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Quantum Healing to the DNA Level!

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

The world of Quanum Energy healing is exploding as we are all discovering that healing need to happen on a very deep level. As we explore the four main bodies - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, we realize that the true nature of our inner healing HAS TO delve deeper into the realms of the DNA, ancestral wounds, and toxic influences we have all been carrying within us. These items get easily triggered as we try to create a balanced and joyful life.

Disease actually manifests in the physical body as a result of the imbalances in the other energy bodies. Treating symptoms without addressing the underlying disharmonies within does nothing more than suppress symptoms temporarily. Energetic healing has not been fully explained by science other than the testament of undeniable results people can experience when undergoing these deeper healing abilities. It can be quite remarkable!

As we delve into the root causes, we find many items are deeply rooted in the subconscious and unconscious mind, held in our DNA. They tend to easily get triggered as a way of expressing these items for us to pay attention to, in order to heal completely. One example would be that ALL diseases, like cancer, actually start as a 'shock' to the system. If it does not get delt with and healed in that lifetime, it gets handed down through the DNA for future generations. This is often the results of many traumas, deep wounds, fears, crisis's, and survival issues from our ancestors. We ALL contain thousands of bits of this info in our DNA. Think of the things that 'trigger' you, or 'push your buttons'. This is the bodies way of signaling what needs attention.

In the Quantum realm of healing, we actually ask for assistance from your Higher Self, Guides, Angels, and even Ancestors to direct the process so we can discover what exactly needs to be addressed. We can also find out what 'realm' it comes from. It could be this lifetime, inherited from our mothers or fathers' side, often many generations back. It can also come from unresolved issues from a previous life, or a deeper Soul level issue held in our Akashic Records. Since we are usually not conscious of these items, this assistance from the higher, quantum realms can easily and accurately assist us.

The healing energy can penetrate down to the DNA, bringing about profound transformation that resonates on a cellular level. The body responds and adjusts accordingly! This is often accompanied by an increased realization, shift in consciousness, and a healthier, more expanded awareness on life's trials and challenges. Trained quantum energy therapists can actually access cosmic energy of a high vibration that can facilitate immediate healing on a profound level.

Beyond physical healing, this therapy can act as a catalyst for eliminating conditioning patterns stored in the subconscious. It can heighten our awareness and our connection with the Superconsciousness that permeates all life. It opens the door to extraordinary results.

This is the extraordinary realm of quantum healing, which many people are seeking. The true essence of healing lies not in treating the physical body, but they vanish from the physical body as we raise our awareness. We always have that choice. This shift in perspective is quite different than the symptom-based approach. One reason is that they amplify our vibrational frequency creating healthier and healthier states of being. Our body is designed to heal itself when we correct these imbalances and limitations. Your body is a symphony of light and vibrations. Each cell carries both light and a frequency that it emits.

Now we embrace personal growth as a healing process. Once a number of items have been identified and cleared, we then have wide open space in our energy field to create with/from. As we then go into the 'healing process' it is a matter of realigning each individual with what they need to truly be more empowered, more aligned with their 'True Self', and their ability to absorb more light increases exponentially. This propels us into a higher state of being where anything is possible. We are created from and contain an unlimited field of possibilities that we can choose and create from. There is nothing more satisfying and healing than that!

The wisdom of quantum energy healers unlocks the door to a realm where perfect health is a way of being! Joy, compassion, heart-centered focus, and insights abound as our true nature unfolds and reveals itself to us! There is nothing more extraordinary.

This is the energetics behind the powerful technique of BioField Clearing that many practitioners around the world are learning and bringing into their unique toolbox of skills. The results can be uplifting, positive shifts, fulfilling our desire for more joy, love, support, compassion and connection to our Higher, Divine nature and innate abilities. For more info, please visit Use discount code 'Biofield30off' to receive $30 off your first session. To learn this empowering technique please visit

Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND is the developer and trainer for Biofield Clearing. With the assistance of her Guides, and wide range of training, this technique can easily be applied to any healing protocol for deeper, longer lasting healing on the quantum levels. The next 8 week online training course will begin in January. Call 828-777-JANE (5263) for more info.

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