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How to Access Your Unlimited Potential!

As you may be aware, we are ALL connected to and contain this Divine Universal Source energy which is full of love, compassion, wisdom, and unlimited potential! But how can we access it fully? Is there a secret? Do you find things coming up over and over for you in different ways that are keeping you stuck, or limited? One thing I truly hate is having limitations! Why can't we create the reality we really want? How can we be UNLIMITED?

I have always asked that question. What gets in our way are all the limiting beliefs, judgments, fears, and resistances we have. Most of us have inherited many of these limiting ideas from our family lines. Think about how most of our ancestors have had to live. Many were suppressed, had limited finances (we've all heard stories of the Great Depression), and many have gone through many traumas and grief. FEAR is what keeps us limited. No one wants to experience these things. So, we keep finding things that make us feel better or distract us.

When we resist something, it keeps us stuck in a loop. It will reoccur over and over just to get our attention. But we tend to push it away, stuff it down, drown it out, project it on to others, and blame anyone else we can think of. Once we take full responsibility, our inner power increases. Are you giving your power away? Perhaps it's time to take a closer look at what is getting in our way.

Let's talk about how it affects our relationships, both our personal partnerships and friendships as well. When we resonate with someone, we get along great! We feel loved, heard, acknowledged, and seen. It feels comfortable and safe to get closer to them. But what if that changes over time? Not everyone grows at the same rate. People's ideas and beliefs can often change during their life.

You know when people tend to 'push your buttons'. These are unhealed triggers that make us feel uncomfortable, want to revolt, resist, or blame. What if we were aware enough to notice the trigger and look INSIDE us for why it is bothering us? What is unresolved? Is there a belief that you are not good enough? (so very common) Or not loved enough, or smart enough? Perhaps you don't feel valued, respected or appreciated. Is that their fault? What is it within us that feels like a sharp zing to our psyche?

These are actually really great things to truly look at. Where are these feelings coming from? Do you push yourself, trying to prove something or making yourself look good? Do you put others down in an attempt to feel better about yourself? We've all done these things, even though they seem childish when we think about it.

Of course, we all have our personal challenges we go through in life to learn from. They are just 'experiences', not mistakes, when viewed from a helpful perspective. We try to extrapolate the benefits we can gain from each experience. We keep expanding our edges, growing further. This makes us wiser, more aware, and more compassionate of others. Every single one of us is trying to relieve any pain or suffering. Every single one of us is trying to find more love, joy, and peace in our lives.

We also come in with a wide range of unhealed challenges that we inherit, not only from our families, but also from the greater collective of our ancestors throughout history. All of these challenges act as 'filters' we experience life through. We often don't see it. When we feel like having abundance, or making money is difficult, that's exactly what we'll experience. When we feel like people, your boss, your family members, don't like you, that's exactly what you will experience. When you feel alone and disconnected from our Higher Self and Divine Source, we often feel we have to push harder just to get ahead, doing it all ourselves!

All of these things are from blocks, limitations, inner challenges, chronic stress, even pain and suffering. We all can have areas of our life that are easier for us, and other areas that are a constant challenge, like a thorn in our side. This is where the GOLD is!

Perhaps we start to really look INSIDE to see what is going one, being triggered. Yet they are often transparent, buried in the subconscious or unconscious mind. This is where a trained Biofield Clearing Practitioner can be of great service. All we do, with your permission, is connect with your Higher Self, your Guides, Angels, and support 'team'. Then we ask for assistance to know what is needed for you to clear related to your main concerns. They happily direct us to the answers! We can explore any areas, fears, traumas, blocks, you name it. We can even determine what realm it came from. Was it this lifetime? At what age? Or a past life? Was it inherited? A previous vow or contract? It is so fascinating!

Once we bring things out into the open, into our conscious awareness, this is when we have power over it. We can choose to keep or clear and dissolve it. It is a powerful energetic process that works on a deep cellular level, clearing from our body, mind, emotions, and even our DNA. We are turning OFF the triggers.

Once a number of triggers have been neutralized, we then have wide open space in our energy field. We then use the Inner Healing Charts to ask your 'team' what is needed to realign with your Highest and True Self! This is where the magic happens. We clear many items which pull us 'off center' so to speak. This is being out of alignment with our innate power and divine intelligence. As we realign, life seems so much more manageable, even magical. Those fears, resistances, and triggers dissipate. We see things in a much more compassionate and aware manor. Blame and resistance dissolves. We get our creative power back!!!

Once we integrate the inner work we have done, we can go even deeper and clear even more. We have decades and many lifetimes of limitations held in our DNA just waiting to be addressed. NOW is the time to do our inner work as we are being called to shift our frequency, expand our awareness, open and connect further and deeper to our TRUE Divine nature that is TOTALLY UNLIMITED!!

Our Divine Universal Source Energy, Our Creator, is SO unlimited and truly filled with vast unlimited potentials. Anything you can think of is available for us to choose from! WE are powerful Creators as well. We actually have NO limits, only the ones we think we have.

Often the process of Biofield Clearing is so profound and eye opening as our inner 'story' unravels. There is no blame, no shame, no guilt, fear, or trauma that cannot be cleared. We start to SEE things very differently. We are actually Multi-dimensional Beings (that's for another discussion). Our creative nature and power are beyond measure!

Tasting this joyous freedom and potential is so deeply gratifying and essential. This is how we can truly heal from all kinds of pains, chronic ailments, deep wounds, suffering, and more. They were just part of the 'illusion' of being limited so we can learn our true powerful nature. Everyone single one if us is a powerful Divine Being connected to Source. No exceptions. Some have their inner light shining brighter than others. Some are still struggling to see the light. It is the most rewarded and fulfilling thing I can think of doing - to help others heal on very deep levels, to open more fully to their unlimited potential!

You, my dear, are a powerful, creative Being without limitations. Enjoy the magic!

Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd has been a pioneer in the field of holistic health for over 36 years, as well as exploring our innate conscious and metaphysical abilities. She is a Master Herbalist, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Certified Intuitive Healer, Kinesiologist, licensed Avatar Master and Wizard, and the creator of the Biofield Clearing technique, along with her loving 'Guides'. You may visit her website at for personal appointments with her. is her site for trainings and classes in expanding our conscious abilities, and is about the practitioner training course as well as to find other practitioners.

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