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How Can You Build Inner Mastery?

Inside, we are ALL Masters, Divine Beings of Light, Love, Wisdom, Power, and Joy. So why does our life seem to be a constant struggle with one thing after another getting in our way of creating the life we truly desire? Can we experience true happiness, love, joy, and abundance? We often take one step forward, and two steps back. Or sometimes we seem to be stuck on a plateau going nowhere particular - just same old, same old. Aren't we ALL supposed to be 'creators'? Well, we actually are!

We are constantly creating our lives every single second, either consciously, or unconsciously: deliberately, or by default. As humans, we all struggle to eliminate the unseen forces that we have brought in with our DNA. Humans have been though struggles, trauma's, challenges, wars, and so much more for thousands of years. These denser, limiting energies have been passed down through each generation to 'heal' and release all the things that pull us 'off center' of WHO we truly are and the power that exists inside of us. We all have our fears, doubts, insecurities, limiting beliefs, inherited influences, and more as we try to navigate through this dense 3D physical reality. But things are shifting rapidly now! People across the globe are awakening en masse! We are building our 'Light Bodies' as we release and let go of the old, denser energies that no longer serve us. What if you could learn to expand your awareness way beyond what we see, feel, and think about our life and our reality right now? What if you could see beyond what our physical sense of sight shows us? What if you could HEAR beyond what our ears are capable of? What if you could FEEL beyond our senses? What if you could get clarity, learn to focus your intention, be aware of what is pulling us 'off center' and diminishing our creative powers? We can be aware of SO much more than we realize. Every single one of us can learn how to go beyond what we know, feel, do, think and say on a regular basis. In fact, there is NO limit to what we can experience, create, and do in this life. You ARE powerful beyond measure. Did you know that every person born on this planet does not come in alone? We ALL have at least three Guides to help us along the way. But many of us are unaware of how to tap into this extraordinary, loving creative force. We have an UNLIMITED amount of Light and Wisdom we can tap into at any time. we can ALIGN ourselves with this magnificent, creative life force energy to increase our personal power and align with our true self, our inner Soul. We can utilize the power of LOVE and compassion to heal anything at all. I have had extensive training for 30 years now in many of these conscious building skills and techniques, that frankly changed my life! My life shot up like a rocket when I learned exactly how we operate behind the scenes, what keeps us from creating exactly what we desire, and how we can utilize more of our Innate Intelligence and non-physical senses. Did you know we actually have 53 other senses besides our 5 physical ones? I am teaching a powerful new training called 'Developing Inner Mastery', which is a 4 week Online class. This is more of a stream-lined version of an indepth 9 day course I used to teach, combining all the trainings I have personally used over the years. It will help you understand how we operate, how we can utilize MORE of our attention, focus, intention, and awareness of our alignment, or misalignments so we can easily correct them when they occur. We can learn how to bring in more divine energy and light to heal on much deeper levels. We can learn how to increase our intuitive senses and conscious sensitivity, our innate abilities we all have inside. Whether you have been on this spiritual awakening journey for many years, or are just starting does not matter. We all show up with our own level of awareness, and we can ALL expand further and further as there is NO LIMIT to what we can do, especially NOW! (I know I am constantly learning, actually RE-ALIGNING) It is truly an exciting time to be alive. Are you ready to make the most of it? Are you ready to fast track and expand your current abilities? If so, this training is truly going to be a gift to yourself. I will teach you powerful techniques to build your connections to your Higher Self, Innate Intelligence, your Guides, Masters, etc, expand your awareness even further, focus your attention, expand your intuitive abilities, and develop more Inner Mastery Skills. This is for EVERYONE who truly desires to grow, no matter what age, what level, or what is goin on in your life. We all have many things to release - all the old wounds, fears, doubts, insecurities. We are a 'work in progress' as the saying goes. WHAT are you creating in your life? Could your relationships be better? Could your Heart open more? Could you truly experience abundance at every moment? Is true inner joy something that has been elusive? I know it was for me. That seemed to be a constant struggle when I was 'searching for answers. Hint: it is NOT outside of you. So if you feel called, drawn, curious or excited about what the possibilities might be, I invite you to join me. This is coming up soon, and I have made it very reasonable to get started. The exercises are experiential, meaning it is not just 'talk'. You will learn new techniques you can use every day. You will also get the recording and PDF's for each lesson. Here's a link to find out more: NEW insights are coming in daily as I prepare for this. I do hope you can join me for this timely and powerful journey. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: 828-777-JANE (5263). Thank you. I truly wish each and every one of you has the Love, Joy, and Wisdom you deserve as we navigate these changing times. We are ALL truly becoming more 5D Light Bodies and shedding our denser bodies of our lower vibrating limitations, fears, trauma's, etc. As the Course in Miracles says, things can change in a 'holy instant'! It is the inner grace of connecting with our Divine Source. Blessings to ALL! Dr. Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Certified Intuitive Healer, licensed Avatar Master, and the developer of the BioField Clearing method. She resides in the beautiful mountains just outside of Asheville, NC with her husband Jack Boyd. She enjoys gardening, playing with their 9 grand children, and teaches online classes and courses for folks everywhere. Visit her websites at,, and for more info.

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