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Your Beliefs Can Become Calcified!

Do you have blocks or clusters of beliefs and limitations that get in the way of your intuition, and your happiness? Your subconscious mind remembers EVERYTHING! It literally runs the show - it's your 'default' pattern, filtering your view and experience of life.

You can clean up old traumas and patterns that no longer serve you. Your subconscious knows what’s really wrong. No matter what you suffer from: fears, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, asthma, headaches, chronic pain, imbalances, digestive issues, eating disorders, etc. the subconscious mind reveals the emotional baggage, the bad habits, limitations, etc. in every disease process or challenge. Sometimes it is the ONLY underlying cause!

Cancer, or any disease, is just a symptom – not the problem, of something higher bringing your vibration down. Our bodies are an energy field. We are made of energy and every emotion has a certain vibration to it. Many will get trapped and lower your vibration which contributes to disease and chaos in your life.

The first step is to find out where you are stuck. Find the blockages or where you are stuck in your life. Thoughts are translated into chemistry. If you dwell on negativity, that gets stuck too and attracts more of the same. It’s important to clear your energy field!

Since our subconscious mind holds 90% of what’s really going on, we often don’t really know, see or understand what the underlying issue is, or where it came from. Can you be mindful of your thoughts? Release fear as it can show up as many lower emotions, like grief, dread, anger, shame, guilt, resentment, etc.

Our assumptions are also limiting us. We often don’t see the BIG picture, only focusing on the immediate challenge. We get reality confirming experiences based on our beliefs, which often solidify them. Now we have proof!

Emotions that are shattering or shocking can easily get trapped and end up reoccurring to get our attention. Even events that are shocking to our ancestors can get stuck if not healed in that lifetime. It will be passed down in our DNA for us to pay attention to and heal. So often many of our challenges come from ancestral or inherited patterns. They also need to be addressed and cleared.

Distractions, anxiety, and depression are more about who I am. How am I deficient, not enough, or not empowered? Many of us hold a belief of being unworthy. We inherit things like this, we certainly don’t create it intentionally.

Being greedy or self-centered is when our ego is out of control. Bullying or aggressive behavior is from deep suffering. Our natural state is ease, peace, love, purity, pure awareness, and compassion. We need a reset! Relaxing into your true self is essential.

The more we wake up spiritually, the more we realize that we are all connected. What’s good for me must be what’s good for all. This is required for peace and happiness. Honor your Spirit!

Come to know yourself more deeply, your amazing True Self! Get behind all the baggage. Start with Spirit and work down as it influences your heart and mind. It makes our decisions. We often feel worthless unless we are busy doing something.

The decision is under the influence of social structure and patterns. We can get separated from who we truly are as a Divine Being, our unlimited nature. We think joy is from external means, but it is really a state of mind when we are aware of and connected to our Divine Source! When we see the Divine in others, or in nature, it brings us joy.

When we are in our left brain, analytical mind, our intention gets clouded, and we can go into fear and perceived limitations. Fear is anything that clouds LOVE – it is the opposite. It can also get held in our DNA. When you notice subtle signals, ask yourself ‘WHY am I feeling this way?’ If it is a lie, you will feel a contraction. Pay attention to what’s really going on. Old triggers that get trapped will keep reappearing until they get resolved. This is what happens when people notice things that ‘push their buttons!’

We must evolve and address our issues that limit our capacity to trust that it’s safe enough. Who does that distrust belong to? Yours? Your ancestors? Something that happened in your culture can get trapped in the collective field. One example is the ‘pain body’ of females who have been abused or suppressed. Another may be the ‘pain body’ of slavery – the many forms of it. Even the pain of experiencing gut-wrenching traumas.

How do we step in our empowerment and accept our responsibility? One way is we can ask Spirit or Source and receive guidance and wisdom. To move out of fear we need to go into our ‘heart space’, holding the feelings of love and compassion for ourselves.

Yet still we may not uncover the underlying issue that is deeply trapped in our subconscious. This is where we can work with the ‘Biofield Clearing’ technique by invoking and asking your Guides, Angels, or Ancestors to show us what really needs to be cleared on deeper levels. We all have many, many items of old baggage to clear out!

The result is synchronicity, serendipity, and hunches increase! Your ability to manifest what you desire increases easily. Release the ‘ego chatter’ to know intuitively what you need to know. Universal wisdom and teachings reveal the cosmology of a science of love – wholeness, consciousness, remembering our connection to All That Is!

It’s a relaxing of the ‘you’ that thinks we need to push harder, to try, to do, to make things happen – NOW! If you’re filled with love, vitality, and joy, you are not in fear. Bring loving awareness into your life as a natural fluidity. Use gratitude, which is a very high frequency, as well as appreciation and praise. Your immune system will also thrive! (Think of how much fear disables your immune system)

Feel into your body and feel grounded. Go outside with bare feet on the ground and drink up some sunshine! When you become grounded you switch on more awareness of the body. You get a perspective to be more present, wiser, patient, and enjoy life more! Feeling lighter is truly a wonderful result. Feeling more aligned with your True Nature, your unlimited Divine Self, is the best outcome we can all achieve in this life. Enjoy life to the fullest!


Dr. Jane Smolnik is a Holistic Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Kinesiologist, and certified Intuitive and Spiritual Healer. She is the founder and trainer for the Biofield Clearing technique, assisting others to easily identify and release our old issues and realign with our Highest and True Self. For more info, or to book an appointment, please visit her website at, For info on the training course, visit

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