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A Healthy, Easy Way to Get Into Ketosis!

If you've been trying to follow the Ketogenic diet, you most likely find it challenging to maintain and get into Ketosis. I know for myself, just trying to increase healthy fats and have good proteins is not hard, but if you don't eliminate ALL carbs/starches (besides certain veggies) then it just does not work! You can actually GAIN more weight. It can also throw the body into imbalances and deficiencies, as well as be uncomfortable at times.

The ketogenic diet has MANY possible side effects due to the strict dietary guidelines, and is very difficult to maintain as a lifestyle. We DO NOT specifically advise anyone to follow the ketogenic diet unless it's for medical reasons, in which case your treating physician has already advised it. I think it's very important to discuss the fact that drinking Pure Therapeutic Ketones (PTKs) IS NOT the same as following the ketogenic diet. We now have an EASIER way!

First, A Little History on the Ketogenic Diet...

It was created in the 1920s to reduce seizures in epileptic children. The 70% fat macro was specifically used to aid in the brain because the brain loves fat/ketones and because most children at that time did not have a lot of body fat to generate enough ketones for the brain to use...hence taking in 70% healthy dietary fats to supplement that.

If you have body fat to spare, DO NOT follow the ketogenic diet macros for fat!!! (Burn your own fat stores, not the grocery store's).

What we do recommend is a healthy, mostly whole foods diet with an emphasis on lowering carb/sugar intake < 50 gms. a day. 🥗🍳🍤🥩🧀🥓🥒🥦🥑🥥

You MUST enjoy the foods you eat, you MUST like the lifestyle you have.

That being said, your chosen dietary intake is completely and totally up to you and should be what works for you! 👍🏻

#1 most important thing to remember, regardless of dietary or supplement intake, DRINK WATER!!!! 💧💧💧The body needs it. We recommend a minimum of 100 oz of water a day if you are drinking PTKs because they have a natural diuretic effect (just the same as if you were following the ketogenic diet). You need to try to drink 100 oz a day in order to maintain hydration.

Drinking PTKs will NOT cause "keto flu" 🤢 (flu like symptoms including aches, pains, headaches, etc.), will not cause kidney issues, liver issues, etc. because PTKs are water soluble, meaning what your body does not use, you will pee out.

The most common side effect after starting PTKs may be bowel changes/GI upset. These bowel changes are sometimes very necessary as your body is cleaning itself out, balancing again (specifically getting rid of bad bacteria).

If you choose to start drinking PTKs AND significantly reduce your carb/sugar intake to ketogenic levels (which we DO NOT advise) you may very well experience the "keto flu". This, again, has nothing to do with drinking PTKs and everything to do with your chosen dietary changes.

The surest way to sabotage yourself is to cause too much stress on your body by making changes too quickly. Imagine the 1st day you decide to exercise, you do aerobics for 8 would be devastating for you physically and mentally!! So it goes the same when you make drastic changes to your dietary intake too quickly. Give yourself time

We are excited offer a brand NEW KetoG4 Product!

This will give you All 4 BHB Mineral Salts (PTK's) to get you into Ketosis quickly, PLUS excellent multi-Vitamins and minerals to avoid deficiencies, a Fat Burning and Mental Focus blend, an Alkalizing blend (to avoid acidosis), Adaptogens for stress like Ashwaghanda, and 5 Medicinal Mushrooms for Immune strength, plus an Enzyme Blend to help you digest better. Very complete and effective, like 6-7 supplements in one, avoiding the unhealthy side effects. Plus it tastes great!

You drink it with your morning meal 6 days a week, and one day rest. It works best to reduce your carbs to 50 grams or less a day, so you can still enjoy some healthy starches once a day. On the 7th day you can eat whatever you want. Your body will still go into ketosis to flush that unhealthy fat.

FOR ANYONE AND EVERYONE, GETTING STARTED IS THE SAME!! The best thing you can do for your body is GRADUALLY increase your PTKs to optimal level and GRADUALLY change your dietary intake ("gradually" is up to you, listen to your body and increase as you see fit for you).

Drink Pure Therapeutic Ketones and you will see your desire for carbs/sugar decrease (the brain prefers the ketones so that is why you see this decrease in cravings for sugar). As you see your desire decrease, there automatically starts your dietary changes. As time goes by, start eliminating unwanted foods and start adding in healthier, whole foods.

Another importance of drinking PTKs is providing your body with a clean, more efficient energy source which will give you natural energy to be more active. Being more active, means burning more calories!! 🏌️‍♀️🚣‍♂️🚴‍♀️ (Note: When people are also using the HGH Gel, they will loose weight 2x faster and build more muscle.)

In a nutshell, KETONES UP/SUGAR DOWN 😁💪🏻💖🧠

I’m here to help with suggestions, advice, support, encouragement and friendship, to help improve your health through the use of PTKs and therefore be happier and more productive to the world around you.

Please contact Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND at 828-777-5263 for more info or to start your PTK's today! You can visit her website at: (note:It is not available on this site)

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