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Heal Hidden Limitations to Truly Empower Your Life!

Any chronic reoccurring conditions, whether it be health issues, chronic pain, relationship challenges, financial problems, self-sabotage, stress and anxiety, any and every thing that keeps us from being our Highest and True Self, needs to be addressed to truly heal. Are you committed to your personal and spiritual evolution?  

People’s health issues are much more complex, and supplements are not working as well as 20 or 30 years ago. We are discovering things on much deeper levels that need to be addressed in order to heal.  Many people are seeking this type of healing now more than ever!

Frequencies are certainly rising and things are shifting. What we have been going through the past year or two has happened for a deeper purpose as we needed to be shifted out of our deep, comfortable slumber to wake up and take responsibility for healing all these old wounds. Humanity is truly shifting, as uncomfortable as it may be. 

We are being called to shift and clear out the old, stuck patterns and traumas humanity has been enduring for thousands of years! 

We (humanity as well as the Earth) are going through a near death experience, and a much higher reverence for life will come out of all this. We are releasing the old and aligning with our True innate intelligence and unlimited capabilities!

Our intuition, telepathic abilities, inner awareness, our connection to our Higher Self, gets over shadowed by our incessant ego-mind with our fears, doubts, judgments, guilt, shame, limitations, etc. Our day to day mind is so noisy with memories, desires, stressors, thinking, limitations, etc. We have been taught to analyze, judge, and label everything. It constantly pulls us off center, away from our true power.

This can manipulate and limit access to our multi-dimensional information. We are Souls who actually are divine, powerful creative beings, unlimited in every way. We are coming to a greater awareness of this. As we discover and take back our true power, we can no longer be controlled or limited – our Innate power increases! We HEAL.

Let me ask you, are you a Victim to life? Blaming everything and everyone? Are you a Reactor – reacting to everything? Or are you a Creator – deliberately choosing what you want to experience?

This is the BIG shift! We are really only conscious of 10% of what’s going on. Our subconscious and unconscious minds hold the other 90%. All of our fears, doubts, trauma’s, limiting beliefs, etc. act as transparent filters that we view and create our lives through. That’s why we keep seeing the same old problems arise over and over.  

Your Quantum Blueprint is held in your DNA – it’s everywhere in your body. It is your unique universal spiritual blueprint! But what about all your gifts, talents, inner wisdom, etc. Can you develop them or bring them to the forefront?

What are your soul level patterns that you are here to heal? What are you here to MASTER? We can all have old traumas, trapped emotions, core fears, blocks, cords, limiting beliefs. ALL healing is your bodies way of identifying what is having a negative influence on you. What do you need to clear, eliminate? What is keeping us pulled off center from our true and highest self? This is important.

We are ALL connected to a Divine Source, one universal consciousness. We all get pulled off center by fears, traumas, doubts, shame, frustrations, insecurities, conflicted, anxiety, etc. so we make judgments, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, etc.

We all come in with inherited patterns, as well as ancestral influences from many, many years ago. Even from previous lifetimes we can have unfinished business. Many of us may be healers, teachers, light workers, or energy healers, etc. This can be an important yet difficult path at times.

We strive to keep improving ourselves, evolving, growing, and healing. Inherited patterns can go back many generations when a great difficulty was experienced, but not healed.

                  EVERY health issue starts as a shock to the system! 

If it doesn’t get healed, it gets passed down to the next generations to be healed, yet is comes in on unconscious levels. It acts as transparent filers we see and experience life through. We can have many filters – and it limits our abilities.

When we blame someone or something, it just gives away our power! This does not serve us, it only weakens us.

We are SOULS that contain a mental body, an emotional body, energy body, and a physical body, as well as your spiritual body. Your ego mind is part of your body, not your Soul.

What if you put your ego mind in charge of your body, or your Soul? It is too limited. It does not work, you go nowhere.

What if you put your Soul in charge of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being? Think about your Higher Self – it actually hangs out above your head, always observing you neutrally and compassionately. Then your Soul self is even higher, and your Divine Spirit Self, is absolute, never changes. It is unlimited, loving, wise, infinite, etc.

If you really want to heal, you have to disrupt the reality that we have gotten comfortable with, which we’ve learned to operate in in life. We get to do this and that, but on a deep soul level it is not satisfying. Now we are being limited even more. It is forcing us back into our heart center. We are taking a good look inside. Remember 9/11 2001, it created a huge shift, putting us back into our heart center!

Are you willing to give up your rights? Your freedom? To be controlled and limited? I don’t think so. Our SPIRITS want to expand, not constrict! It is truly unlimited, it wants us to thrive, and prosper, to find ecstatic joy and freedom. That’s who we truly are. That’s what is essential to all of us. So how do we clear all these deeply ingrained influences?

Biofield Clearing is really a compilation of over 30 years of my experience and trainings, as well as valued inner guidance.  What we do, with your permission, is connect with your Higher Self, your guides, angels, ascended masters, teachers, even medical assistant team. We invite them to be present, to assist and direct this healing in every way possible. What needs to be cleared on deeper levels?

They guide us through the 21 Charts as we ask what needs to be cleared or neutralized related to your concerns. We can find out what it is (fear, emotion, limitation, block, etc), if it’s an inherited or ancestral pattern, even what realm it came from? It is truly outstanding, and a sacred, deep process for everyone!

To clear things, we use ancient Egyptian pendulums, healing tools, that are based on sacred geometry, with specific techniques to create a powerful vortex of light in your energy field, to draw out, tag and neutralize things from all time, space, and dimensions, etc. We can easily identify and clear, or neutralize many items.

Once the clearing is done, we have wide open space to realign you with your highest and true self. So we go to the Healing charts to see what is needed, like what empowering beliefs are beneficial for you? What virtues are you here to master? What do you need to master for your infinite beingness? We then infuse your energy field with these higher vibrating frequencies!

We also identify what your ‘Inner Healing Key’ is. Very insightful.

It is always a truly sacred and unique process for everyone. I teach this amazing technique to all practitioners, therapists, energy healers, light workers, and anyone who wants to use it for their personal use.

This is an 8 week online master class training for certification. Find out more at Our next course starts very soon. Don’t miss our early bird special to save $100 before it’s gone.

To schedule a personal appointment with me, please go to (I do offer significant discounts for packages of 3 or 6 sessions, to go deeper every time.) I am honored to work with folks from all over the world with this powerful process.

Often amazing information comes in from your Guides for your healing. Sessions are done via phone (or Zoom) and I record them for you to download or review if desired. Your session notes and Inner Healing Keys are also provided for you. I have seen significant shifts in many health issues, as well as personal challenges. It is always a sacred process for each individual.

This is an invaluable service for humanity at this time!  People are seeking it and more practitioners are needed. Please join me for this important training or discover the deep value in personal healing sessions .

Dr. Jane Smolnik has been in the natural, holistic health field for over 30+ years as a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Kinesiologist, Iridologist, Quantum Energy Healer, and licensed Avatar Master. You may contact her at 828-777-JANE (5263) or visit or for more info.

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