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8 Ways to Overcome Yourself

We are our own worst enemies, aren’t we? With just a flash of self-doubt, self-indulgence, self-aggrandizing, we can completely derail our best-laid plans. If you’re struggling against yourself in health, relationships, or business – you’re not alone. We all strive against our weaknesses and worst tendencies.

So how can you overcome yourself to succeed? There are many practices you can employ that play to your advantages, minimize your weaknesses, and dodge all the toxic personal tendencies that stand in your own way. Read on to find 8 ways to improve and overcome yourself.

Live Life Unlimited!

Know Thyself

It’s rule number one. Taking some time to dig into who you really are can be enlightening. Consider taking some personality tests (Myers-Briggs, Color, Emotional Intelligence) to uncover core values and tendencies.

Strength Training

We don’t mean in the gym, but maybe that could be part of it. We mean it’s time to make a list of all the things you’re really good at, and then see how you can do more of them. Once you’ve identified the aspects of you, that make you strong, focus on developing those aspects and anchor them. When you’re feeling discouraged go back to those anchors to keep yourself motivated.

Weak Links

Now that you know strengths, get brutally honest about your weaknesses. What do you hate doing? What are you bad at? What do you avoid? Where do you receive the most criticisms? Now brainstorm ways to minimize these weaknesses in your process. The first steps of converting a weakness into a strength is to recognize them.

Remove Roadblocks

Do you always binge on ice cream late at night? Throw out all your ice cream and refuse to buy more. Are you terrible at reading and replying to emails? Assign email work to someone else. Find ways to just remove your personal setbacks completely.

Find a Mentor

Alcoholics Anonymous and other similar programs work so well is through the use of a Sponsor. Checking in with someone periodically can help you avoid your own weaknesses or tunnel vision to make better overall decisions. Enlist the help of a mentor who is knowledgeable and honest to help you step beyond your personal limitations.


Write a list of affirmations that motivate and realign you with your values. If you have a tendency to procrastinate you might repeat an affirmation of “I am well-prepared in advance for all challenges.” Repeat daily, or multiple times a day for best results.

Address Mistakes

We’ve talked before about facing failure, and it’s a big part of overcoming yourself. Denying mistakes practically ensures that they will be made again. Instead, own mistakes and learn from consequences and you will overcome your weaknesses and setbacks.

Set a Goal

Decide what you really want to achieve, and make it believable. Then list some things you need to do to achieve that, step by step, little by little, knowing you are always moving forward and making improvements!

You are stronger than your weaknesses, and you can find success despite any personal circumstances. Why not live life unlimited??? So go for it!

Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, and a Holistic Wellness and Vitality Specialist located in Asheville, NC. For more info, please go to:, or call 828-777-5263.

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