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Top Ten Benefits of DETOXING!

ALL TRUE HEALING requires your body to eliminate any negative influences, such as bacteria, virus's (even dormant ones), toxins, parasites, yeast, fungus, toxic emotions, chemicals, etc. These things can create:

  1. Pain and inflammation

  2. Muscle and joint aches

  3. Allergies, sensitivities, intolerances

  4. Congestion, weight gain, fat storage

  5. Tumors, acne, boils, cysts

  6. Fatigue, exhaustion, stress on the body

  7. Nutrient deficiencies and imbalances

  8. Headaches and migraines

  9. Hormonal imbalances, mood swings

  10. Cravings for sugar and other poor habits

The world is becoming unbalanced! We are becoming more and more out of touch

with our bodies natural cycles of nature. Billions of people live in cities and do not grow their

own food-- we do not know what's in our drinking water-- contamination is everywhere. To what

degree is our food and water contaminated with chemicals from sprays, industrial run off, and

preservatives? To what degree are poisonous gases and chemicals in the air causing damage to

the ozone layer (that filters out deadly ultra-violet rays) and air pollution in congested cities? A

polluted environment, over-processed and nutrient-deficient food, fast living, and too much

stress (suppressing the immune system) put us continually at risk for developing life-threatening


Consequently, toxic waste material can build up in our bodies from these impurities that we

ingest and inhale. More specifically, the build up occurs in the large intestine or colon --from the

consumption of artificially sweetened carbonated beverages, junk food (processed foods),

chemically sprayed fruits and vegetables, hormone-injected meats, and polluted water.


  1. Greatly Improved immune system!

  2. Noticable Increase in vitality and energy

  3. Reduction or elimination of aches and pains

  4. Food intolerances and allergies can be eliminated

  5. Nutrient assimilation is greatly improved

  6. Fungus, yeast, and parasites go away, reducing your risk of cancers

  7. Better clarity, focus, improved outlook and mood

  8. Weight loss is easier

  9. Hormone balance can be improved

  10. Cells are more youthful, healthier!

Not to mention many others, like eye sight can improve, blood sugar can rebalance, blood pressure can normalize, etc. In fact, given the right circumstances, your body WILL come back into natural homeostasis! It is designed that way. Your cells know EXACTLY how to return to a healthy balance.

Young or old, we could ALL use a good cleanse every year! This is the BEST way to improve your health right now. Try our easy, three step 90 day DETOX! You don't have to fast, in fact we prefer you just eat a healthy diet (like avoiding fried, processed and sugaryfoods). Enjoy all the vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and quality proteins you want! Drinking plenty of clean filtered water is essential.

Where do we get toxins?

Many foods we ingest have many chemical additives or residues, tap water, using plastic bottles and containers, most body care products, hair color, breathing in car exhaust, out gassing from paints and carpets, cleaners, pesticides, tatoo ink, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, ...the list goes on.

What about micro-organisms?

You cannot even put your hand on a public doorknob without being exposed to microscopic parasites! Have pets? Travel? Near small children? Exposed to schools, offices, day care centers, nursing homes? In fact, we are ALL exposed to micro-organisms every day. We are designed to stay in balance with ALL living creatures. BUT, with a build up of toxins (and sugars), our immune system becomes weaker, and these things like parasites and fungus can multiply and fester causing all kinds of problems.

What can we do??

It's easy! Use our 3 Step 90 Day Detox Program! Since the mid-90's when I first did a study on parasites and detoxing, I have been helping people ever since restoring their health by cleansing out these negative influences and eliminating deficiencies. Check it out now! Visit our new web page for the 3 Step 90 Day Detox here!

Here are some valuable Detox tips:

1. Eat real food. The key here involves removing the bad stuff like processed foods and sugar

and incorporating more good stuff like protein, healthy fats, and plenty of anti-inflammatory

omega 3-rich foods like wild fish. You can grab plenty of my favorite healthy recipes here.

2. Supplement smartly. A host of nutrients, including herbs, can help with Lyme. These include

immune-boosting herbs including chaga, cordycep, reishi, and maitake mushrooms that help kill

off bad bacteria, as well as immune-boosting vitamin D, anti-inflammatory curcumin (found in

turmeric), and magnesium. I strongly encourage you to work with a Functional Medicine

practitioner to customize these and other supplements, which you can find in my store.

