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Do You Believe in Angel Medicine?

While I am a big believer in the power of bio-chemistry, like good nutrition, herbs, vitamins, minerals and such to strengthen our bodies and provide what we need to repair, strengthen and heal, we often overlook the 'spiritual' components that can heal us. We have both physical DNA and spiritual DNA that directly impact our health.

Other factors can affect our health, like environmental factors, lifestyle choices, and genetics, but our thoughts, words, feelings, beliefs, and evolution also have a major impact as well. Most medical professions will only tend to address our physical anatomy, completely dismissing our energetic design and the spiritual nature of our Soul.


Within our spiritual DNA we store all of our previous experiences, memories, trauma's, lessons we have learned, our karmic patterns, and what we still need to overcome, correct, and address within our Soul.

Our spiritual DNA directly influences our physical body by providing subtle energetic patterns that are written into our brain, nervous system, and etheric design. They govern our health as well as our life theme, which includes our Soul's intention for this lifetime.

Our bodies state of heath and well-being directly contends with both our physical and spiritual stages of evolution (our blood lines and soul lines).

Angel medicine and special energetic techniques are designed to help bring balance back to an out-of-sync, over taxed, and over-stressed, spiritually depleted and energetically stressed bodily rhythm.

Our bodies subtle anatomy is profoundly and divinely intelligent!

Health issues can easily be restored and healing miracles can and do happen with regard to overcoming genetic challenges, illness, disease, imbalances and disorders.

We have an etheric energy body which is our divine patterning that is held in place and directly influences the health and vitality of our body. Our physical body would not exist without this etheric patterning in place because it serves as the energetic matrix for our cellular growth, from which our body's tissues, organs and systems are shaped. The physical body is the end result of this etheric energy system, not the other way around. Our energy body can be the crux of long-term ailments and illnesses that don't seem to resolve.

Our seven main energy centers (known as chakra's) are firmly imbedded within our etheric body and create the foundation of our energy system. They have a direct influence on the major endocrine glands and our nervous system, helping to regulate and distribute valuable life force energy to all of it's organs and body systems.

Our energy centers are also involved with processing our emotional, psychological, and spiritual states of health. All of our memories and experiences are energetically encoded to their specific energy centers and become part of our spiritual and energetic anatomy according to their nature. This is what constitutes our overall level of consciousness and spiritual evolution.

Could you heal faster if your energy centers are opened, aligned, activated, and balanced? Absolutely. No matter how many great nutrients and supplements you intake, when the meridians and energy centers are restricted, blocked or closed down, the energy is not flowing optimally. Feelings of fatigue, depletion, depression and/or frustration can become chronic.

What happens when we call on Divine influences, such as Angelic help, to assist this process? The powerful Archangels can and do help add divine light and healing to the seven major energy centers when asked. They mainly work with frequencies, color, energy and intention. They can balance both hemispheres of the brain, calm your nervous system, empower your cells, balance hormones and neurotransmitters, increase your immune system, release cellular toxins, increase your overall vitality, and repair any physical health issues, illnesses and disease.

We can also work directly with the DNA to heal old patterns and activate many dormant capacities. Streaming healing light into the tissues, glands, organs, chakra's and energy field can have a profound influence on your healing process.

When asked for specific assistance, our guides and angels know exactly what is needed to facilitate our healing process. They work directly with our etheric, energetic system and can speed up the process we have been diligently working on. They are expert healers and provide us with insightful information to assist our evolution and light our way!

If you've been struggling with some issues that don't seem to resolve or go away, perhaps it's time to give Angel Medicine and energy healing a chance for some powerful healing work!

Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, and Certified Intuitive Energy Healer with a private practice in Asheville, NC. Please visit her website for more info at:

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