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WHY Go From 3-D to 5D as Humans?

Most of us humans have been living a limited 3rd dimensional reality here on Planet Earth. It is a lower vibrational range, which limits our abilities to utilize more of our brain and DNA capacities. Being stuck in your 'head', thinking, worrying, having fears, doubts, judgments, traumas, shame, guilt, and more is actually being stuck in a limited 3D realm.

If we have not healed our old wounds, we are easily manipulated through fear, anger, insecurity, and inadequacy. This truly limits our personal power as well as our ability to heal completely. We have more conditioned and hindering beliefs.

It is essential for us to heal our 'shadow side', which expresses anger, grief, pain, guilt, shame, and other lower, dense emotions. When we have chronic pain, medical conditions (especially autoimmune and cancers), recurring patterns in our relationships, and even our finances, it is a sign that we have lower vibrating energies that are trapped.

Yet we are often not to blame! We ALL have inherited wounds, traumas, and patterns from our ancestry that is presenting itself to be recognized and healed once and for all. This is what people often refer to as 'letting go of old baggage'. Most of our hidden influences are actually brought in on our DNA for us to heal, yet they are held in our subconscious and unconscious minds.

Every single disease or ailment starts as a 'shock' to the system (according to German New Medicine). Consider the fact that our ancestors have had numerous traumas and many difficult struggles over thousands of years. If it was not healed during that lifetime, it gets passed down in our DNA, waiting to be addressed so we can restore proper balance and renewed health. We are at a time when it is necessary for us to release these old patterns that bring our energy and vibration down. This is how we can shift, ascend, and raise our frequency!

We can experience highly empathic, telepathic, and even psychic abilities. Or we can experience remarkable creativity, unconditional loving towards self and others. Judgments and limitations begin to dissolve. We develop a stronger connection to our heart and Soul, our Higher Self, which is wise, loving, and always non-judgmental. It is more aware, gathers more insights and develops higher intuitive abilities. This expands our conscious awareness which empowers us on many levels.

It is not a cognitive process. You must FEEL into it, become lighter and brighter. In 5D (fifth dimension) the speed of light is faster. Our cells move faster as frequency gets higher and lighter. In this expanded state it is essential for us to stay grounded, as well as connected to our Divine Source.

Did you know that our DNA is very sensitive to human consciousness? Your cells are always listening to you. What are you saying? Creating? Can you live from your heart, instead of your mind? Your heart and Soul are much more powerful and extend out far beyond the body. This is why we can feel people's energy from across the room at times.

It is our nature to want to evolve, grow, expand, and realign with our True Divine Source. The truth is we are always connected and contain this divine element. But we often get pulled off center, reducing our power as loving, creative beings. Our fears, doubts, worries, reactions, beliefs, and judgments keep us limited, stuck and even in pain and struggle.

It does not have to be this way, and many of you know this! We have to develop our intuitive senses more. This includes learning to TRUST what we hear, feel, know, and the info we are receiving. The more you trust your inner knowing, the more you empower yourself. This is of HUGE importance in our healing journey.

The more you do this, you own pieces of yourself that have been fragmented away. With this inner knowledge, you'll have an absolute KNOWING of someone, some thing, what you need to do next, a place you want to go, and what's trying to emerge from your Heart and Soul! It's a beautiful journey of opening, expanding, and healing on very deep levels.

As you know, we are not just physical bodies. When we only pay attention to supporting or healing the physical body, our healing is limited and not complete. We do have to address our emotional body, our mental body (thoughts and beliefs), as well as our Soul's issues.

Our growth and healing may come in stages as we integrate to a higher frequency. Use your intention! Make a committed choice to heal on much deeper levels, once and for all. There is much to be released, yet it is not a difficult process. In fact, it is simple, inspiring, fascinating,

and enlightening. Much of what we bring into this world to heal is not our fault. We will be eliminating this self-imposed prison of limitations.

I have witnessed many people healing old, deep wounds after one or more sessions of the powerful Biofield Clearing process. It is truly remarkable.

The best part is, after we have cleared and released numerous items, we then have clear, open space to work with. Then we use the Inner Healing Charts to realign you with your Highest and True Self, understanding what virtues are trying to emerge for you in this lifetime. What do you need to master for your infinite being-ness? Your Guides and Angels assist and direct this process for your Highest good. It is a beautiful, sacred, and deep healing process every time!

If you are truly determined to heal your old wounds and traumas, or to live your life in the best, most enjoyable way possible, then you may want to consider having a Biofield Clearing session with myself, or one of our certified Practitioners. It is truly extraordinary work, and the joy, insights, healing, and abundance that comes is priceless! please feel free to contact me if you have some questions or visit the website at for more info.

Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd has been a pioneer in the holistic and natural health field for over 36 years. She is a doctor of natural medicine, an Iridologist, Master Herbalist, Kinesiologist, certified Intuitive Healer, and the developer and trainer for Biofield Clearing. Please visit her personal website at for info about private sessions. To learn this powerful technique, visit for upcoming classes. You may contact her at

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