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Learn to Communicate with Angels and Guides for Healing!

As you may not know, we are only aware of 10% of what is going on in our conscious mind. Our consciousness is held in the cerebral cortex of our brain, in the frontal lobe. The other 90% is held in the subconscious and unconscious mind, which runs the show. We all have a number of limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, traumas, blocks, cords, etc. that can be the underlying issues behind every concern, disease, or chronic, recurring condition in our lives.

These items act as filters or blocks that limit our ability to have a healthy body, relationships, success, and even self-image. What we perceive, we experience. So how can we heal and eliminate them, especially if they are transparent to us?

Until we address and clear out these limiting challenges, we tend to be stuck with recurring issues, like being on a hamster wheel, trying to get our attention. It could affect every area of our lives, for example if we feel or believe we are not good enough, or smart enough, or attractive enough, or even worthy enough, or have enough money, we will always experience a very limited reality. It’s like having a ‘glass ceiling’ where we cannot seem to break through it. I know I experienced this years ago which is what made me search for many ways to explore my consciousness and shift things.

That is how it all works. For every person on this planet, we all have challenges to endure and deal with to learn or heal from in order to evolve and grow. No one is exempt from this human evolutionary process. It is why we are all here – to learn who we truly are, our true nature and ultimate divine power. It is entirely uplifting and enlightening to recognize what has been keeping us stuck for so long.

This is where our Guides, Angels, and Higher Self can assist us! We all have them, these Beings of higher resonance and frequency, which are always available to assist us. The problem is that we do not often recognize them or even ask for assistance. But how do we communicate with them?

In the Biofield Clearing training course, we teach people to dowse through a number of charts as we connect with and ASK the Guides, Angels, Higher Self, and even Divine Source, what is underlying our greatest challenge or concerns.  Through dowsing (we are taught to utilize a Biotensor) we can ask and allow them to direct the process, highlighting whatever emotions, fears, challenges, concerns, blocks, programming, archetypes, etc. we must acknowledge and address to move through that and into a higher state of Being to create a happier, healthier life for ourselves.

Every single one of us has a minimum of at least 3-4 ‘Guides’ that come in with us onto this planet. No one comes in alone. They are always happy to assist, support, and protect us, yet they cannot do a thing unless we ask. We do have free will, which they cannot interfere with. But once requested, they immediately love to show us what we need to heal and assist us. They can also put little synchronicities into place for us. It is truly eye-opening for so many people! Even though we did not originally ‘know’ what was underneath our challenges, once uncovered, we then have an ‘Ah-ha’ moment when we realize how it all makes sense.

We can even ask them what ‘realm’ that particular belief, trauma, challenge, block, or fear came from. It could often be from this lifetime, in which we can identify the age when it got trapped in our body. But often it is inherited from our family lineage, or even our ancestors, which is a group pattern. We can even find out how many generations back it goes. You would be surprised what unhealed patterns we carry in our DNA! Our ancestors have gone through many challenges, traumas, and survival issues over the years, often not healing from them, so it gets passed down in our DNA.

 We could also have unresolved past life issues that we bring into this lifetime to continue the healing process, until it is complete. Once complete and neutralized, we will no longer pass it down to future generations. It also heals for all previous generations that have carried that trauma or issue. It is a fascinating process! It is how we evolve and grow.

In one session we can identify and heal numerous items very quickly. We utilize a specific technique to neutralize, dissolve, and clear items completely. Your Angels and Guides are very happy to connect with you and assist you. We encourage everyone to connect more with their higher, loving Beings. Many can even be our ancestors. But if you are not extremely sharp in your intuitive skills, learning how to dowse through numerous charts can answer many questions and help you to quickly and easily discover what is needed for you to heal completely. There’s no limit to how you can use this process.

We all have a number of limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, core fears, blocked energy in our body or chakras, and especially negative programming that has been taught and reinforced. We tend to accept it as ‘normal’ yet it is usually very limiting or controlling.  We have unlimited potential!

As an example, every disease, such as cancer, diabetes, chronic illnesses, all have underlying emotions at the core, usually a fear, trauma, or emotion such as anger. The disease is only a symptom that needs to be consciously addressed, not just medicated, for true healing to occur. There is no escaping this underlying process. You can medicate a symptom for many years and still not heal.

Every challenge we have in life also has issues that need to be addressed and dissolved. There is no judgment on any of it. It is a normal process that humans go through. But what is fascinating is that as we release and heal items, we rise up in frequency and become stronger and more aligned with our true nature, our Divine Potential!

Once we have cleared a number of items, we are then guided to use the Inner Healing Charts to identify what is needed for each person to re-align with their Higher Self. We then infuse that healing energy into the energy field, as well as the physical body. For each and every one of us, our evolutionary process is all about uncovering our true, unlimited potential of our Divine Source, which we are ALL created from. We contain this unlimited potential within every cell of our being. The problem is that we don’t usually recognize it! We are too busy dealing with many stressors, distractions, and busy-ness.

So, when you learn to do the Biofield Clearing process, the more you practice and utilize it, the more your Guides and Angels are readily available to you. You are establishing a relationship with them. I have been doing this process for many years and they have become such very close and constant companions. They are always encouraging people to connect more with them. In fact, we can ask our Angels every single day to assist us in being aligned with our Highest nature and Divine Will.

Living from the ‘heart center’, instead of just being ‘in our heads’ most of the time, can make a world of difference. Our Heart-field is so much more expanded and powerful than our limited brain capacity, especially with all of our doubts, fears, shame, guilt, traumas, judgments, limitations, and more. These things bring our vibration and energy down and limits our creative power and ability! Life can be frustrating and stressful.  How about making it joyful and empowering?

Perhaps you should experience a Biofield Clearing session for yourself! It is fascinating to see what gets uncovered, hear what they have to say, and to clear things out so we can realign with our true nature. I will offer you a $30 off coupon for your first session if you have not experienced this before. Use discount code ‘Biofield30off’ at check out when you book an appointment with Dr. Jane Smolnik at

If you would enjoy learning this powerful technique, you can go to and click on course info. You can also get certified to be a practitioner of Biofield Clearing. We do have a course starting very soon. It is an 8 week training course via Zoom. ALL holistic health providers could integrate this technique in their practice to heal and empower people and create a more successful practice. Your clients and patients will be thrilled to have you utilize this technique. People absolutely love it! It leaves them feeling empowered, loved, and supported. They also LOVE to connect with their Angels and Guides, and even some loving ancestors, or Archangels!  Their insights are amazing and right on.

We have a wealth of information and assistance that we can tap into anytime we want. This is an easy and amazing technique to learn so we can access a greater field of understanding and awareness. Life is and can be truly delightful, inspiring, and empowering as we discover our true potential and abilities as a Divine Being!


Dr. Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor with over 30 years’ experience in the holistic health field. She has had extensive training in exploring consciousness, utilizing kinesiology, iridology, intuitive diagnosis, and more in her practice. Her Guides have assisted the creation of this technique then inspired her to teach it! Please visit or for more info or to contact her.

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