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Do You Need An Energetic Detox?

What if could release some old stuck patterns of trauma, anxiety, guilt, fear, pain, or feeling unworthy? What about some limiting beliefs that seem to run as an automatic default mode, like 'I'm just not good enough', 'I never feel supported', 'I never have enough', 'It's never easy for me,' or 'Making money is difficult'? How would your life change if they no longer existed in your subconscious energy field?

There are so many programs running behind the scenes that can stop us from reaching our goals, or having the life we want, and even keep us suffering from pain, depression, anxiety, or chronic ailments from completely healing. We all have them.

What do you think is behind an 'auto-immune' disease? They say the body is attacking itself, but have we commanded it to do so? What if we say things like 'I can never.....', or 'this always happens to me', or 'I am such an idiot sometimes'? Your cells are listening, and responding! It gets the signal that we should attack ourself.

Behind every single ailment, even cancers, is an emotional component that gets stuck in our organs, meridians, cells, glands, even our bones. It is actually stuck on our DNA, like clinging debris. This can be from our previous experiences in life, but also inherited at the time of conception, or even ancestral patterns that are handed down through our genetics because they have never been fully healed.

You can have some unresolved anger that is driving your cortisol levels up and creating chronic inflammation in your body. This can wreak havoc with your immune system, as well as your endocrine glands. You can have restrictions in your cardio circulation to the heart due to not being able to ALLOW your self to fully receive love and support easily. Holding onto old patterns of feeling wounded, hurt, or betrayed can follow you for a long time after the actual event has passed.

You could be processing so much unresolved grief, even from a previous life, that you are always trying to find some 'sweetness' in life, and the pancreas is overwhelmed with the task of neutralizing it.

Is it hard to sleep? Some things in our lives are not fully resolved yet, and we can spend our precious 'dreamtime' trying to process things. Chronic worry can result, which leads to higher cortisol levels and lack of sleep can impact our daily mental functions.

Do you have core fears that keep resurfacing, keeping you from doing amazing things? Do you have Inner challenges in life that also show up regularly to 'test you'?

Now is actually the best time to do some deep inner cleansing of all kinds of negative patterns and influences. We are being supported energetically to 'ascend' our level of thinking, of being, of feeling, and of living. None of these things actually have to stick around and impact your life anymore! We can actually easily identify and go down to the CORE of when and where something was originally created, and release it from the source.

This work is called the 'Ancient Healing Keys!'. As Practitioners, we use ancient Egyptian tools and about 18 charts to quickly identify what is trapped or stuck in our field. Then we can create a powerful magnetic vortex to remove it easily, safely and permanently.

What a breath of fresh air! We can enjoy more lightness, more joy, create our true inner purpose, live with intention, clarity, and gratitude. We can HEAL from so many so called 'uncurable' conditions. When we clear out the ENERGY field first, the body responds, often quite rapidly.

So if you think that doing a detox to reduce toxins, heavy metals, etc. is all you need to do, perhaps think much deeper. We can all have addictions as well as things that we use to block our own self-empowerment. I know I have had numerous challenges in my life and have needed to clear SO MANY things. But then my life shot up like a rocket! I was very clear on who I was, what I truly wanted to do, and how I was creating it. I was no longer stuck on that hamster wheel going round and round, feeling frustrated.

Of course, when that happens, I also know now how to identify and release the underlying patterns or conditions, or beliefs that are in the way.

I am offering an ONLINE training course on the 'Ancient Healing Keys' for any health practitioner, or health enthusiast who wants to master this skill to use on your self, or others. You can visit my new website at: for more details. The first course starts Oct. 1st, so get on board now if you want to learn how to 'master' this. (You will also give and receive at least 3 sessions from other students!)

Otherwise you can have a AHK session or two with me over the phone. Right now I am offering a $50 discount if you book it by October 1st. This is powerful work I am very excited to share with you. I have had lots of 'readings' over the years, like astrology, numerology, Akashic Records, psychic readings, etc. They all have been quite helpful in showing me things from previous lives, or my patterns, or challenges, but I didn't often know what to do about it. But now we can EASILY CLEAR THEM!!!

When we have finished clearing many items, we then will identify and replace them with empowering beliefs, and other virtues and positive energies that support you fully. My hope is for everyone to experience these extraordinary changes. Are YOU ready?

Jane Smolnik is a doctor of Natural Medicine, and Iridologist, and a certified Intuitive Healer with over 30 years experience in the holistic health field. She has a private practice in Asheville, NC and works with folks from all over via phone. You can reach her at her website at:, or for more info.

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