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Change Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life!

I talk to so many people who are stuck in old patterns such as struggling with their health, or too much stress, frustrations in relationships, or not having their life work out the way they want it to. What is getting in the way, or keeping us stuck?

Often, it is old transparent beliefs and perceptions that project themselves onto our REALITY, our life! We usually don't even SEE them. But if you listen to yourself, or others, you can hear the underlying beliefs come through, often limiting, sometimes negative. They come from the thoughts, emotions, experiences, trauma's, reactions, and resistances we had when we were young and still emotionally immature. We DECIDED that that's the way life is!

Now as a mature adult, those limiting beliefs are our 'default' pattern, like filters, which color our reality creating our experiences. If we believe life is a struggle, I'm too shy, people don't like me, it's hard to make money, I'm not that strong, or that smart, or whatever it is, these beliefs can be exactly what is holding us back.

What do you believe about... your health? Your body? Your abilities? Relationships? Money? Society? You may want to contemplate this a little, and write down the first thoughts that come to your mind for each question. You may see some that are positive beliefs, and some that are negative. The negative beliefs were often created when we were young and just learning about life. We are often taught, or indoctrinated, that 'this is the way life is!'. Sometimes it is a result of certain experiences we went through. As a child with a limited perception, we often come to a conclusion as part of the learning process. But is it absolutely true???

What if as a child you had the belief that you are cute and cuddly and you can always get your way if you keep working it. Now, you might be persuing a professional career as a lawyer, or doctor, or athlete and somehow things seem to get in your way. People might not be taking you seriously, or respect you, or you blow up and get frustrated when things don't go your way! You don't even see that it's your own belief filters that hinder you.

What if you believe that you are weak, and when you are sick you need strong medicine to get well. As an adult you might create scenerios where you are on stronger and stronger medications, but you are still sickly or weak.

How about those deeper beliefs that we ALL struggle with, like believing we are not loved or valued, not good enough, money is hard to come by, life isn't easy, in fact it's painful! How can we change these old beliefs?

Even when we try to create positive affirmations over and over, or take trainings and classes to learn differently, they still show up! As we take the time to explore and discover what OUR subconscious beliefs are, we can bring them to the surface, up into our conscious awareness. We can LOOK at them. This is when we have power to change things. We cannot when we can't even SEE them!

When you can clearly observe a belief, recognize and own it, you can also decide that it no longer works for you and dis-create it. It's like bursting a bubble! But some beliefs have LAYERS built up around them, like layers of an onion. These can be built up over time from experiences that prove our limiting belief is true and even adds to it. These are the most challenging because you really have to get to the CORE belief in order to work with it and dissolve it.

But to understand that YOU have complete control of your health, your beliefs, your power, your immune system, is to really discover your true potential! You can eat the best foods, exercise like crazy, do the right things, but these beliefs will still show up...until you address them. It's our 'inner work' that heals us.

If you would like a coach, a guide, to help you work through these things and make significant change in your life, please visit my website for more info and contact me to talk about it. I offer a free phone consultation to discuss which program is best for you. I also offer FREE conference calls every other Tuesday night for deep discussions and interaction. Come join us!

Dr. Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, and Transformational Health Coach. Find out more and contact her on her websites at or, or call 828-777-5263.

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