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Why Is Spiritual Healing SO Necessary?

Deeper healing of the spiritual issues in our lives, especially from the wounds of our family line and ancestors, and even unresolved issues from previous lives, can lead to miraculous results!

Disease and illness are here to teach us about our wounds and illusions, which block us from our Divine truth. We struggle to survive. It is here to teach us about these illusions and how to return to our beautiful, Divine nature of unlimited possibilities. This is the Spiritual journey we all take. Life is really about returning to our true Divine nature, so we realize that we have been created for – to know ourselves as infinite Divine Beings.

We can heal our bodies, hearts, and souls, clearing away the things that pull us off center and away from the truth about ourselves. The deep we go, the closer we become to truly know God or Source, which is the real reason we come into existence. We are powerful Beings once we clear away the fears, doubts, trauma, uncertainly. Shame and guilt that weigh us down, limiting our potential to manifest a beautiful, joy filled life.

Imagine if you were always pushed to do more, be better, work harder, don’t be a fool, don’t give up. Abusive yelling, pushing, belittling, etc. builds up inside. What ends up happening is we push ourselves too far and accumulate unhealthy amounts of stress. This affects everything, like our blood pressure, our endocrine balance, our sleep, our digestion, etc. So many of us feel unworthy of a wonderful, prosperous life. How can we heal?

Once we understand what is driving the unhealthy behaviors, we can start to heal a person of their issues. We have to look at the UNDERLYING issues that lead to the imbalance. The illness itself is only a symptom of the imbalances. Instead, we may choose to reach for wine, alcohol, drugs, video games, etc. as an escape to relieve some pressure and not have to think about it for a while. But it still persists day after day.

Since most all of these issues are buried in our subconscious mind, we often need help discovering what’s really wrong or out of alignment with our Higher Self. This is where our Angels, Guides, and Ancestors can assist the process. They see through us, love us, and know exactly what we need to heal, to grow, and mature within.

When we find the issues related to our suffering, this helps us lead to spiritual understanding of the deep issues within that need to be developed for a happy, successful life.  This leads us to internal healing, which enables the body to come back into balance and heal itself. Our bodies have full memory of this healthy, restored state. It knows exactly what to do once we eliminate or neutralize the triggers and challenges that keep persisting.

Resolution of these issues, emotions, and beliefs leads to dramatic and powerful healing of many illnesses that even our current medical system believes are unhealable! Totally not true. There are times when the damage in our bodies has gone too far and we do need medical support, or alternative healing to support the rebalancing of the physical system. But it must be worked together with healing the deeper, spiritual issues for true and lasting healing to occur.

The biggest reason why people get sick, struggle in life and have recurring issues is to learn more about our Divine Nature and develop our inner attributes or virtues that are trying to express them selves naturally. To get to the root of pain and suffering, it is essential to heal within to find real joy and happiness in our hearts, and to develop our inner strength and innate power.

What we do with Biofield Clearing is to identify and unravel the story within our DNA and within our cells. If you have suffering, problems, or illness in your life, we can use this system to uncover and bring to the surface what has been hidden, often from past lives, or our ancestors, besides the challenges and suffering we have gone through in this life. We support you compassionately to discover these inner dimensions and causes of your suffering.

 The final step in the healing process is to help realign you with what you personally need to discover your innate power and divine attributes. Once a number of things have been uncovered, cleared or neutralized, you now have wide open space in your energy field.

Then we use the ‘Inner Healing Charts’ to ask what you need to master your infinite Beingness. What are the virtues that are trying to emerge from your heart in this lifetime? What do your Angels recommend for your inner growth and healing?

It is truly a delight to assist people in this process. Every single time, they leave feeling empowered, happier, more aligned and aware of their inner potential! This is a very important part of our healing, not only to support and heal the body, the mind, the emotions. The heart, the Soul, and help our Spirit realign with our Divine Infinite Source. We are waking up to our potential and joy! The body responds. Our hearts get healed. Our emotions lift up, and our mind understands a much bigger picture.

Working in the holistic health field for almost 40 years, I am passionate about this deeper form of healing, which I see as essential in every way. I highly encourage you to embark on this journey to lift your spirits, raise your vibration, increase your innate power, find relief from suffering, and enjoy more happiness as you start to manifest your hearts desires and move into a beautiful future that expands and opens up amazing opportunities! Enjoy the process. Let go of all the old baggage weighing you down. Lift your Spirit and soar to new heights! You'll be glad you did.

Dr. Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Kinesiologist, Cert. Intuitive and Spiritual Healer, with almost 40 years in the Holisitc health field. Her passion is assisting the healing and awakening on deeper levels for true and lasting healing. You can find out more or schedule an appt. with Dr. Jane on her website at: Or to learn more about Biofield Clearing, or the training course, please visit Feel free to contact her at: for questions or more info.


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