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Advancements in Bio-Energetic Healing

We ALL have blocks, limitations, stuck energy, and parts of us that just don't 'flow' or work well. Is there PAIN anywhere? Inflammation? Old Trauma's? Cellular memories? Blocks? Of course.

We use Bio-Energetic Healing techniques to calm the mind, improve periphery energy, energize and stimulate stagnant areas, such as the liver, spleen, colon, or stimulate the endocrine glands. We can help draw out toxins and stuck patterns, rebalance the body, and even ground.

It may be done to clear the sinus, ear, nose and throat area, open blocks in the heart, get energy flowing up and down the spine, bio-energy drive techniques send energy to specific organs, diagonal and transverse energy flows freely, or even get a full body energy boost! What ever is needed, you walk away feeling refreshed, open, energized, and more effective.

We all want to be healthy, pain free and stress free. The first signs of an illness may be pain, tiredness, anxiety, irritability or a feeling that “something is just not right.” These first signs are the “warning lights” flashing to tell us that we need to look at some aspect of our life and act immediately before it escalates or develops into a more serious health concern.

It is believed that all illness has its origins in the body’s energy field. Research into the human energy field would suggest that this energy field in and around our body keeps us healthy and revitalized, allowing our life-force energy to flow uninterrupted. Blockages or imbalances on any level of our energy field can interrupt this flow of life-force energy, and may ultimately lead to illness.

Every pain, health condition, emotion, and difficulty in your life is a reflection of underlying imbalances that need to be healed. These are stored in your DNA and in your cells and organs as cellular memories. There may be many reasons why “blockages” or “imbalances” occur in our energy field. They may be the result of suppressed emotional issues, accidents, injuries or traumas, we may have experienced during our life dating as far back as childhood or even pre-birth or previous lives.

Advanced Bio-Energetic Healing can be Invaluable!

Sometimes a health condition becomes initiated as a small localized disturbance. If this can be detected at an early stage, it may prevent a more serious health condition from manifesting later on. As long as all systems and organs are working in harmony, in unison, the body is at its optimal functioning level.

By sending this flow of energy through an area of the body that is affected by sickness, disease, trauma, or injury, it may help to raise healthy levels of physiological activity in that area of the body. This may in turn allow the body’s own natural healing process to take place. We may energize, stimulate, draw out, or rebalance different areas.

We do not claim to cure, treat or heal any sickness, illness, disease or pain, either physical or emotional. When working with energy healing therapy we will be applying learned techniques and applications for working on all levels of a person’s energy field. I will be applying some of these techniques and applications to the organs, muscles, glands, joints, bones, tissue and cells in the person’s physical body. ​​​​​​​​​

Dr. Jane has created a unique and powerful healing system from her many years of experience and extensive training in Intuitive Energy Diagnosis, Advanced Energy Healing, Kinesiology, Magnified Healing Techniques, DNA Clearing and Activation, Quantum Touch, Bio-Energy Healing, Tuning Forks, Vibrational Healing, Akashic Readings, and more to guide each individual into a deeply healing and transformative session with lasting results.

Jane will then do an 'Intuitive Energy Scan' to determine what is needed to proceed. Her passion is working directly with the DNA to remove old, troubling or unhealthy patterns, and heal and activate the strands.

We may work directly on:

  • removing energy blocks, cellular memories, limitations, old patterns, trauma, and toxins from the body and energy field.

  • clearing, activating and healing the DNA on a cellular level.

  • inherited disease patterns and conditions may also be cleared

  • reactivating your Youth and Vitality chromosomes, and others.

  • we'll stream powerful healing energy to strengthen specific organs, body systems, endocrine glands, and meridians.

  • balancing your chakra's and strengthening your energy field.

Solfeggio Tuning Forks - Ancient Healing Frequencies

Jane may also use specific frequencies for healing, such as 528 - a Solfeggio tone for love, transformation, miracles and DNA repair! The entire set of Solfeggio Tuning forks, as well as Body Tuners, may be used to balance your nervous system, improve energy flow and promote spiritual awareness for an amazing holistic healing process.

With entrainment in physics the stronger force has the more dominant effect on the weaker force. In a similar manner it is feasible to imagine the electromagnetic energy flow in the practitioner’s hands having the effect of influencing the client’s electromagnetic energy field by ‘entrainment’. The basis of energy healing is to try and create the right environment in the person’s body to help activate the body’s own natural healing process, and in turn help to create a state of homeostasis in the person’s body.

This will create permanent, lasting results and can release things

from many generations or lifetimes back.

We recommend a series of several sessions over the next few weeks, which can be very beneficial to continue the clearing and healing process and get to the deepest layers or root core of persistent long-term chronic problems. Once they are removed, your vibrational system will return to it's normal, balanced, healthy vibrant state!

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please visit Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Master Herbalist, and Certified Intuitive Healer. She is located in Asheville, NC, has a practice at the WNC Holistic Center, and also works with people by phone or online ZOOM conferencing. You may reach her at 828-777-5263.

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