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Increasing Your Vibration to Heal

Everything is energy, right? Your core vibration is one that you have carried into this lifetime. It is your genetic and energetic blueprint, the identifying configuration that marks WHO you are. Your vibrational pattern contains the energy of everything about you. Your personality, your family's vibrational history, your past lives, the trauma's, hurt, wounds of this life, your limiting beliefs, as well as your Soul's deepest yearning and highest intention for healing and self-realization.

As you peel away the layers of accumulated vibrational density and debris, you become more of who you truly are and finally glimpse the true nature your humanness and experience what is really possible for you as a Divine energetic being! Life gets better....

There are many healers and modalities available to offer their 'healing work', and no one takes precedence over another. The determining factor in assessing any of the energetically based healing practices is your own sense of the RESULT you are looking for. The KEY to maximizing the process is your own focused intent! As you approach healing, whether it is for your physical body, emotional, mental, or energetic health, your intention and commitment is a valuable KEY, an important piece. You will be drawn to the right person, at the right time if you set your intentions and follow your intuition!

It is encouraged that you take time to delve deeply into the residual emotional patterning that is coloring your experience. When you are commited to releasing pain, or to heal from your current suffering, it includes exploring your underlying fears and limiting beliefs, releasing negative patterns, old toxic energy, and transforming them into a HIGHER vibrational pattern. Once brought to your conscious awareness, they can easily be released. Openness and space becomes freed up!

When you engage in healing actitivities designed to stimulate the cellular memories harbored in your emotional body, you'll find beneath the illusion of calm, a well-layer structure of density that must be released in order to transcend, raise your vibration, and heal.

Know that this is an ongoing process. It is always best not to judge yourself, or expect a certain degree of progress which may conceal conditioning deep within and serve to undermine the progress that you may assume had been attained. Do not assume you have fully graduated and transcended your humanness simply because you attained certain levels of conscious awareness, and have done certain amounts of focused inner work. It is ALL helpful, yet it is an ongoing process, like a wave going up, and sliding down, only to regain new heights. Backsliding does happen, but expanding your awareness and increasing your intention is necessary, as are many insightful tools and practices to regain your footing.

Certain practices will also increase your vibration. Detoxing the body is essential, as well as releasing negativity and judgments. Being aware of your thought patterns, the stories we keep telling ourselves and eveyrone else (listen to yourself!). Eating healthy, organic food has a high vibrational frequency, and avoid junk food, GMO foods, processed and artificial ingredients as it brings your health and frequency down. Using essential oils are extremely healing because of their very high vibration. Saying and thinking positive thoughts, feelings of love, appreciation, gratitude, compassion, etc. also increase your vibrational body. Prayers are known to increase vibration integrity by 15 MHz! Interesting.

The biggest roadblock I find is in our belief structure. Limiting beliefs held deep in our subscious will continually show up whenever we are trying to create our life differently. This is like exploring and gold digging - and finding those deeply programmed beliefs that have accumlated many layers of experience, which we consider PROOF, that can be the hardest to release. But when we do.... MAGIC seems to happen! Life shifts. Energy is totally freed up and our ability to create what we choose is now not only possible, but much more probable!

So continue to do all the things you LOVE, take good care of yourself, listen to beautiful music, learn to relax and de-stress whenever needed, take walks in nature, use positive affirmations, and increase your vibrational frequency whenever possible. Train yourself to follow your PLEASURE and avoid pain and negativity. It will go a long way toward your own self-healing!

Dr. Jane Smolnik is a Naturopath and Iridologist, and Transformational Health Coach. Visit her websites at, or for more information.

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