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My New Mission for TRUE Healing!

This is a very important article! After working in the natural and holistic health field for over 30 years, I am shifting my focus to what I find is TRULY more beneficial, to help more people everywhere. Rather than doing a 'one on one' comprehensive health analysis, and recommending a variety of supplements to help rebalance the body and eliminate deficiencies as a starting point, I find it has become much more complex than that. We are living in very different times than just 30 years ago.

Even if you are taking handfuls of supplements in an attempt to help your body 'heal', there's one MAJOR problem, which is why it often does not work. I am tired of seeing people spend a ton of money, taking handfuls of things, and still not achieve the level of health they desire, and deserve. I am on a mission to change that!

Your blood is filled with toxins! It's from the barrage of poor quality food, GMO's, sugars, additives, pesticides and other chemicals, bad oils, and more. Even 'organic' foods are not truly free from chemicals now since we have things like barium and high levels of aluminum coming down in our air, contaminating our soil. Micro-plastics and many other chemicals, even pharmaceuticals, are lacing our water supply. And forget about all those cheap water bottles which absorb nasty chemicals from the manufacture of them.

Did you know that the US has almost 5% of this planets population, yet we consume 75% of all pharmaceuticals worldwide? Statistics show that our health getting worse every year, not improving. Chemical drugs DO NOT HEAL THE BODY. Actually, they can often make things worse. People are seriously anti-biotic resistant now. That is not good.

Even many of the supplements people take have toxins! Most people want to buy the cheapest ones, usually from Amazon, or cheap outlets. They may or may not be organic, but they can all contain toxins. They usually have fillers, binders, and other synthetic chemicals. You may not be able to change ALL the food you eat, or the water you drink, and even change all the body care products you use daily to all natural ingredients. The daily bombardment of toxins into your bloodstream makes all these supplements not very effective, and increases your risk of serious illnesses.

Couple all these toxins with high EMF exposure, and it is a dangerous combination! Our EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies from electronics, Wi-Fi, and more) is now 2.7 BILLION times more than it was in the 60's. Do you know how our human physiology responds to them? The cells harden, clump together, and cannot get nutrients IN and toxins OUT of the cells efficiently enough.

What if you could actually CLEAN the blood daily, using a very pure spray, under your tongue just once a day, which has the ability to neutralize toxins and debris, and open up the constricted blood vessels? All of your organs would improve. Your cells would relax and open up.

There is a technology out of Europe, which has always been WAY ahead of us, which is changing all of that. It has been used and researched for over 45 years by 3800 doctors, and is now finally available here in the US, at an affordable price. This brings me back to my 'herbalist' roots. Pure extracts, made in a very different fashion than we do here in the states, extracting the most beneficial particles of each plant for optimal benefit. The proof is in the blood.

What if you did not have to take hand fulls of supplements every day, and actually have everything improve? What if you could avoid the dreaded cancers, heart disease, and other debilitating illnesses? What if your immune system functioned better?

You are invited to join me, Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND, MH, and Lorraine Eldridge, Biofield Wellness Coach, on a FREE CONFERENCE CALL this coming Monday evening, July 27, at 7 pm EST. for a 30 minute overview to learn more.

Clean Your Blood And Improve Your Health! Call 425-436-6345, access code: 703 404#. Mark your calendars so you don't miss this!

Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND, Master Herbalist, has been working in the holistic health field for over 30 years. She resides in Asheville, NC and works with people from all over the country. You may visit her websites at: and also:, for more info

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