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What Programs Do You Have Installed?

A computer can do many things for us, but ONLY if it has programs installed. Without programs it does absolutely nothing. Our consciousness operates just like that. From the time we are born, we are developing 'programs' of how life works, what our abilities are, stories we are told, experiences we have, beliefs we acquire, trauma's and emotions that leave us scarred, limitations, stuck energy, and more. We also inherit old programs from our family lines and their drama's that have not been healed and resolved. We have 'stories' of our history and our ancestors, and even collective consciousness challenges as humans on this planet at this time.

What programs do you have running behind the scenes? Are there old stories of not being good enough, strong enough, smart enough? Do you feel like you are not supported, or have enough finances to enjoy your life? Are there core fears holding you back, keeping you limited? Do you have trapped energy, blocks, psychic cords, dark energies, stuck chakra's, etc. Is there a chronic stressor trapped in your nervous system? We ALL have a number of these items that create the abilities and tendencies we have to work with, as well as what keeps us stuck in old patterns.

How can we 'erase' old programs that no longer serve our Highest good? Can things be deleted or turned off, so they are no longer triggered? YES! So many of these programs are running behind the scenes, automatically. These are held in our subconscious and unconscious minds, so we often don't realize them.

With the powerful new work of Biofield Clearing, we can quickly identify what 'programs' you have running behind the scenes. These are actually held in our DNA, as well as in our biofield - our energy field. All of these items can challenge us on a Soul level, keeping us in the same old loops of experiences. It's time to reveal and heal what still has not been processed and released. Many of these items can go back many generations, and even from unresolved past life issues. Are you ready to release them?

With the help of my Guides, I have discovered ancient Egyptian pendulums and their healing abilities. They have been used for thousands of years and continue to be used today for healing purposes around the world! We can create a powerful magnetic vortex of Light to go into your energy field, to draw out and neutralize any of these issues. It is a unique and eye-opening process for everyone.

We have created numerous charts to work with. With your permission, we can call on your own Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Medical Assistant team, as well as your Higher Self, to direct and assist this process. They may have amazing insights and suggestions for you. It is truly a sacred journey for deep healing!

Based on your primary concerns in life, (be it health, relationship, career, financial, and family issues, etc) we can identify and clear a number of items from your cells, organs, glands, meridians, energy field, mental and emotional body, and even your DNA. Once cleared we have wide open space.

Then we go to the Inner Healing Charts and see what is needed to improve your life, what empowering beliefs you might need to develop, what virtues you are here to 'master' in this lifetime, and what is needed for your infinite being-ness. We 'infuse' your energy field with these higher vibrating energies, empowering you in being more aligned with your Highest and True Self!

Finally, we are directed to YOUR Inner Healing Keys! These are spiritual or energetic practices that can assist us with deep healing and expansion of our awareness. It is a delightful, calming, and empowering process every single time!

I encourage folks to have more than one session as our 'programs' run deep and have been accumulating from many generations and lifetimes. As we go deeper it's like peeling away layers of an onion and getting to the core to clear some things once and for all. THIS is what our ascension process needs as we can clear out all of our old 'baggage'. We cannot take these lower vibrating, limiting energies with us if we truly want to ascend, shift and become higher vibrating Beings, enjoying a much higher frequency of living without all the limits that have been imposed by old programs.

If you want to 'clean up' and discard the 'junk' that is taking up space and running behind the scenes keeping you limited, stuck on automatic pilot doing the same things over and over, then I highly encourage you to try out the Biofield Clearing process. It is like 'defraging' our internal system, keeping things running smoothly and effectively as we create our lives with intention, creating more space for the positive programs that help us do amazing work.

Check out what others are saying about their experiences. Every single time it is valuable for our inner healing journey. We then have to integrate this higher level on frequency in our lives. Things shift, open up, and we feel happier and more empowered. These is no time to waste anymore - NOW is the time for us to clean up our act and BE the Divine Humans we are meant to be!

Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Kinesiologist, and quantum Energy Healer with over 30 years experience in the holistic health field. Jane has been working with her 'Guides' and Star Family since she was a teen. For more info, to make an appointment, or to contact her, please visit For online classes in expanding consciousness, visit For Biofield Clearing training, go to:

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