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Oxidative Stress and Your Health!

Did you know that, over time, continued strain on your body from everyday stress can decrease your ability to LOOK, FEEL, & PERFORM your best? Stress disrupts the body’s internal environment by altering hormone levels and introducing toxins. Under small amounts of stress, the body can correct the disruption by stabilizing hormone levels and reducing the toxins. High-stress loads overwhelm the system, challenging the body’s ability to course correct. This state of imbalance can be referred to as oxidative stress and represents the tipping point at which the disruptive forces coming from stress exceed the body’s defense mechanisms.

DID YOU KNOW – Consuming high-dose antioxidant supplements can actually lead to cellular damage by interfering with the body’s internal protective system. “More” is not “Better”

Discover how stress exposure, which we ALL have, leads to oxidative stress damage and contributes to the aging of our cells. Find out how you can activate your Nrf2 Pathway to turn ON your bodies own ability to fight free-radicals naturally and much more efficiently.

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