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Why Your Spiritual Health Matters!

As we are going through a major transformation and evolutionary process here on planet Earth, this can be a very sweet time, yet challenging as well. Your physical body may be struggling to absorb an onslaught of cosmic energies and higher frequencies. Do you realize what is going on? We are being forced out of our comfortable routines and patterns. Our sun is a depository of information as well as light. It sends the information out as ‘Light Codes’, which is shifting the frequency of our planet.

These newer, higher vibrating frequencies are something most of us have never experienced before. We can be feeling unusual flulike illnesses, fatigue, muscle and joint pains, dizziness, newly acquired allergic reactions, and most of all, challenges with sleep. Why? What is happening?

As the vibrations are increasing, our vibrations must as well. Even the Schumann Resonance, the frequency of the Earth, has been spiking to ultra-high levels like we have never seen before. This affects all life, including all mammals, and does impact our brains as they are tuned to the slow, gentle wave of our planetary frequencies. But these higher vibrating frequencies are ushering a new age for humanity, an evolutionary SHIFT.

As we adjust to the higher vibes, all our lower vibrating patterns are coming to the surface to be acknowledged and healed. We contain many thousands of bits of information in our DNA, from our past, our families, and even our ancestors. These codes that trigger challenges in our lives, may show up as pain, trauma, stress, shame, guilt, suffering, etc. They are coming to the forefront for us to pay attention and heal once and for all.

Our medical system has been effective at stopping any symptom, such as pain, with a synthetic substance, but does not actually heal anything. Of course, the body heals itself, but the mind, or consciousness, must be involved. We hold such tremendous power to heal ourselves, but that has been a guarded secret, and mostly undisclosed. The placebo effect holds very real power as it incorporates our belief system.

What is currently coming to the forefront and essential, is our commitment to spiritually evolve. This is not only physically transformative but affects our DNA as well. Your body is attempting to bring up and release the lower vibrating, lower-plane manifestations that have kept us struggling. THIS is a major part of our evolution for ALL humanity. It is essential that we not only pay attention to our physical and emotional health, but it is vital that we truly commit to understanding and increasing our spiritual health.

Healing the old wounds that our society has suffered is of great importance, so it does not get repeated, or passed on to future generations. They will no longer be needed. As spiritual practices become a substantial part of our lives, we must dive deeply, to go WITHIN. I am not referring to organized religions as the way to go. These are outside influences that usually limit us with their beliefs and doctrines.

I am talking about our inner intelligence, living from our Hearts and Soul, instead of the practice we have been taught of living in our heads, paying homage to our beliefs, thoughts, fears, narratives, etc. The ego, or monkey mind, would have us doubt ourselves, not stray from the ‘norm’ of controlled society, and not go against the grain. We use judgments, labels, and opinions to create the illusion of separation. So, we struggle, and so does our health, as well as our happiness.

Yet that restrictive veil is lifting and dissipating. Your brilliant auras are receiving golden beams of highly energized light, with radiant arcs of multi-hued rainbows, with colors our eyes may never have been able to see before. Your ability to stay comfortably centered and balanced is enhanced by opening to knowledge about who we truly are, and what we are made of, and our unlimited potential we all have. This is about our commitment to understand much more deeply, our spiritual nature!

This is so essential in this time where technology, and even AI is taking hold of our attention. We have become unbalanced with nature, including ourselves. The more you align with your True and Highest Self, the more of your innate power is accessible to you, and the more your lives improve in every way. But how do we clean up the decades and eons of struggle, survival issues, rampant abuse, and numerous stressors and traumas? All these things are held in our DNA and easily get triggered. That is a sign that you need to pay attention and HEAL them.

The healing of our Biofield, as well as our DNA, is now of utmost importance. This is precisely why I have shifted my practice of holistic and natural medicine for the last 40 years, to assisting others to heal on these deeper levels.

My own guidance system, including the many Guides and higher vibrating Beings who I have worked with over the years, worked with me and have fine tuned the art of Biofield Clearing, and then insisted I teach this to others as everyone needs to do this inner healing work. It has been a fascinating journey, and powerful. Many energy workers and healers quickly come on board as they see the value and potential in this type of deep, inner healing.

When someone has a major concern in their life, and it can be many, like finances, health, and relationship issues, etc. we can easily connect with their own Higher Self, their Guides, Angels, and even their Medical Assistant team, to guide the process (with their permission). We use a variety of charts to ask and quickly identify what emotions, core fears, inner challenges, blocks, traumas, cords, and negative influences, etc. need to be addressed and released, or dissolved. We use a specific technique using ancient Egyptian healing pendulums based on sacred geometry to create magnetic vortexes of light, to draw out and neutralize these challenges that may be hidden in our subconscious and unconscious minds.

The work does not stop there though. Once numerous items have been cleared, we would tend to go back to our old, default patterns if we don’t infuse their energy field with healing and Divine Golden Light, raising their vibration and aligning each person with their Highest and True Self. This can truly assist and quicken the evolutionary ascension process we are all amid.

As we infuse their energy field with these higher vibrating energies, it empowers each person and assists them in understanding their true spiritual nature. Every single one of us will soon recognize the essential nature of healing these deep wounds as they no longer serve us, but only keep us limited and in suffering.

We have paid a tremendous amount of attention to our physical bodies, which are transitory. It is our Soul, with our spirit, our emotions, and energy that lives on, not the physical body. Only focusing on the physical is very limiting in our ability to heal. But of course, it has been intentional to keep the focus limited. We are not easily controlled when we allow our innate intelligence to blossom and rise up! WE are truly beautiful, powerful unlimited, divine Beings of Light, Love, Compassion, and Energy. Anything is possible when we are aligned with the Universal Life Force, our Source, the Divine Creator. It is truly healing and very empowering.

We must see and understand the bigger picture of who we are, where we come from, what we are doing here, and where we are heading. Utopia is not only possible, but is the nature of numerous, higher vibrating Beings, which can and will include us humans! We can live in peace, prosperity, joy, compassion, and allow love to be our guiding energy. Imagine if all of us ‘see the Light’ so to speak. I believe this will happen, more quickly than you might realize.

Time is of the essence. It is time we truly commit to developing and deepening our spiritual awareness and practices. Meditation is essential. Expanding our awareness is essential. Healing and dissolving the old patterns of pain is essential. Are you ready? Can you listen to your Heart? It is thousands of times more powerful than your mind. It will always steer you in the right direction. The trick is to FEEL what is there, not think about what we should do. There is tremendous wisdom in our hearts. It is connected to the Divine, unlimited energy of all life.

Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, a Master Herbalist, Certified Intuitive Healer, Kinesiologist, Iridologist, and Light Therapist, practicing and teaching holistic healing methods for almost 40 years. She is the founder and trainer of the powerful Biofield Healing technique. You can visit her websites for more info. is for her private practice. for online classes in developing consciousness skills, and for the training classes and finding practitioners.

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