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Poor Circulation, HBP, Easily Winded? Discover the Miracle Molecule!

Do you get easily winded, have poor circulation, decreased sexual function, high blood pressure, reduced energy, or even brain fog? I know I have been at high risk for heart disease myself as it is on both sides of my family. I've had to learn how to pay attention and take good care of it to reduce my risk for heart attack, stroke, or even neuropathy or Alzheimers. It's not hard, or expensive but very important! I have seen friends have open heart surgery, sometimes more than once, become impaired or even die suddenly! This can and should be avoided.

Before you reach for that daily aspirin (NOT a good long term choice!), find out how you can NATURALLY flood your body with the gaseous miracle molecule called Nitric Oxide! If you have been under chronic stress, have a genetic history, or experience any of these symptoms, you need to know about this!

Our body produces plenty of Nitric Oxide when we are young, but that diminishes when we reach 35-40, and continues to drop as we get older. (The more stress we are under, the faster that can diminish!) It is considered the 'miracle molecule' because it is EVERYWHERE in the body and supports ALL body functions. It open and strengthens our endothelial lining of our arteries, reduces pain and inflammation, strengthens the immune system, and so much more. Most people with chronic and auto-immune conditions are very low in nitric oxide (N.O.). But there's good news as you can easily increase this necessary molecule.

Science has discovered that by taking the correct amounts of the amino acids L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, one can easily reverse this lack of Nitric Oxide and reduce the risk of suffering from the painful and sometimes deadly effects of heart disease, namely heart attack and stroke.

It's been known for a while that the amino acid Arginine can help increase N.O. BUT it has to be in high enough doses (5000 mg.) AND it needs to coupled with a high amount of l-Citrulline (2000 mg.) in order to spark the N.O. increase. Citrulline is crucial for the long lasting production of N.O. and essential to improve circulation and reduce blood pressure.

But that's not all. There are a few other nutrients that are necessary for this 'boost' to happen. Vitamin K2 is also essential for slightly thinning the blood and reducing your risk. Vitamins B3, B6 and B12 also are needed to help with N.O. release. Chromium Picolinate is added to help keep blood sugar balanced. We also use Vitamin D3 and a few other nutrients for best results.

This can fuel your body with long lasting energy and boost your stamina and performance. It can lift your mood, increase circulation to your brain, and even increase circulation to sexual organs for greatly improved function (yes, for both men and women too!).

L-Arginine Complete was formulated by following Nobel Prize winning research, which doctors and scientists claim to be one of the greatest advancements in the last 50 years in the battle to naturally reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease including, Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure, Stroke, High Cholesterol and Neuropathy.

L-Arginine Complete has made the process for you to get this Miracle Molecule SIMPLE, PAIN FREE, and VERY AFFORDABLE. Includes methylated B Complex Vitamins, Vit. K2, Vit. D3, and Chromium for blood sugar balance. The powder comes in delicious flavors, like berry, peach-lemonade, or pineapple flavor that is easily dissolved in water to drink. This is a MUST for anyone with any of the symptoms we mentioned above.

DON'T PUT IT OFF! It is not easy seeing friends my age, or even younger, experience the damaging effects and the dangers of this deficiency. Call for an appointment to easily find out if you're risk is low, medium or HIGH for heart disease or poor circulation (sorry, the 'stress-test' is not enough) or ask me how you can order yours to be shipped to your door! Some people may need to start slowly and increase to taking it twice a day, morning and before bed, for best results.

Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor and Iridologist with a practice in Asheville, NC. Please visit her website at or call her at 828-777-JANE (5263) for more info. Phone consults are available. Thank you.

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