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When Life is Tough...

We've ALL had experiences of when it seemed like life just isn't working out for us. Things are hard, or not going your way, and you can't seem to see a way through it. You can feel like you are stuck on a hampster wheel, just going round and round but not getting anywhere. Believe me, I've experienced this many times. Money is tight, relationships are challenged, health issues have come up, you're pressured at work, you're still getting over past abuse, hurt or betrayal, there's not enough time in the day, and you feel like you've lost your best friend.

I now realize that it these times happen to catapult us into changing our thinking, changing our ways, or changing our lives!

What can we do to TRANSFORM things, make them shift, change, improve, go away, ....ANYTHING but this?!!!

These are the times that require us to go inside and take a good look around. Are we being true to ourselves? Are we following our heart and soul, our passion, our joy? Or have we just been going along doing the best we can, trying to keep us the pace, and dealing with things as they come up? Are we being pro-active, or re-active?

If we are not being deliberate about what we are doing, what we want, what we are choosing, what we are saying, thinking and doing, and how we are feeling, then we are living in a reactive mode, which has no power. We bounce off of one thing, and another, then another. We are pulled into drama's and circumstances that are not of our choosing. This is the test. How are you going to re-act? Or are you going to stop and say ENOUGH. That is the time we DECIDE to make things different, CHOOSE differently!

Like a breathe of fresh air, THAT is a moment of power! It's the only true power. We can't control anything or anyone around us, only what happens on the inside. Are we being centered, balancing, authenic, and true to our inner instincts, our gut response, our inner yearnings? I hope so. Because when we are not, that's when we go round and round and life gets tougher and tougher. We fall into the belief that we have no power over any of these things, when the truth is, WE DO! It's there for us to discover.... our own power!

Sometimes it is very helpful to spend some time reflecting, or meditating, going inside and seeing what's there. Sometimes I find automatic writing, like a daily journal or our morning messages, can really help us listen to what's inside. By doing this daily, we start to see things unfold right before our eyes. Patterns, thoughts, insights, all start to show up. For some it can be going for walks every day and just spending time alone with the soft, grounding energy of nature, connecting, harmonizing and listening.

Another great idea is to do loving things for yourself. Start to really pay attention to the inner needs of the body. Taking REALLY good care of it, like a beloved animal, can be amazing. Be gentle with yourself. Feed and water yourself well. Take time to stretch, exercise, read new things, do something different you always wanted to do. And put yourself to bed early.

These are all great starts to shift the energy. Underneath it all, we have to start examining our beliefs, our motives, our habits, our limitations. What is working for us, and what is not working for us? Often I find when I am in this tough place, I need a guide or trusted friend, one who can listen, understand, mirror for me so I can see it! I have to get the thoughts OUT of my head and express them, so I can see them more clearly and be encouraged to change my viewpoint, do something different, or see things from a different perspective.

Honoring and forgiving ourselves are a very important part of the process. It doesn't work if we are blaming ourselves, or blaming others. And it doesn't work if we can not ALLOW ourselves to have what we truly desire. Often we don't feel deserving, or valued. How can we change things if we can't even get out of our own way?

This is truly when a skilled coach or guide is most valuable. We are seeing a real upsurge in the coaching industry because people realize that that is exactly what they need at times! Whether it is for business, personal life issues, or health challenges, we are fed up and no longer willing to let things continue the way they are! It's time to get centered, balanced, empowered, deliberate, and happy! Enough of the drama, problems, and stress. Enough of the pain, fatigue, and weakness.

They ALL tend to take a toll on our health. Stress brings down every body system and makes us age faster! Who needs that? Who wants that? Not me. I suspect not you either. Perhaps it's time to take control, make a change, do things entirely differently. Invest in YOURSELF!!! How often do we invest in our homes, our cars, our education, our clothes, our vacations, but NOT our self. It's sad.

MY life really changed when I took control and went out on a limb! I didn't care what it costs, (it was a huge financial leap for me) but I needed to learn how to shift a BIG way! That was 26 years ago when I took an intensive course in belief management, changing our conscious awareness, and living deliberately. WOW! My life shot up like a rocket! I learned new tools, and learned a tremendous amount about ME and my beliefs. I learned how to change things, what I wanted, and how to make it all happen. After 5 years, I absolutely had to teach others!

You can do it too. Are you ready to take charge? To make the changes you need? Improve your health, your body, your joy, ...your life! It's really a good time to do it. We are entering a new era and are ALL called upon to get clear, be authentic and be in integrity with OURSELVES! I hope you are.

Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, and Certified Intuitive Healer, as well as a licensed Avatar Master. For more info, please visit her websites at, and

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