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Why I LOVE Doing Biofield Clearing!

After working with clients in the holistic health field for well over 30 years, trying to help them restore their health, it became increasingly obvious that we need to look much deeper for the core issues underlying each and every imbalance or health condition. It is not sufficient to only change the diet, or take a handful of supplements, or medications to suppress symptoms, although that is still necessary to support the physical body.

When I do Biofield Clearing sessions with my clients, I am always amazed at how their deeper story unravels before our eyes! Many things that have been hidden from us in our subconscious minds come to the surface as we shine a light on them. People are amazed at how everything it totally connected.

Whether it is a chronic health condition that never seems to totally resolve, or chronic financial challenges, or relationship issues, or even self-worth issues keeping us stuck and limited, it all comes to the surface. We all hold billions of bits of information in our DNA, as well as in our subconscious minds (which really runs the show!).

We ALL have certain programming as well as limiting beliefs that came from our families, ancestors, as well as society, including religions, educational systems, media influences, peers and more. We’ve also had trauma’s and stressors that have been embedded in our nervous system which affects every aspect of our bodily functions. Not only that, but we all contain memories and influences from our ancestors and inherited family lines in particular.

There have been many traumas placed on most every culture, difficulties, struggles, survival issues, and even some horrendous undertakings that have ‘shocked’ individuals over an extended period of time. When they are not fully addressed and healed in that lifetime, it gets passed down through our DNA to present itself again and again as a way of getting our attention so we can heal these things once and for all!

It does not have to be a daunting process, although not dealing with things, not uncovering the deeper core issues, can make things linger on and on without resolve. When we ASK for Source, or your Angels, your Spirit Guides, your ancestors, and even your Higher Self to show us what is underneath and at the core of any issue, it is always stunning to me how accurate and revealing it is! We can uncover hidden things, bringing them up to the surface, to acknowledge and release once and for all! The energy of it gets neutralized and dissolved so it no longer needs to keep presenting itself!

What a wonderful relief that can be! I always marvel at the process. To me, it is a sacred journey for each person. Often issues that have been plaguing them for a long time get resolved or healed, giving them a fresh start to create what they truly prefer.

It is also essential during the Biofield Clearing process that once we eliminate a variety of underlying issues, we now have clear open space in our biofield, as well as our physical, emotional, mental, and energy bodies. We then go to the Inner Healing Charts to ask your ‘team’ what exactly each person needs to realign with their Higher Self, and with their Divine Source! We then infuse this beautiful Golden Divine Light into their energy fields.

We are all truly blessed, divine spiritual Beings having an often challenging human experience. It is recognized as our process of evolution, ascending to a higher state of awareness and being. Once we truly understand and realign with who we truly are, our lives become more magical! We often can now manifest and create things much more rapidly when these limiting challenges are no longer presenting themselves as transparent filters, shading our experiences in life.

It is an absolute joy and pleasure to work with folks from all over the world on this level. I find that there are millions of people who can assist people with their physical health, as well as emotional and mental health care providers, but many people are actually seeking this healing on the spiritual level as well!

This is of utmost importance from what I have seen in the holistic healing field over the years. We do need to heal down to the level of the Soul! We can discover the ‘virtues’ that are trying to emerge from each and every individual. We can easily see what is crying out for attention.

What is your ‘Heart’ craving? Do you want to truly be seen, listened to, respected and appreciated? Do you long to find joy and peace in your life? Have your passions been suppressed? Are you trying to find a deep and lasting love that is truly the most beautiful experience you can have? Do you have a driving ‘purpose’ that has not been able to be completely expressed? What exactly is at the core of your challenges? It is often not what you think.

Once we realize that many things we have brought into this lifetime to heal, have been chosen on a subconscious level. We were not always aware of them consciously. Sometimes we are, but have no idea about the inner challenges we keep hitting up against during the process. How about stream-lining this process?

It is absolutely coming up for a reason during this time of the ‘Great Shift’ for humanity as we go through this unstoppable ascension process, already in progress. Do you have your ‘ducks in a row’? Have you resolved and let go of ALL of your baggage that’s been weighing you down? You can’t take it with you to the 5th Dimension. It’s certainly challenging, yet with the assistance of a certified Biofield Clearing Practitioner, we can lovingly and compassionately assist this process for anyone. It is such a beautiful unfolding.

When I connect (with your permission) with your team of Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Star Family, and the Divine Source, often the insights that they present are so amazing. This is why I always like to record the sessions for you to review when needed for these ‘gems’ of insights!

Since we are eternal Beings, we were created long ago and continue to evolve and exist over eons of time. Healing the old struggles and traumas that are needed to evolve to a higher state of being and awareness is truly what is needed to clear ALL dis-ease and troubles. Every single health condition has a corresponding mental, emotional, or Soul issue that keeps coming up to get your attention! Once the ‘core’ issue is uncovered, things can feel magical! We may have many layers of trapped emotions, core fears, limitations, blocks, cords, programming, archetypal patterns and more that need to be addressed and neutralized.

Healing on a deeply spiritual level is truly a joy! We are just compassionate facilitators of the process. People leave the session feeling uplifted, empowered, joyful and more aligned with their true self! We need more healers to utilize this amazing process as everyone truly needs this type of deep healing work.

I encourage ALL healers of any type to learn this process and add it to your repertoire to assist folks during this highly important time of ascending to higher states of being. There is truly NO limit to what we can accomplish once these limitations are lifted!  Experience a session or two for yourself to see what I mean. What a JOY to assist every beautiful person who is requesting this divine assistance. It is my pleasure and honor every single time! Thank you Spirit, and I thank my loving Guides who assisted me in developing this to help humanity during this time. Blessing to ALL!


Dr. Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Herbalist, Iridologist, Kinesiologist, and certified Intuitive and Spiritual Healer, working in the holistic health field for over 36 years. She developed the process of Biofield Clearing to go much deeper than just emotional issues. You can find out more or schedule   an appointment with her at To find out more about the training program, go to and click on ‘course info’. The 8 week training program is taught via live Zoom training every Spring and Fall.


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