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Raising Your Vibration is Essential!

During these stressful and challenging times it is even more important for us to continue to maintain a higher vibration so we don't get sucked in to all the drama and negative energy that seems to be all around us. We do not want to be a part of those who would hold humanity back. We are in a tremendous transformational shift! Consider what Nikola Tesla said many years ago: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

What if you could easily rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul? Well, you certainly can. As we all know by now, everything is ENERGY! Every thing has an 'energy' or vibration. I am sure you can all feel it. Do you feel it when someone is angry, depressed, lonely, fearful, or in pain? Of course. Do you feel it when someone is joyful, loving, compassionate, and happy? It's a much different energy, isn't it? What do you think that does to you health? Your cells are responding to everything you say, do, and feel. So here are a few simple and easy tricks to support your health and vitality.

Bring Your God Energy Into Everything!

Many people ask for a simple blessing of their food before they eat. It is a wise thing to do to increase the energy of your food to support your physical body. Perhaps bring back this often forgotten ritual.

You can also bless your water, your gardens, ask for blessings when you go grocery shopping, or read your emails, asking for it's highest vibrational expression. Ask to bless your relationships, your family members, or friends. Ask to find peace, love and joy in your day.

Here's a simple morning prayer: Dear God, I ask that this day be blessed in every way. May my day be a day of Heaven on Earth, for myself and all who I encounter. And so it is!

Connect with the Energy of the Sun!

Many cultures have used sun gazing to increase vitality and spirituality. It is a simple practice anyone can do. Ideally, taking a few minutes within an hour after the sun rises, or an hour before it sets is best. Step outside, putting your feet on the ground (barefoot is even better!). Initially you only look at the sun for 5 -10 seconds. Actually you can start by looking just to the east of the sun, then the south, then the west, and finally the north of it. Think loving thoughts about your self, and the planet. Here is a simple prayer you can say:

'Rays of Divine Golden Light, Rays of Love, these rays of 5D energy are rolling through and around me. Saturate me and saturate the earth with these divine golden rays so that all may benefit, all may be blessed."

You can slowly increase your gaze by 5-10 seconds each day, but ONLY doing this within an hour of sunrise or sunset, not when the sun is higher so you don't damage your eyes.

Be Mindful of Your Emotions!

Notice when your emotions and reactions are coming from a lower vibrating energy. This can be frustration, worry, fear, doubt, blame, anger, grief and depression, pessimism, and more. Pay attention! It is usually always associated with a judgment. We tend to l able and blame things outside of ourselves. These things bring your vibration down, which will affect your health, drain your energy levels, and can even create pain in the body. What can you do to INCREASE your vibration?

Take an 'Energy Break' - Notice every little thing that brings you JOY! It might be beautiful flowers, a child's laughter, a loved ones smile, joyful music, a gorgeous sunset, uplifting reading, an embrace, or taking a walk in nature.

Be IN the moment! Right now, can you smile for no reason? See how that affects you. Can you feel the energy of contentment? What are you grateful for? What, or who, do you truly appreciate? What do you LOVE? Dance to some high energy music. Find things to laugh out loud about! Watch a light hearted comedy.

The Role of FEAR in this Transition Time

Fear is used to manipulate you, to keep you locked in more fear. It is fuel for those who would have you fail. It can warn you when something needs to change, either your behavior or your belief. One of the fastest ways to dissolve fear is to speak to it directly. Acknowledge it and ask it what it's message is? Why is it getting your attention? Be open to receive information that may come flooding in, showing you what your need to change. It is often a lack of alignment between your mind, your words, and your actions. Underneath all fear is usually a belief in your inability to handle something. Turn it into a GIFT! Learn from it. then let it go. KNOW that you are more powerful

What's the energy of the FOODS you are consuming?

Are the foods you are eating daily in their WHOLE, natural state? Do you include fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, or sprouts? Foods derived from nature, still in their whole state, are the highest vibrations. Consider foods that are highly processed (think boxed foods), or foods that contain artificial ingredients, genetically modified foods, chemically laden foods with pesticides, and preservatives. All these foods, and even ones that have processed sugar in them (and there are MANY), will actually utilize more energy just to deal with the digestion and elimination of them. They create an unhealthy acidic state in the body where disease can take hold, and inflammation will increase.

Microwaving foods will destroy the nutritional value of any food. Your body cannot identify it and will store it as a toxin. Poor quality foods will rob your body of energy and drain your necessary nutrients. Meats that are poorly raised, fed cheap crappy food, given antibiotics daily so they don't get sick, and injected with hormones, will wreak havoc on your body. Think about how much energy gets drained daily just having to process and deal with a poor diet. So consider making much WISER choices in your food consumption to increase your vibration and insure good health!

Using Essential Oils to Increase Vibration

Essential Oils are highly concentrated oils derived from aromatic plants. They all contain high vibrating frequencies are are often used for healing. Some of the highest oils are Rose, Helicrysum, Blue Spruce, Frankincense, and Ylang Ylang oils. Using them in a steam inhalation, or in a spray, or on the body is an excellent way to quickly increase your vibration and improve your health. I keep a bottle of Rose Water spray on my desk to quickly refresh my energy anytime it is needed!

The human body vibrates at 62-68 MHz., which is million pulses per second. You cannot even have a cold unless you are down to 59 MHz. the FLU is a vibration of 58 MHz. SO keeping your vibration high is naturally one of the best things you can do for your health!

Clearing Negative Influences from your Bio-field!

We ALL have old trauma's, hidden trapped emotions, core fears, inherited and ancestral patterns, self-sabotage, even addictions, that still need to be healed. These things can bring our energy down and limit our creative energy. Part of our healing process throughout life is working through and healing old wounds, blocked energy, negative archetypes, stuck chakra's and more. Now we can easily identify and release these trapped energies with the powerful BioField Clearing technique created by myself, Dr. Jane Smolnik. You can either find a certified BioField Clearing practitioner, or join the next upcoming online course to learn how to do it yourself. It is using 18 charts along with special dowsing techniques to identify what is underneath our chronic struggles and concerns in life. Once they are identified, we can easily find out where they came from, and when. We then use some ancient Egyptian Pendulums based on sacred geometry to create a powerful magnetic vortex to draw out and release these old energies. Once a number of items have been cleared, we use 6 charts and infuse positive Divine Golden light and energy into the energy field. Chronic problems can shift quickly!

So as you can see, you can be completely empowered to increase your vibration, take charge of your health, and expand your awareness. Drink plenty of clean, fresh water, breath deeply, get into the sunshine, spend time in nature, eat well, sleep well, and enjoy vibrant health and vitality for many years to come. Life becomes more joyful and fulfilling when we heal deeply, and HOLISTICALLY, which includes the body, mind, and spirit. For more help or support in this area, don't hesitate to contact me. I am working with people from all over the world now by phone or Zoom. I also teach the BioField Clearing Courses, which is an 8 week series. The next one starts June 25th if you care to learn this amazing technique!

As always, may you be truly blessed, every day in every way!

Jane Smolnik is an accomplished healer and teacher, a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Intuitive Energy Healer and Kinesiologist with over 36 years in the holistic health field. For more information, please visit her websites at:, or, and also

For information on healing with frequencies visit:

Thank you.

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