  You can STOP buying all the expensive little bottles over and over.


Plus you will always have a supply of remedies on hand whenever needed.  Would you know what to do should diarrhea show up?  How about for coughs and colds?  Virus's?  Ear aches?  Fevers?  Headache remedies?  How about stomach aches and digestive problems?  Learn some great formula's for ridding parasites and pinworms, reducing stress and anxiety, support for balancing your hormones, and so much more.   You will refer to this booklet over and over!  


Everyone should learn how to do this.    Get together with a friend and make some great stuff together!

PLUS... get 3 FREE Bonus Books!

Jane Smolnik, herbal remedies, natural therapies, essential oils, naturopath, master herbalist

When you order today,  you will also receive her e-books 

'10 Essentials For Health and Happiness!'  

If you are pursuing greater happiness and well-being, it is essential to find

balance in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life. Developing a

practice of these 10 essential components will help keep you on track.




'24 Secrets to SUPER Health'  

How would you like to live your BEST Life Ever?!!! Why not live with vitality, energy,

enthusiasm, strength, joy and inner power. It is ALL up to you. Keeping yourself healthy

requires reducing the effects of STRESS, filling in any nutritional deficiencies, being well

hydrated, eating whole foods, getting proper sleep, strengthening your immune system,

keeping an open mind, and eliminating toxins well.


But there is ONE more very important thing that is ESSENTIAL!

Read and you will learn all the important things you can do to change your

level of health and vitality….right now!

Learn how to keep your immune system powered up

and stay strong and healthy with renewed energy and vitality!  

Jane Smolnik, herbal remedies, natural therapies, essential oils, naturopath, master herbalist

and the ALL NEW

'Superior Health with Superfoods!'

Just as eating healthy food is important to us, and taking good

supplements like vitamins, minerals, herbs, essential oils, eating

good SUPERFOOD is also now essential for our continued health

and vitality.

Many of the foods we eat are commercially grown and contain only a

fraction of the minerals and nutrients that our foods did 50 years ago.

Are YOU getting everything to help your body reverse the aging

process, help eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation, nourish your

organs and glands?

Consider adding some of these yummy Superfoods to your diet on a

daily basis to increase your energy and vitality!

Includes a Healthy Eating Guide.

Jane Smolnik, herbal remedies, natural therapies, essential oils, naturopath, master herbalist


Start saving MONEY and Empower your Health!

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