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Our Quantum Mind - Unlocking the Infinite Universe Within!

There’s a low level of anxiety out there, everyone knows something BIG is coming! This is a very unique time in our history, like nothing ever before. The magnetic fields of the earth are rapidly declining, the pulse, or heartbeat of the earth known as the Schumann Resonance, is changing greatly. It was 7.87 Hz. For a very long time. A slow, gentle wave. ALL mammals are entrained to this. But now it is rising rapidly! Some days it increases to over 100 Hz as it fluctuates.

Our bodies are changing too. It seems like time is speeding up! This is the Great Shift of the ages I have been talking about. We are leaving the 4th and entering the 5th age!

This is our opportunity to become better people. Indigenous cultures are watching. They are all wanting us to get back into being more connected to nature with respect for the Living Earth.

Our emotions send vibes into our body. The lower emotions zap our energy field, draining, us, causing all kinds of health challenges as our frequency drops. Toxins, poor processed food, drinking water with tons of chemicals, our air and water have been polluted. It  ALL EFFECTS US.

We’re going through BIG changes, asking for a greater and deeper knowingness and healing. We have to honor life, remember who you really are, the Divine Unlimited Being that we really are, our true spiritual nature. We must live closer to the earth, but we’ve relied so heavily on technology for the last few decades.

Did you know that our cells each have 1.7 volts of energy? So if you have 50 trillion cells or more, that creates a LOT of energy! We are like batteries, but for many of us, our power is LOW. The path of external technologies has been pushed so far, now we have to come back to our INNER SELF, to a balance point. We are creating a new world together. Forget about the little distractions that come at us every day. We have more important things to pay serious attention to.

We are connected to an infinite field of energy. The language of DNA in all life is all in our cells!

Science and Spirituality have to go together. Quantum Physics is proving so much now, creating a quantum consciousness. On a geological timescale, we have only been here for the blink of an eye! Our earth is millions of years old. Our Universe is 13.5 Billion years old!

There’s an energetic grid we are all connected to. There is only ONE consciousness, but is separated into trillions of cells/ Beings. In the mass divine consciousness, we are collecting DATA. We are collecting and sending data and info from Source 24/7. Quantum physics tells us there is a Divine Consciousness and WE are part of it! The connecting of material man to spiritual man – the connecting link is intellectual man – the MIND. Yet we only use a small portion of it, like 10%.

The Universe runs on natural laws. Your subconscious mind remembers everything! Everything you have ever done, said, read, seen thought, etc. It is ALL retained. Under hypnosis they have proven it by accessing the subconscious mind. Science has studied this. The human brain is downloading 24/7, as well as uploading – sending out information that affects the entire universe and collection field of consciousness. What are YOU putting out there? The neocortex, part of the cerebral cortex, is higher functioning, with conscious thought and spatial reasoning.

Did you know LIGHT is intelligence? It carries information. Light is a wave (Lightwave) and becomes a particle when consciousness observes it. We appear to be solid objects! But we are solid matter AND a wave of light. Light has intelligence. Absorb more light into your cells, increases our vibration. (why do you think they are doing chemtrails? It diminishes the light reaching our planet. Science has proven that photosynthesis has reduced by more than 20%).  The solar flares that keep happening are sending information carrying light waves to us, our consciousness, to support this shift!

Every atom in your body, trillions of them, are conscious! Did you know that we only see 2% of the Light Spectrum? We see the colors of the rainbow, like from a prism. But we do NOT see gamma waves, infrared waves, x rays, cosmic rays, etc. they are invisible! We’d go nuts if we had to see them all! What about all the EMF waves carrying billions of tons of info in our air – like radio waves, TV, WiFi, Smart devices, satellites, phone towers, etc. we are bombarded by these artificial information carrying waves constantly, but we cannot see them.

Our audible abilities are also very limited. We only hear a certain limited spectrum of sound. Animals, dogs, bears, whales, etc. can hear 1ooo’s of times MORE than we can.

Did you know that every single planet (and there are trillions) has it’s own unique sound?

ALL information that has been put out there, still exists! Even old TV shows from when we were kids, is still being broadcast out - distant futures can still hear them! Nothing ever dies.

Feeding the heart with compassion, kindness, peace, caring, appreciation, and gratitude helps us affect matter! It creates our reality. But what if we are constantly sending out thoughts of fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, blame, distrust, doubt? What are we creating? Difficulties! More problems! Stop it.

Our consciousness is a tool of communication, as well as creating. Many studies were done on ‘focused thought’ by Lynn McTaggert using mass intention (not meditation). The parts that make us feel separate turn off.  Worry, doubt, negativity. Turn off when they feel connected to the GRID of collective consciousness. Ecstatic Oneness with the Intention experiment creates a 33-40% increase in people being healed, better and more peaceful lives. For those who practice it daily, 66% have these improvements!

