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Your Angels And Guides Can Help You Heal!

Have you ever wondered how that could be? Do you think they help you, are aware of you? Of course they are! Did you know that every single person who comes onto this planet has at least 3-4 Guides that come with them. No one comes in alone. They can help us in so many ways, but not unless we ask because we do have free will!

The real reason why this is so important is because we have a very limited conscious awareness. Did you know that we are only aware of 10% of what’s going on in our brain? This is in the pre-frontal cortex, and the rest of the brain contains the subconscious and unconscious mind. The subconscious actually runs the show.

Your subconscious mind watches and records EVERY single thing you see, say, do, think, etc. Even though we are not aware of it, under hypnosis it will tell us many things that we have seen, read or heard. For instance, it will remember license plate numbers, what someone was wearing, and details we didn’t even think we were aware of.

Since the subconscious mind holds all of our beliefs, experiences, thoughts, and reactions, it also holds our limitations, fears, traumas, and blocks. We may have been told, or even programmed, to believe certain things that our culture, our family, our society, our religions, our history books want us to believe. How many of us have had similar things told to us when we were kids?

It is interesting that what is predominant in our culture are beliefs that we are not good enough, or deserving, or smart enough. As an example, certain religions claim we are born with sin, need to be redeemed. Also, the thought that ‘to suffer is to grow!’ is embedded in many. I always questioned all of these as a child. What about the belief that life is hard, and you have to work very hard to make money? When we have these beliefs held in our subconscious mind, it acts as a filter when we are trying to create a happy, healthy, prosperous life.

Did you know that a conscious, aware human would never create a limiting belief for itself! They are always taught and handed down to us, even programmed from a young age.

So when we experience ongoing challenges in our lives, whether it is with our relationships, career, finances, personal growth, health challenges, etc. we keep hitting up against these hidden limiting beliefs. What’s really going on? How can we truly shift things? Or heal?

That’s where our Angels and Guides come in. With the Biofield Clearing healing technique, our practitioners are trained to access, with your permission, your Angels, Guides, Ancestors, Star Family, and even your Medical Assistance team.

Whatever your concern is that you want clarity and healing for, we ask specific questions, and they assist and direct the process. We dowse through a wide variety of 24 charts, like trapped emotions, core fears, inner challenges, blocks, cords, archetypal patterns, negative programming, etc.

Since we don’t know the 90% that is held in our subconscious, THEY direct and show us what needs to be cleared or neutralized! They can even tell us what realm it came from, such as this lifetime (age even), from a previous life of unresolved issues, inherited family issues, ancestral patterns, and more.

It is truly eye opening and insightful! When these things show up, everyone confirms that is sure makes sense to them. They can also provide us with many insights, and even how long ago something happened that is still trying to get our attention so we can heal it once and for all!

They are such loving and compassionate Beings, always supporting us, watching over us. The Medical Assistance team can be called in when we are working through a chronic physical issue. This may include Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Quan Yin (Mother of Compassion), Mother Mary, St. Germaine, and many others including some of our ancestors. It is a fascinating and loving process!

Once things are discovered, we are bringing it up to the surface, to our conscious mind, and we use specific techniques to neutralize and dissolve them.  Actual ancient Egyptian Healing pendulums are used to create a powerful vortex of light, going into our energy field, and our cells, organs, tissues, glands, meridians, etc. to ‘turn them off’ once and for all. Often many items are needed to uncover to get to the very core of the issue.

My Guides have been working with me for many, many years in my healing work. They nudged me into exploring and creating this body of work! They also told me that I needed to teach this because so many people, everyone actually, needs to do this kind of deep clearing in order to truly heal on deeper levels. It has always been my passion to help people heal down to the level of the DNA! That’s what we are doing, so all past as well as future generations no longer have to carry to suffering or burdens.

I absolutely LOVE doing this work! If you are interested in experiencing a session with me, I highly recommend it. It is also recorded for you to review again later. I offer a discount on packages of sessions. You can use the discount code  ‘Biofield30off’ for your first session only to receive $30. Off. Go to for more info or to book a session.

The next upcoming training starts April 24th. It is an eight week online Zoom course, with a bonus class as well, done in the Spring and Fall every year. Everything you need is included, the manuals, charts, replays, forms, etc. Plus you can become certified as a Practitioner to use this technique with others. It is such a blessing for everyone, truly a sacred practice!

For more info on the training, please visit ALL holistic practitioners or energy healers should have this technique in their toolbox!

Feel free to contact Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND if you have any questions about this work. You may reach her at 828-777-JANE (5263), or email:

Thank you, and we wish you many blessings and uplifting healing in your life!

Dr. Jane Smolnik

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