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WHY Turn OFF Your Wifi at Night?

Many people are passing the 'tipping point' of their tolerance to EMF signals. I have been studying this since the year 2000 when I found I had clients who had retired and moved into 'Smart' homes and their health declined rapidly! Now it is even worse than ever.

Many of us live in close proximity neighbors hoods, or even heavily populated cities. You may have noticed that you have access to 6,10, or MORE WiFi channels in your home on a daily basis. (I can even access my Wifi down at the pool area very nicely!)

Recently many of us had Smart Meters installed on our homes, apartments and condo's and our exposure to EMF radiation increased significantly!

Our EMF radiation has increased since the 60’s by 2.7 BILLION times more! They are aggressive, dense, information carrying waves that interfere with the human biology, yet invisible. About 20% of the population is already Electro-sensitive, and that number is increasing. The American Disabilities Act actually recognized it in 2002!

Smart Meters put out a very high pulse every 15 seconds, 24/7 to communicate with their towers, unlike the previous analog meters. Now our exposure is higher than ever! This is putting many people over the top as far as EMF tolerance levels, including myself! Our health can suffer significantly.

Some of the most common symptoms are:

~ Insomnia or difficulty sleeping

~ Frequent Headaches

~ Joint pain, muscle weakness

~ HBP /Cardiac issues, causing erratic heart rate

~ Tinnitis -ringing in the ears

~ Difficulty concentrating/memory issues

~ Increased oxidative stress, especially the brain! as well as the heart

~ Irritability /depression

~ Increased risk of cancers

My simple recommendation is to please consider turning OFF your WiF at night when you are not using it, just like you turn off your lights and TV. You can either plug your modem and router into a power strip and simply turn it OFF at night, and on again in the morning. Better yet, Get an electrical timer and set it to automatically go off when you go to bed, and on again in the morning. Then you can set it and forget it. It reduces your exposure by 33%. We will ALL benefit, including your pets!

The reason: Night time is when your body is in rest, recovery, and repair mode. You will sleep much better, even deeper, and it gives your body a break from it and allows it to recover from daily stressors. This will significantly reduce your daily WiFi exposure.

You should also consider turning it off when you go to work, just like you turn off your lights. and especially when you go away on vacation. It will also reduce your electric bill!

You can also install a Router Guard around your Wifi router at home to reduce exposure to your entire family. Smart Meters can also have a guard placed over them that still allows the signal to go out, but traps the harmful frequencies significantly!

There’s more you can do, but I would encourage you all to consider this one simple solution, and speak to your neighbors about it. There are pendants, bracelets, cell phone covers, and more protective devices available now as well.

If you would like more info, please feel free to contact Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND at: or call 828-777-JANE (5263). I am happy to send you my hand-out you can share with others. Thank you.

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1000’s of doctors and scientists are exposing the Biological problems!

Do some research.

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