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Lightness, Lightness, Lightness is KEY!

Physical, emotional, mental, and Spiritual Lightness is yours! How can you lighten up in ALL ways, always? Start with lighting up your heart, let go of all heaviness. It is not meant to stay there, weighing you down. It is only meant as a catalyst to move past, beyond, and above it. Making higher choices. You already know that, do you not? Don’t forget it.

Lighten up your center, your physical body and solar plexus. Walk lightly on the earth. Tread lightly. Let go of old stuff, clutter, unnecessary items.

Let go of old fears, beliefs, judgments weighing you down. They are not necessary or helpful anymore.

Let go of all limitations, constraints or constructs in your mind that do not serve your expansion, your upliftment.

Move up, step by step, into Peace, Love, Compassion, and Joy! Use gratitude beyond measure, immense gratitude! Expand, expand, and expand even more - your awareness, your insights, your vision, the possibilities. Go beyond any and all earthly limitations. They are false – they were constructed to keep humans limited. They are no longer needed or relevant. It is time, beyond time, beyond ideas, beyond limitations.

Delight in the Infinite Graciousness of the Divine Creator. The Beauty, the immensity, the glory and wonder of all received realms.  Go beyond!

You can do this as you choose to, just make that choice, into that commitment. We are all one together. You are One with us – always connected, always loved, always supported, encouraged, guided, and appreciated.

Your Light makes a difference, your joy increases the JOY for all. Your gifts and Spirit lift others up to join you, join each other. Reach for the Stars, the higher realms, the forces of Good. There is no failure point, only pauses to reflect, regroup, regain your Sight. It is all perfectly timed, as all is NOW. Each moment brings a new opportunity, a choice point.

Don’t be bogged down by all the heaviness and darkness that has perpetuated your planet. It is dissolving. Shadows are turning to Light. Be ONE with the Light.

Anchor the Light in your heart, your Soul, your mind, and your body. That’s all you need to do. Always. We delight in your openness, your lightness, your courage, your strength, and your commitment to this journey, this awakening. You are here to assist. Hold your candle, your Light, in your Soul, shining brightly for all to see, know, feel and be drawn to.

No need to give darkness any energy. It is dissipating. Rejoice as it is already brightening, lifting, shining even more brightly once again. Know that it is done, more than you even realize. The expansion is infinite. How wonderful is that? You are infinite! How wonderful is that!

Thank you for being here, your part, your journey, your Light! It is all that you need.

Feel the winds of change! It is happening. The light all around you is shining brighter! With your Light you will see the way forward. There will be no mistakes – only upliftment! Hold this Divine Light, anchor it into your Being. FEEL the love and warmth of this Light of God. See it in ALL Beings, now and forever.

Peace to you dear one. Thank you!


Channeled by Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd, with the Pleiadian family of Love.


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