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Healing on A Deeper Level is Necessary!

Are you a health practitioner or energy healer looking to increase the potential for improved patient outcomes, faster healing, and a holistic approach to health? Most people are. We want our healing to go deeper and be more thorough. But how can we achieve that?

As you know, we are much more than just physical bodies. We also have to address the emotional body, mental thoughts and beliefs, our energetic body and even all of the information stored in our DNA and cellular memories for true healing on deeper levels.

This is where Biofield Clearing comes in. As a holistic practitioner and Naturopathic Doctor for well over 30 years, it was quite clear to me that just supporting the physical body had it’s limitations as far as getting to the core underlying issue. What constitutes true healing is empowering each person to become more of who they truly are. We are all inundated with societal conditioning and beliefs, limitations, and traumas stored in our DNA and cellular memories. But how can we access these items?

Many people are seeking out energy healers and Akashic Record readers to help uncover these underlying issues that are quietly demanding our attention. Every time we try to create the health, or relationship, or career that we truly desire, these secondary intentions pop-up to get our attention. I used to hear people tell me all the time what their limiting beliefs are, and they can be quite adamant about them. Things like ‘Nothing works for me, I tried everything’. Or ‘My parents, grandparents, etc. had this issue so now I have it too thanks to genetics.’ You may already know that that is further from the truth. Epigenetics plays an important role.

What about underlying beliefs like ‘I am not strong enough, or smart enough, or even good enough’? As you know, they play a very important role in our healing. Could chronic anxiety or depression, or even insomnia be relieved by uncovering the hidden traumas or fears held in our cells? Would our success entirely depend on clearing the limitations we are taught in our society, especially in our youth from our well-meaning parents or teachers? ‘You have to struggle and work hard to get ahead!’ I heard this from the long line of entrepreneurs in my family. So I proceeded to struggle and work hard to develop a successful business and income. It was exhausting!

Do you realize that the limitations, struggles, and even traumas from our ancestors are held in our DNA and passed down through the ages, just waiting to be identified, acknowledged, and healed? Most of these items are in the 90% of our brain that holds the subconscious and unconscious mind. We are truly only aware of 10% of our conscious mind held in our prefrontal cortex. The rest is fairly hidden, yet we operate mostly from these default patterns without even realizing it!

What if we could easily uncover and bring to the conscious mind some underlying fears, trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, blocks, and more so we can do something about it? Now you can! Over the years I have developed a number of charts which listed a wide variety of stuck emotions, core fears, inner challenges, blocks, limiting beliefs, ancestral patterns, archetypes, negative influences, and much more!

Since we don’t usually know what is underlying, we call on the assistance of our Guides, Angels, Higher Self, and even our Ancestors to answer some of these questions. With their permission, we use a prayer to connect and invite them to assist us. With developed dowsing techniques they can quickly show us exactly what needs to be cleared, and what realm it comes from. Is it from this lifetime, or prenatal, inherited, ancestral, or even from unresolved past life issues. We all have them. Once we bring it up to our conscious awareness, we can easily release and neutralize it, all the way down to the core. It is truly a sacred and holistic healing technique.

Once we have released and cleared a number of items related to the concern, we then have wide open space in our energy field. Now we use the Inner Healing Charts and ask what is needed for us to truly align with our Highest and True Self. These might be empowering beliefs that would be beneficial, recommendations, things we need to master for our infinite beingness, and even the virtues that our Soul is trying to master during this lifetime. We also use 21 Inner Healing Keys, which are easy spiritual practices recommended to assist their healing and evolution.

We then infuse this Divine healing energy into their field. Every single time it is spot on for the clients. This can be very eye opening, and is always empowering, leaving the client with a renewed sense of purpose and inspired to be more of who they are! People leave feeling renewed hope. They often come back for more to go deeper every time. This is actually true ‘spiritual healing’ or energetic healing, which is often overlooked but essential.

I just love using this practice with folks as they truly love it! People are seeking this out as it is often not addressed. Lasting healing cannot happen without it. We are certainly in a time of accelerated growth and evolution right now and we ALL need to heal these deeper wounds in order to advanced and raise our frequency.

If you would like to learn this method and utilize it with your clients, it can be a truly lifechanging and deeply eye-opening practice. Feel free to visit for more information on upcoming trainings. For a personal session with me, you can visit my website at to book a private session. For a first-time visit, feel free to use discount code ‘Biofield30off’ at checkout to receive $30 off your session. This is done by phone and recorded for you. We can work with folks from all over the world long distance just as easily as in our offices.

If you have any questions and would like to talk to me about it, please call me at 828-777-5263 (JANE) during business hours. I would be happy to discuss this with you. The next training course starts October 10th. Thank you!

Dr. Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Kinesiologist, Cert. Intuitive Healer, and more with 36 years’ experience in the holistic health field. She is committed to helping people heal on deeper levels and teaching other practitioners how to do the same. You can visit her websites at for private sessions, for classes on developing consciousness skills, or for courses and training. Contact Dr. Jane at:

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