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Your Path to Major Transformation!

Humanity is undergoing a major evolutionary transformation and shift in consciousness. People all over the globe are feeling it and awaking up to seeing a much bigger picture and expanded awareness than ever before. This is awakening our Innate Intelligence and expanding our creative abilities like never before. Yet many of us still feel stressed, limited, depressed, or alone, and uncertain of what we can do.

This is a personal journey for each of us as. Our limited perceptions have been filtered by old fears, trauma's, limitations, pain, abuse, inherited and ancestral influences, and more. This innately impacts how we experience our reality and even our ability to create a healthy body, successful career, fulfilling relationships, and inner empowerment and joy.

We can all have chronic patterns, self-doubt, triggers and programs of negative reactions inside of us. Yet most of these hidden influences are subconscious or unconscious. We keep hitting against the same limitations and struggles until we become conscious of them and can clear them from our biofield and even our DNA. This is why we see so much fear, anger or frustration, separateness, and struggles in our lives. We can no longer maintain these darker, lower vibrating energies.

For instance, we can have lack of self-respect, feel criticism and judgments of our body, we can have ancestral miasms (which are toxic patterns), we might have inherited a 'poverty mind-set', insecurities and self-doubt, cords attached to our heart center, old trauma's and wounds from betrayal, abuse and submission, blockages, and the list goes on and on....

If they are not identified and cleared, they keep returning like a perennial persistent weed!

What can you do about it? Once we identify and clear, or neutralize, these influencing factors, our energy increases, our Light shines brighter, our vibration improves, and so does our health, our happiness and our success in life! We are here to transcend duality, recognize our oneness, and aligning with our Divine Source. We can activate more harmony, understanding, peace and compassion for all! Things become simpler with less and less struggle. This is what the powerful BioField Clearing program can help us with.

What if you could easily identify the limitations and blocks you carry in your energy field? I am always shocked and amazed at how unique every person's journey is, and how deeply rooted in is in our human ancestry. This is a sacred process that goes deep into your biofield to pull up into our conscious awareness what has been trapping us and keeping us from healing and being highly effective in life. A skilled BioField Clearing Practitioner utilizes 18 charts to quickly see what these lower vibrating influences are. We can determine when they got stuck such as what age, if it was inherited from our family line, or ancestral pattern, even an unresolved past life issue. It is such an eye-opening process!

Once identified, we then use some ancient Egyptian Healing Pendulums to create a powerful magnetic vortex in the energy field to clear and neutralize each item. This can be done long distance very easily. Once a number of things have been cleared, we then use another 6 charts to determine the positive healing influences that would be helpful for you. Such as any empowering beliefs that would be beneficial for you to now adopt, what virtues you are here to master, and what specifically you need to master for your infinite-beingness! Your Guides and Higher Self are working with us (with your permission) to determine what your specific Inner Healing Key is.

There is no limit to what we can experience! You ARE a Divine unlimited Being. As we clear these negative influences, we become lighter, happier, more effective. Isn't it time you do some deeper work to truly heal? It can release chronic pains, problems, unprocessed emotions, karmic ties, and more. What if you were to discover that your are really here to master the virtue of deep TRUST, or true forgiveness, or self-love, or empathy? Connecting more with your Guides, your Higher Self, and your Divine Source is an essential part of this transformation!

For the month of December we are offering a gift of $50 OFF a BioField Clearing Session! This is done by phone, or online Zoom meeting (your choice). We are also getting ready to start our next 8 week online training Master Class program to learn how to do technique for yourself, family, and even become certified as a BioField Clearing Practitioner! Next course starts Jan. 5th from 7-9 pm EST. Visit our website for more info or to schedule a powerful, insightful transformative session for your self!

Dr. Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Certified Intuitive Healer, Kinesiologist and developer of the BioField Clearing course. She has been working in the holistic field for well over 30 years. Please visit her website at:, or for more info. You may reach her at: 828-777-JANE (5263). Thank you!

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