3. Repopulate. While I believe they can be helpful to treat certain health conditions, antibiotics kill off all bacteria (good and bad). After you’ve zapped them, you want to repopulate with good bacteria. Eat probiotic-rich fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and kimchi. And supplement with a

high-dose, multi-strain probiotic.

4. Address food sensitivities. Gluten, dairy, and other food sensitivities can increase

inflammation, weaken your immune system, and worsen Lyme disease symptoms. Eliminate

these foods for three weeks and see if your symptoms improve. The Blood Sugar Solution 10-

Day Detox Diet provides an easy-to-implement plan that removes food sensitivities, sugar, and

processed foods to help your body heal quickly.

5. Get good sleep. Studies show that sleep disturbances and chronic fatigue are prevalent with

Lyme disease. Sleep deprivation has numerous ramifications, including reduced levels of your

feel-good hormone serotonin (I frequently see this with patients) and diminished immunity,

giving pathogens more leeway to ramp up. (See my top sleep formulas, like ‘Pharma GABA!)

6. Control stress. Chronic stress can crash your immune system and exacerbate Lyme disease

symptoms. Whether you do yoga, deep breathing, or meditation, find something you can

consistently do to lower stress levels. Many Lyme disease patients find using Light Therapy with

Binaural beat programs, or frequency healing music is very helpful to reset nervous system.

9. Reduce your toxic load. These include heavy metals and pesticides, which have a broad

range of negative effects on human biology; they damage the nervous and immune systems and

contribute to diabesity. If you suspect metal or other toxicity, please work with your Functional

Medicine or Naturopathic doctor to develop a customized detoxification plan.

10. Cleanse the Colon and the Liver. I suggest an organic herbal combination of herbs and fiber in

a delicate balance to help clean out the digestive system by cleaning the villa in the small intestine as well as dislodging and eliminating old fecal matter in the colon. Once the toxins are removed, so are the associated ailments caused by the toxins, and the body is able to absorb valuable nutrients from food again. One that also restores the colons natural function by strengthening the bowel muscle over time so that elimination is regular and painless. It contains should contain a blend of soluable and insoluable fibers, probiotics, and magnesium.

11. Cleanse Parasites, Yeast, Fungus, Mold, Viral pockets!

PARASITES - The single most undiagnosed health challenge! Recent medical studies have estimated that 90% of the North American adult population has at least one type of parasite living in their bodies. A parasite is an organism that lives off the host. They can inhabit any part of the body, including major organs and glands, even the eyes and ears. They feed off the body, getting their nutrition from sucking it out of the cells (many people become fatigued), reproduce quickly, secrete toxins, create toxic overload, and are extremely difficult to detect using conventional testing methods (only about 20% of actual cases are ever discovered).

Parasites exist in many shapes, sizes and forms, from microscopic one-celled varieties (70%), to larger worms that inhabit the intestinal tract (30%). Chronic parasitic infections secrete low-levels of toxins and can create many varied health challenges and an extremely suppressed immune system which can lead to many types of infections and illnesses. Once there, a parasite can flourish in the body for ten, twenty, or even thirty years! Parasites can spread to various parts of the body, including the brain. While many people have claimed to have solutions, extensive testing has proven that most products only address a few types of parasites, although there are over 1000 different types!

12. Detox Heavy metals and Toxin overload! We are exposed to chemicals and heavy metals in our air, food, water, vaccines, body care products, plastics we use, and so much more. They often can build up in the body causing numerous hidden health challenges! Use a gentle, natural detoxification to help lower the body burden of environmental and heavy metal toxins.

So isn't it time you took your health more seriously and give your body an easy, yet complete detox? You will find AMAZING results if you stick with in for a full 90 days! It takes time to completely detox all parts of our body and yet it can be the most life changing, beneficial thing you have ever done to improve the quality of your life!

Jane Smolnik, Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist has been in the holistic health and natural medicine for almost 30 years. She is the owner of Ultimate Healing in Asheville, NC, as well as the health website. Visit for more info.

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