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Using Your Own Innate Power to Heal and Ascend!

What if all the healing tools you need are right inside of you? What if you amped UP your innate power and directed it to whatever you need to heal? Are you ready to ascend to a higher state of being?

We are ALL Divine Beings of infinite potential. The Universe we live in is filled with unlimited potential in vast amounts we can't even fathom. What if you could just pick and choose your reality and what you want to experience? Well, you know what? You are already doing that - either consciously or unconsciously. Why not be more clear, more aware, and DECIDE to change or heal anything? Do you think you have that ability? Are you someone (like most) who are always looking for answers and healing outside of yourself? That is the OLD way of being and doing things. It actually keeps us powerless!

We are ultimately unlimited Divine Beings of Light, each and every one of us. But we do have much programming to clear out that has kept us limited and stuck in old patterns. Our ancestors (including ourselves) have been through much trauma, fear, anxiety, shame and guilt. We've had programming to keep this story of lack and limitation embedded within us. It comes from our families, our society, our media, our government, our peers and life itself. That is NOT who we truly are.

We are powerful creative Beings. We are always either creating or reacting. One has power behind it, one does not. We are at a unique time for humanity right now. A major unfolding is taking place as things are shifting away from what no longer serves us. The veil is lifting, we are ascending and seeing things much more clearly now. Open your eyes. Look at the BIG picture. Don't focus on all the little details of the games being played out. Stay expanded, stay aware of ALL viewpoints, all possibilities.

One thing is for sure. As we are increasing our frequency to a higher state of being, we CANNOT bring all the old baggage with us. We have to do our inner healing work to clear out the limitations we had previously adhered to. If you do not, you will stay on the same Merri-go-round in the limited plane of 3rd dimensional reality. Are you tired yet of being stuck, having lack and limitations? Are all the things you are doing to heal actually working for you? What if there was more you could do that comes from INSIDE of us, and not looking for people, places, supplements, or things on the outside?

You've had the power all along. It is no secret. There are numerous people and books talking about and teaching all kinds of ways to be more empowered. Disclosure to what is really going on behind the scenes is all over the place. Stay open minded and FEEL into the truth or lies from your heart center. It KNOWS without a doubt. Of course our head, or Ego-mind, will argue with it all and try to keep us stuck. Learn to listen to your heart. It knows you better than you know yourself!

What if we could COMMAND energy, sending it to the right places to release blocks, open things up, and heal completely? Do you believe that you can? If not, perhaps it is time to explore more of your innate intelligence. Do you listen to that 'inner voice'? When there is a 'knowing' inside, nothing can shake it.

First of all, I highly recommend people utilize the Biofield Clearing techniques and charts for themselves to easily identify what old energy is still lingering and being triggered or activated. What fears do you have? We all have some underlying feelings of doubt, or not being good enough, smart enough, or deserving. That's been an old story that has been passed down in many cultures and religions. So many of them are common collective consciousness beliefs we inherited from our ancestors. Perhaps it's time to question, understand and release them once and for all!

Life is about to get so much more exciting! First, we are breaking down the old structures that no longer work well or serve us. It's a messy job sometimes. But then we will be blessed with rebuilding a brighter, new future with many blessings for ALL. It is coming, as we are creating it right now with our dreams and intentions. Although some are still feeling fear and doubt and trauma. Be aware of what you are focusing on, what you are saying, feeling, thinking, and sharing. Is it positive and empowering, or the same old stories of limitations?

Can you imagine what life would be life if we all had an abundance of money, food, and resources? If you had no limits, what exactly would you choose to experience and create? Are you brave enough to truly explore that option? If there were NO limits on you, how would your life change?

Thís Friday, August 26, at noon EST I will be doing another podcast on the Quantum C-View Network. (You can call 805-830-8344 to listen and ask questions) I will be offering tips and tools for empowering yourself and even doing some inner healing. I will also explain how we use the powerful Biofield Clearing technique to identify and dissolve all kinds of old traumas, fears, limitations, negative programming, and much more. We use specific COMMANDS as a Divine Being connected to an infinite, universal Source Consciousness. It is our 'innate' intelligence we are utilizing. Our 'biofield' is our energy field that extends beyond the body. It holds numerous energies that heal us, but more importantly, the ones that keep us from healing and living our best life. Are you ready to change that?

If you are not evolving and growing, you are staying stagnant and limited. Is freedom important to you? We all deserve joy and happiness, as well as love and abundance. So what is keep you going around and round, not quite getting anywhere different? I will include some simple and powerful techniques you can start using immediately to build your inner power and start healing from WITHIN. I hope you can join us! There is SO much more to our abilities and potential. It is exciting indeed!

What if you were more aligned with your Highest and True Self? What exactly is trying to emerge from your heart and Soul? There is no time left to keep putting it off. We all have to do our inner healing - cleaning house so to speak. Get rid of the dirt, cobwebs, dark energies, blocks and limitations to live a more empowered and joy filled life! It is like 'stepping up' every day to new heights! Come join me as we explore this even deeper. Or perhaps you might to experience a deeply healing Biofield Clearing session for powerful insights and get more aligned with your TRUE Self! Whatever path you choose, it is all about expanding our awareness and stepping into our true power as a Divine Being that we all are.

Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, kinesiologist, and Quantum Energy Healer with over 36 years' experience. She is the developer and teacher of the Biofield Clearing technique, utilizing ancient Egyptian Healing tools and techniques with the help of her Guides. Her true passion is helping people heal on deeper levels, down to their DNA and more. Just focusing on the physical body is not enough for true healing. Once we address our emotional, mental, energy, and spiritual bodies as well, we become WHOLE, connected, and empowered. For more information please visit, or You can contact Dr. Jane at 828-777-JANE (5263) or email

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