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How Illness May Manifest

How we think and feel, what we eat and drink, our lifestyle, our habits, our belief systems, our environment, our stresses and how we cope with them, and how we treat our physical body, may all have an impact on our health.

Bio-Energy Healing

How's Your energy field? How's your health? Could you have blocked energy that keeps you from healing completely?

The energy created by our experiences, emotions,thoughts, mental attitudes and perceptions permeate via the chakras and our energy field to our cells, tissues and organs, and ultimately appear to have their affect on our physical body. When our energy is balanced and flowing freely we are healthy, however illness may possibly occur if the energy fields of the chakras become closed, blocked out of sync, or out of balance. The closure or blockage in a chakra may occur when a person experiences a traumatic incident, which can have both a physical and emotional effect on the person.

Any trauma that the emotional body experiences may also have

an effect on the physical body.

The body will contract to protect itself from physical or emotional pain. It is this contraction that may create blockages or closure of a particular chakra. Any situation or event that triggers the memory of the initial trauma or incident may further compound the contractions on all levels of the energy field, physical, emotional and mental, and can reinforce the emotional fears already held in the energy field.

When the physical body contracts due to pain or trauma, the contractions may cause a

restriction in the body’s overall blood supply and may also restrict the energy supply to organs,

glands, muscles, tissue and cells.

Emotions are normal. It is only when the emotions are suppressed over a period of time that

they may have an effect on organs, glands, muscles and tissues in the physical body, depriving

them of a natural flow of energy.

Over a period of time similar incidents that are not processed at the time they occurred may

cause further blockages on all levels of a person’s energy field.

The basic principal of Energy Healing is to help unblock, clear and re-balance

the body’s energy field, and allow the body to begin its own natural

self healing process.

If you close your fist tightly and look at your knuckles you can see that the knuckles of your

hand turn white, this is because the blood supply and energy flow is now restricted in this area.

Sometimes the garden hose becomes blocked or knotted which restricts the free flow of water

through the hose, once the knots and blocks have been removed - the water can then flow


When a person experiences pain, a severe shock, accident or traumatic

incident, they may be affected on many levels by the physical,

emotional or mental trauma.

At a physical level the body tries to withdraw from pain by tightening and contracting to protect

itself around the site or area of the pain. At an emotional level, the reaction may be fear, panic,

anxiety, anger, or any number of emotions. If these emotions are suppressed and not

processed, this may have an effect on different levels of the person’s energy field, and most

particularly in the areas of the chakras. Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy points located

in and around the body.

The emotions associated with any trauma or incident is registered in the energy field of the

chakras, and if suppressed or unresolved, may cause closure, imbalance or blockages in the

energy field of the chakra related to that emotion.

Closure or blockages in the energy field of a particular chakra may in turn affect organs, glands, muscles and tissue in the physical body in the area

of that particular chakra.

There may be many reasons why we have not been able to process or deal with emotions

such as; anger, grief, shame, guilt, hurt, loss, fear or mortal fear.

We may block emotional or mental pain, suppress it, and push it aside because we are unable

to deal with it at the time of the incident or trauma. When we get that first feeling of pain or discomfort – it is the body’s way of telling us something is “out of tune”, and may require attention.

One of the main reasons that we block pain is that the pain may be unbearable. We may take

pain killers to block the physical pain, we can feel this, - the physical pain is obvious. However,

the emotional and mental pain associated with a trauma cannot be seen, and if we try to get in

touch with it – it can feel unbearable. We cannot see this emotional pain, and no one else can

see the emotional pain.

We may appear to have recovered from out physical trauma or shock and appear to be getting on with our day to day lives, but the emotional shock and trauma may have been suppressed and become lodged in our energy fields and chakras.

The suppressed emotions may have a controlling effect on our lives unless the intensity of the emotion is dissipated and the energy field is cleared and balanced.

This is where applying Bio-Energy Healing Techniques may be helpful in helping to clear and dissipate this blocked or stagnant energy at a physical emotional and mental level thus allowing a free flow of life-giving energy and in turn help the body to return to a state of homeostasis.

Consider having some Bio-Energy healing sessions with Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND to calm, clear, energize, rebalance the energy fields to allow the natural healing process to take place.

Jane Smolnik, is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, and Certified Intuitive and Energy Healer based in Asheville, NC. For more information, please visit her website at:, or call 828-777-5263

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