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What does YOUR body need to truly heal?

~ Are you Fatigued? Not Sleeping well?

~ Have an Auto-immune or chronic condition?

~ Under too much stress?

~ Do you have core fears, or old trauma's?

~ Are inherited and ancestral patterns limiting you?

~ Chronic Aches and Pains, Stiff Joints?

~ Too much EMF exposure? 

~ Too many toxins in our air, food, water, and body?

~ Do you have limiting beliefs holding you back?

~ Do you have blocks, stuck patterns?

~ Are you experiencing depression, anxiety, or irritability?

~ How much is oxidative stress impacting your health?

~ Do you have trapped emotions, trauma's or blocks?

~ Are you getting the RESULTS you want?


Jane Smolnik, Holistic Doctor of Natural Medicine, Iridologist, M.H., Cert. Intuitive Energy Healer

with over 30 years experience

Holistic Health Services for Re-Balancing the Body and Soul!


Dr. Jane works with people from all over the country to quickly and easily identify and release old stuck patterns, core fears, limiting beliefs, inherited and ancestral patterns, inner challenges and more.  This allows things to release from your Bio-Field (bodies energy field) for true, deep, and lasting healing. 

NEW! - Now Available, Discover what your Soul's Vibrational Frequencies are for many areas of your life, what are your weak areas, and how you can shift or increase them. Fascinating results.

Curious about what you need to heal on DEEPER levels?

Check out the powerful 'Transformative Intuitive Healing' with Dr. Jane.

We'll see what you need to pay attention to on ALL levels!

Currently scheduling PHONE CONSULTS ONLY

(all phone sessions are recorded for your review)

Please see my deeper healing work of Biofield Clearing, and Intuitive Healing

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BOOK ONLINE BELOW - or call 828-777-JANE (5263)
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Ultimate Healing Health Services
BioField Clearing
15 min. call
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