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Do You Have Parasites?

Most people don't realize it but we are ALL exposed to parasites daily! You can't even put your hand on a public door knob without being exposed. We are a very mobile society now. They are not limited to third world countries. You see, most of them are microscopic with a much smaller percentage being big enough to see, like round worms, tape worms, pin worms, etc. Those are usually in the digestive tract. There are actually HUNDREDS of kind of parasites and micro-organisms, and they are related to ALL diseases, even cancer.

Do you have aches and pains, allergies, skin outbreaks, itchy rash or anus, fatigue or exhaustion? How about digestive problems like leaky gut, loose stools or diarrhea, gas and bloating, or changes in appearance or frequency of bowel movements? They can cause grinding of the teeth, sudden weight loss or weight gain, long standing obesity, excessive hunger or loss of appetite. Deficiencies usually create further problems.

Do you have food allergies or intolerances? They are usually created when we get microscopic parasites from certain foods (even organic food). When we eat these foods, they get more active, eat more, and excrete more toxins, which is what our bodies are reacting to. Our foods and environment have more toxins in them now, more than ever!

You can also experience mood and anxiety problems, irritability, unclear thinking, sleep disturbances, restlessness, or restless leg!

We are meant to live in balance and harmony with all of nature. But when we have accumulated toxins and our immune system is low or over-stressed, they can over-populate and cause all kinds of health problems! They are designed to live off their host. They may weaken them and create fatigue and deficiencies, but they won't kill them.

Fibromyalgia patients usually have hookworm larva in their muscles creating the painful 'trigger points'. People with arthritis usually have microscopic parasites eating away at the lining of their bones. MS and Parkinson's can have them on the lining of the myelin sheath of the nerves creating damage. Diabetics can have pancreatic flukes, and cancer patients can have liver flukes. Both can look like little white rice.

Chronic Fatigue, Epstein Barr, Lyme, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Mono, etc. can have microscopic spirochetes, which are tiny spiral-like organisms which love to bore into the thyroid, liver and spleen. The list goes on.

According to Dr. Hulda Clark, in her book 'The Cure for All Disease', she claims that in her research when someone has a disease, she tests for what toxins are present, and what parasites. Once the toxins and parasites are effectively removed, the body can heal and rebalance itself. Allergies and reactions can resolve themselves.

So what can we do? Did you know that Native Americans routinely did a parasite cleanse every Spring and Fall? Ask most elderly people and many will tell you when they were kids their mother gave them a parasite cleanse every fall. I thought I knew quite a bit about it, even made an excellent herbal parasite formula back in the 90's from my medicinal herb company and herb farm. I thought a 2 week cleanse was plenty. Boy was I wrong!

When I learned about it, I was told 90 days was necessary for a thorough cleanse. So I embarked on this protocol to cleanse toxins and parasites, as well as nourish myself with liquid vitamins. After 30 days I thought I had cleansed more than ever and wanted to stop. I was encouraged to go on. After 6 weeks of this incredible cleanse, I had a friend who did Live Blood Cell Analysis and we did a trade. I still had microscopic parasites in my blood, bowel toxicity, bowel parasites, etc. I was furious. I was a vegetarian, ate healthy, did cleanses, herbal remedies, etc. So I continued for the 90 days, vowing to get rechecked at that time.

It was between 60-90 days that I had to most incredible relief from many symptoms! My fibromyalgia muscle and joint aches went away, but food intolerance to dairy disappeared, my eye sight improved, my annual chronic sinus infections stopped completely! When tested again after 90 days, my blood was completely clear!!

Having been trained in Kinesiology has been an effective, inexpensive tool. We can muscle test the acupuncture points to determine what is going on, as well as what the body will respond best too. Using Iridology, acutally Sclerology (analysis of the whites), is where I can also see if there are micro-organisms, yeast, fungus, mold, toxins, and heavy metals present. It is not worth getting numerous expensive blood tests to determine what type you have. You can take 6 different types of tests and have them all come out negative, yet still have a parasitic infection if they didn't test for the right one. Better to do a thorough cleanse regularly!

But there is a right and a wrong way to do a cleanse! You don't want to throw yourself into a 'healing crisis' or Herxheimer reaction from the detox. The body needs to be sufficiently prepared before you embark on a detox, making sure your nutrient uptake and assimilation is good, lymph and colon are flowing effectively, hydration is good, and you are not deficient in nutrients. From years of experience I always advise using good, natural liquid vitamins daily while you are cleansing, as well as ongoing.

There is also a 'cycling' routine when doing a good parasite cleanse. I suggest 3 weeks on, then 5-7 days off, then repeat this from 3 full months. There's a specific time of day to take them as well. Occasionally I have had some clients who are totally loaded with toxins and parasites, weakened and debilitated, and we have to go slower and it can take much longer.

You don't want to stop when you are 60% clear, or even 80% clear and have them just repopulate all over again! Get to 100% clear, it's worth it!

I strongly suggest a multi-purpose formula which not only eliminates parasites, but also yeast and fungus, mold, viral infection pockets, bacteria, and more. Cleansing the colon, liver and organs can also be a bit of an 'art' to do it properly to flush toxins and heavy metals safely. Please work with a trained practitioner, like a Naturopathic Doctor, when embarking on such a through cleanse. It can save you a lot of grief, time, and money and may even change your health for GOOD!

Feel free to contact me to schedule an appointment, whether by phone or in the office, if you would like support changing your health in this way.

ALL healing is the bodies way of eliminating any negative influence on it. It has memory and is designed to go back to homeostasis - perfect balance!

Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, and Kinesiologist with 30 years experience in the natural health field. You can find out more on her website at: or call 828-777-5263 for more info.

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