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The 5 Key Levels of True Healing

Have you been over stressed or suffering with one of those 'mystery illnesses'

that don't seem to improve no matter what you do?

Most people don't realize that illnesses such as Lyme, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Epstein-Barr, Adrenal Exhaustion, Thyroid Problems, Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, and others that we can't seem to recover from, the ones that seem to leave us always tired, actually have a mis-understood root cause.

What if you stick to your diet, yet you still have symptoms that persist like fatigue, headaches, joint pain, brain fog, sluggishness, inflammation, constipation and digestive disturbances, nervousness and anxiety, insomnia, skin eruptions, yeast, attention problems, and mood dysregulation? Sadly these are becoming more and more commonplace. Is it 'just stress' or 'hormonal'? Lets look deeper.

Our current lifestyles often leave us with high levels of stress, more toxins than ever, deficient food and nutritional intake, weaker immune systems, and often hidden heavy metals, micro-organisms, parasites and/or viral infections.

We also have emotional and mental stress, as well as deeper Soul issues that need to be addressed for us to truly feel healthy again.

ALL of this can be reversed to allow the body to regain homeostasis, a natural state of balance.

The human body is magnificently designed to do miraculous things and totally heal itself, given the proper conditions. You actually CAN recover!

Are you ready to move forward to a new and better stage in your life?

Are you ready to rebuild your energy, and find more joy in your life?

1. PHYSICAL BODY ~ First we start with a Comprehensive Health Evaluation so I can learn your history, diet and lifestyle, any medications, supplements, diagnosis's, emotional or physical trauma's, etc. I will then tailor a natural program to meet your specific needs. Taking care of any nutrients deficiencies, balancing the hormones, releasing accumulated toxins, reducing the stress damage in our cells, improving digestion, and increasing energy are all an essential foundation for good health.

2. EMOTIONAL BODY ~ We can also work on identifying and eliminating emotional blocks and trapped emotions. You can release inherited emotions and patterns, releasing traumas stored as cellular memories and pain. Release your 'Heart-walls' that block your ability to give and RECEIVE love and abundance fully. Emotional pain can be so disruptive and damaging to our health.

ALLOW your 'Heart and Soul' to guide you to true healing, and more joyful life!

3. MENTAL BODY ~ Are your beliefs, thoughts and perceptions of life holding you back, or keeping you from healing? Your beliefs DO affect your biology!

What is your STORY? What do you believe? What do you tell yourself and others?

We ALL have limiting beliefs, and most of them are buried in our sub-conscious and work as the 'default' mode in our lives. This is a VERY important part of our well-being! ​ See the world through new eyes and magically notice that EVERYTHING changes! It's always up to you. I am well trained to help you see and shift what no longer serves you. Then watch your life change, almost instantly!

4. ENERGY/VIBRATIONAL BODY ~ Did you know that we are all made out of energy? A healthy human body vibrates between 62-68 Mega Hertz. Negative emotions like anger, fear, shame, guilt, etc. bring our energy down. Toxins and a poor diet of processed, artificial, or sugary foods also bring the vibration down, as well as the body pH, making us more vulnerable to disease, even cancers.

Raising your energy vibration can bring relief and healing very quickly.

Consider how the vibration of Love, joy, peace, laughter, connection, and other positive emotions and thoughts make us feel. This can also be done by hands-on energy healing to release blocks, as well as using frequencies with Light therapy, even tuning forks, to quickly restore a healthy balance.

5. SPIRITUAL BODY ~ We don't often think about 'spiritual health', or a 'Happy Soul' but it is where everything starts and ends. It's about finding meaning and purpose in your life. We all have past trauma's, wounds, inherited patterns, and even some unresolved past life challenges that linger for us to pay attention to so we can heal and release them.

All beings naturally strive for growth and expansion of awareness.

This creates a high level of personal wellness!​ This work is sacred, compassionate and loving, yet very real. It is accessing your own Soul's records to find out what it needs for continued healing and growth. In these powerful healing sessions, we will connect with your Guides, Teachers, Loved Ones, and Masters and ask the deep questions you have, or what is needed for true, lasting healing. Often profound insights and amazing shifts occur.

Go Ahead and Make A REAL Difference in Your Life!

If you are ready to commit to yourself, to commit to really healing, and growing, and living your life to the fullest, then I am ready to work with YOU! I am committed to helping you determine precisely what is needed to improve your level of health, vitality, joy, and happiness...naturally. We can take things one step at a time, but do understand that each step can be essential for complete healing. We are going through a powerful time of transformation and healing right now. Are You Ready?

Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Holistic Iridologist, and Certified Intuitive Spiritual Healer with a practice in Asheville, NC. She also works with people by phone or online web meetings. Please visit her website for more info at: or call 828-777-5263.

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