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The Deepest Healing of Humanity

Many of us have an internal separation with ourselves based on self-condemnation and self-judgment for things we'd done, or experienced, or choices we have made. We are now moving away from this limited 3rd dimensional energy as the 4th and 5th dimensional energies are birthing onto our planet. We are now building a new relationship with our selves, and more importantly, our Divine nature needs to be coupled with our humanness.

An important part of this inner healing process is to know, understand, and embrace our vulnerabilities. We ALL have old trauma's, fears, limitations, and even ancestral patterns that have kept us in the drama of 3D life. As humans we tend to keep ourselves distracted with our attention on things outside of our self. The truth is that everything that comes toward you is mirroring what is already inside you that you have not been able to work through.

Our true healing and transformation happens when we connect with our sacred heart consciousness that creates the sacred connection between our humanness and our Divine nature. We would live in a very different world once we heal this separation and discover (remember) more of who we truly are. You become a natural transmitter of love. It is important that NOW is the time for us to take this step in fulfilling our Soul's mission.

We will find it easier to connect with all life force groups, such as the plant, animal, mineral, and human kingdoms, as well as all aspects of the spiritual realms, including other life forces within the Universe. As this separation ends, we will experience the Oneness on a 5th dimensional level of being fully awake and aware Spiritual Beings, anchored to our humanness. Love, compassion, and kindness will ensue!

As you consciously begin to work with your Divine Self, your Creator Self, it will propel you forward on your Soul's path more effortlessly. You can no longer be a victim in life, struggling with limitations. It's unbelievably magical how quickly things can change and turn around in your life! Are you willing to open up your life, to see what needs to be healed? Can you give yourself permission to make mistakes and learn from them? Align with your sacred heart, hold every aspect of yourself in love and compassion. Your heart is the connection between Spirit and Human.

The common element that links us all and allows us to experience true Oneness with all life forces in the Universe is God Consciousness, the one Universal Source of All That Is. Can you birth your new self consciously and be willing to meet all aspects of your vulnerability? Can you find your Sacred Connections? Know that in your heart is the Soul's knowing, the stillness, peace, and a truth that will be revealed.

We being this journey with a conscious choice to heal on much deeper levels. We are far more than just physical and emotional bodies. As you do this for yourself, you are assisting this planet in shifting to the higher dimensions as we anchor in this new energy. Each of us has this divine blueprint within our cells. We begin with making a conscious choice!

We all have a divine blueprint that is unique, aligning with your individual mission and purpose here. You cannot be on this earth plane without a current active blueprint. Are you ready to activate yours? Your cells are attuned to the frequency of love and oneness. The changing frequency within your body supports the transformation of the planet!

You have a choice in each moment to open to another part of yourself, the divine attributes that you hold within. Your cells are waiting for you to align. When you do this you move out of separation, and into Oneness, Wholeness, and into the 5th dimensional aspect of an unlimited form. Your Divine signature of Light begins to expand and interact with all life force, and the unique essence of your frequency and light can fulfill the role within the collective sacred energies. We all contribute to this ascension!

One way we assist others in working on this inner healing is the powerful 'Biofield Clearing' technique that can quickly help us identify and release old, limiting energies, fear, trauma's, etc. We can then see what is needed for each individual to realign with their Highest and True Self, and their Sacred Heart Connection. This is where true empowerment and healing lies!

We also teach online classes called 'Developing Inner Mastery' to learn new skills for expanding our awareness further than even as there are NO limits. We can deepen our telepathic and intuitive abilities and connect more with our innate intelligence. This is truly transformative inner healing! Anything is now possible. (We have a new class starting next week if you'd like to join us.) This is my focus, my purpose and my passion.

Are YOU ready for this great alignment, this inner transformation? Of course you are!

Jane Smolnik Boyd has been a pioneer in the holistic and consciousness fields for over 30 years. She is a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Kinesiologist, Iridologist, Quantum and Intuitive Energy Healer, licensed Avatar Master, and the developer of the powerful Biofield Clearing Technique. For personal sessions with Dr. Jane please visit For online course go to: To learn more about Biofield Clearing or to learn how to do the technique, visit for more info. Feel free to contact us for more info or questions.

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