The Maharishi Effect of collective meditation is a transformative tool, affecting communities at large. Decreases accidents, crime, and violence as it creates a coherent field. It affects harmony in that region. What about ourselves?

Love and Gratitude are very HIGH frequencies. Putting the intention of these into our water, or food, creates a measured increase in vibration. We are over 70% Water! We are totally affected by these thoughts.

The placebo effect is massive. Our beliefs can heal or transform anything! It can bring this planet into peace, understanding, and compassion for all living beings. We have that power within!

Your thoughts influence people around you. We are more telepathic than we realize. It should be an Innate ability we ALL can master and use. Start practicing it! (I have a two part, two hour webinars on this you can access through and click on classes)

What we want to experience, we must become! Our thoughts shape our reality, as well as the collective reality. How are you contributing?

Every single atom in your body, and there are trillions, are intelligent! We can use so much more of our abilities if we decide to, learn, and practice! DNA stores digital bits of info/data. 1 gram of DNA can store 80 billion of copies of information. It is also wireless! It sends and receives information constantly, like wi-fi. Wi-fi is light. We are carrying, broadcasting and receiving/downloading information constantly. You are a super microprocessor!

The Universe is made of matter, energy, and light! Physics and alchemy are proving this and so much more now. You can experience higher truths through the transformation of thought. All darkness will be illuminated for you. You will see the Truth, the Light. The darkness that has been ruling this earth for thousands of years now is all coming into the light and cannot sustain itself. It is dissolving, going away as we enter this new Age of Light!

Our consciousness is like a super computer! We have Magnetite crystals in our brains, Billions of crystals in our brain! All Birds, mammals, animals use them to navigate their migratory paths, etc. We have them too, but we don’t utilize them nearly as much. Did you ever feel like you were going in the wrong direction, or you just felt like things were off? We’ve been dis-connected or limited in this ability. We can regain it through intention, meditation, practice, expanding our awareness abilities, thoughtfulness, and practices to expand our consciousness. The veil is lifting! Our frequencies are ascending!

All mammals are connected to the Schumann resonance, which is the frequency of the earth. It has been for a very long time at 7.87 HZ. But we’ve been kept distracted and disconnected from nature.  We are more connected to technology devices. But we have the capacity to get back into connection with Universal Consciousness, which is immense and unlimited!

The neo-cortex and magnetite crystals in our brains provide us with our own technology device that allows us to download and transmit, or upload info. We are doing it all the time! Great ideas come in that way. When people say they are getting a download, they actually are! ALL info already exists. But you have to discern the info you receive. Many of my own insights, and even the Biofield Clearing technique I created, with my Guides, was mostly a download, incorporating all that I already knew into the process.

We have highly dense regions in each hemisphere of our brain which helps us download universal consciousness. Why do you think they try to keep us distracted? We have so many things now – movies, games, news, sports, music, excess work, busy-ness, etc. so we don’t have time to quiet the mind, to pay attention, to keep us limited. This is real science, quantum physics is proving it all! It’s Time we all wake up. We need to develop a practice, with intention, to expand our abilities. How do you think people can heal themselves just using the power of their mind, thoughts and intention? Waves of intelligent light gets encoded into us. If we give our intention to absorb more light into every cell of our being, daily, we would thrive! Every conscious thought matters.

As your frequency upgrades, it increases your intuition and becomes stronger. You become more sensitive to energy, people, places, and events. The more spiritually attuned you are, the more sensitive you are to ALL energy. You FEEL more.

The Akashic Records, or Record of all Life is real and actually exists. All info cannot be destroyed, all thoughts you think, books you read, things you see, or have done, can affect others, and even the collective field. You can walk into a room full of people with positive energy, and everyone feels it. You impact everyone. If you are full of anger and negative thoughts, people feel that too.

Try this out: Next time you go into a store, like a grocery store, stop for a moment and FEEL the energy of the people, the food, or items, etc. Go to a different store, or a discount food store and FEEL into the energy. Go into a medical center, or hospital, or a school and FEEL into the energy. Can you discern the difference? Scan the area and see what you feel or notice. We just never take the time, or the intention to do that.

You can do Quantum Walking, which is one of the things I teach in my 'Awaken My Innate Abilities' training course.  When you walk outside in nature, FEEL into a tree, a rock, water flowing, flowers, etc. spend some time with each item and feel their presence. Feel what they are contributing. What they are aware of? Can you communicate with them? All things have energy.

Inside each atom are electrons, which are conscious! Microcosms of the macrocosm. We are all fractals of the God Consciousness of Unlimited power and potential! YOU directly affect the entire planet – like the butterfly effect. If we are spreading fear and propaganda that we have been told over and over, without even questioning it, we are contributing to the dumbing down and limiting of the human condition! We need to ascend to a higher state of conscious awareness.

Transmitting light waves/ or info is telekinesis. Telepathy should be an innate ability. (clue: you have to be in an expanded state of awareness for it to work!) In fact, it is something that we will continue to develop over the next decade. Are you ready?

Think about the internet – connecting us all instantly. Now think of the Inner-net! Atoms store DATA. The history of the entire Universe is already held within you. The human body can store 13.5 billion years of data within you, which happens to also be the age of the Universe!

So it is truly held within you – the entire Universe! Your records of your soul from all time is available to us. YOU are a huge database! The power is truly within you. Human Beings are the most coveted, diverse beings in the universe! Many star nations are watching over us, even assisting in this amazing time. Can you expand your awareness to encompass perhaps your own ancestors from the stars?

If you can realize your true power, you can create Universes! We ARE Divine Creators! We have so much potential within us but are barely using it. We have been kept in struggle, trauma, limitations, and distractions for a very long time. Perhaps now is the time for us to experience more of our conscious potential!

We only access 10% of our mind with our conscious awareness. The other 90% is in the subconscious and unconscious mind. It’s like having a huge mansion, but forgetting about it and only living on the porch! When we are just ‘in our heads’ all the time, we miss so much.

According to Gregg Braden's teachings, you are NOT a victim, where you think things happen TO you. You are more than a Manifestor, where things happen BY you. You decide and create choices for yourself. You are also a ‘Channeler’ where things happen THRU you. You download info and insights.  But you are also a Conscious Being where things happen AS you. These are the many stages of our awakening. When we bring the intentional energy of PEACE, Love, Kindness, Compassion to the world, we are lifting it up! Contributing. We Attract better experiences to enjoy.

If we realize our true potential, we could create absolutely anything, that’s how powerful we are! That is why we have been kept limited and controlled by fear. Without the fear, and doubt and distractions, we would not tolerate the limitations. We have SO much potential but are barely using it.

I have two things that I teach. One is the powerful Biofield Clearing technique to assist others as we can easily identify the underlying, subconscious limitations, fear, emotions, blocks, cords, beliefs, etc. that are keeping us limited. They often come from many generation’s back, from our ancestry or inherited family issues that still need to be healed. Or perhaps past life issues that haven’t been resolved so they keep showing up in this lifetime for us to heal them once and for all! Then we can clear, neutralize and dissolve them. We also use Healing Charts to realign you with your Highest and True Self.

We actually access, with your permission, your own Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Higher Self, etc. to assist us in this sacred process. To find out more, or to learn this technique, for yourself, your family, or your own clients, go to and click on Course Info. It is an 8 week Zoom training starting April 24. You can become certified to work with others as well as using it for yourself. (Go to: for more info)

I also have an exciting new training called ‘Awaken My Innate Abilities’, which is a 3 month training and practice, having a 2 hour interactive Zoom class every other week. Between classes we have specific practices to explore and expand our creative abilities, using much more of our consciousness. Then we share our findings with each other. First we handle any limiting beliefs we may have imbedded that keep us from succeeding in so many areas of our lives.  This is for folks who are committed to an inner practice, to expand your awareness even further, and to explore and practice many new techniques, which will be life changing!

I know when I first entered intensive training back in the 90’s it blew my mind, and my life shot up like a rocket! Now you can experience many of these things too. If you are interested, go to and click on Classes. You’ll find the info and registration there. You can also contact me for more info at You can book an appointment with me as well for a Biofield Clearing session, or my Intuitive Spiritual Healing in which access your Akashic Records, as well as your Guides, Angels, Ancestors, etc. for info, insights, and healing! We have SO very much potential Start to utilize more of it!  

Here’s something for you to practice:  Self-Observation. Spend time every day putting your awareness up above your head, connect with your Higher Self, which is always neutral, loving and compassionate. Watch yourself during the day. Watch and observe yourself when you are talking to people, when you are fearful, or doing regular chores. Just practice observing yourself. What are you saying to yourself? What are you trying to convince others of? What are you afraid of? Watch. That’s all. When we observe and watch our Monkey mind, it actually quiets down – the incessant ego self that wants to judge and analyze everything. When we watch how we are being with others, we naturally correct our behavior. Just watch and Observe from your higher self state of mind, neutral, loving, and compassionate. That’s all. See what happens.

To listen to my recent inspiring podcast, going into more detail about this, you can listen to the replay here:

Try this practice and feel into each one before going on to the next. Say to yourself, ”I have been here, doing this for 500 years......I have been here for a thousand years.....I have been here for 500 thousand years....I have been here for a million years....I have been here for 500 million years!...I have been here for a Billion years....I have been here for 500 Billion years!... I have been here for a gazillion years!’.... Yet right now is just the blink of an eye. It is an amazing journey!

Thank you so much! I also have a Youtube channel you can subscribe to for more info and videos. Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd - YouTube

Thank you and many Blessings to You.

Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd, ND

Dr. Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, kinesiologist, Cert. Intuitive Healer, and licensed Avatar Master with over 30 years in the Holistic Health Field. You can find out more or contact her through her websites at: or Or email her at



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