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Can You Communicate with your Angels and Guides?

Do you ever wonder about telepathy? What is it? How is it different than intuition? How can it be used? Telepathy is thought transfer between humans, animals, and even species. It is considered an E.S.P ability, which just means extra sensory ability. It is beyond the five physical senses. We do have many other senses as well. In fact, it is a natural innate ability. Some people can easily communicate telepathically from birth, others may require training and practice, but it is something we can ALL do. People who are empathic can more easily utilize telepathy. It can be like tuning into a radio station, or another being.

Have you ever had a pet communicate clearly with you? My cat actually taught me this years ago. Every time I would go away, often for long weekends teaching, or even a vacation, my cat (one of three that was very close to me) would be so mad at me when I return, she would hardly talk to me or look at me for about three weeks! I asked her one time "Why"? She clearly said to me, telepathically, "Why don't you tell me you are coming back?" I immediately thought, or felt - oh, that's right, she was abandoned and was very upset not knowing when or if I was returning. So, from that time forward I always would communicate with her telepathically through images, me going out, I would show her day/night, day/night, day/night, then me coming in the door returning, happy to see her. Every time when I was coming up the road to return, I would send her an image of me coming through the door, and she would always be happily waiting for me! Have you ever thought of a friend, and all of a sudden, the phone rings and it is them? We all have done that. Or even if a loved one was very far away, if something horrendous happens to them, you pick it up and just KNOW. They might have just thought of you, and you got the message! I've had that happen many times as well. What if you could communicate with your Angels, Guides, Star family, or others far away? We can use this ability with anyone, no matter what language, dialect, or where they are located, even between species. Space and time make no difference. We have to get out of our 'mind', quiet our thoughts, doubts, fears, limitations, etc. This can easily be practiced with mediation, or just stilling the mind. Think of it like the 'Inner-net', much like the internet, but like an innate wireless internet. It is instantaneous, more accurate than words. It opens you up to being your authentic self as there are no secrets. There's no misunderstanding or language barriers. You can use images, sound, emotion, scents, feelings, etc. It can come in instantly. It can be like an instant 'packet' of information. It is different than intuition, which is mostly picking up feelings. It is often not thought about, but everyone likes to think they are intuitive. I find telepathy is actually much more useful and revered. When we work with your Angels, your Guides, your ancestors, we are actually inviting them into the conversation. They can easily provide us with info. It is certainly a skill that can be developed easily. The more you practice, the easier it becomes, until it is instinctual. Our 'programming' growing up can actually get in the way, or limit this innate ability. We may have been taught that it is nonsense, or not real. People make fun of things they don't understand and call it 'woo-woo', or ridicule it. This is why it is important to zero-out thoughts, doubts, beliefs, fears, etc. You can practice with someone close to you and use a deck of cards to practice. Send the image of the number, and the suit to the other. See if they can pick it up. Practice makes it easier and easier. Or send a message to someone you love to 'Call me'. See what happens.

It is also not like 'channeling' at all. You are not allowing some other being to enter your body and utilize it. That can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing or know how to protect yourself. But telepathy is something ALL other Star Beings utilize, very easily. We humans will develop and utilize this innate ability more and more over the next decade. I LOVE being able to communicate with Angels, Guides, and Ancestors through our Biofield Clearing work. I will be teaching a class on developing your telepathy coming up soon. In fact, this coming Thursday Aug. 31st at 6:30 pm EST. We will have Level 2 of our Telepathy series! I will be sharing some great ideas to practice with, or practical applications.

You can still watch Level 1 class to communicate with people, animals, plants, nature!

Only $39. for each 2 hour class.

I hope you can join us if this interests or inspires you. We'll discuss how you can communicate with your Angels more easily. I've been on a bit of a sabbatical over the past year since my son passed away unexpectedly. Now I am ready to start moving forward again with the work I love, and teaching classes on my abilities we have, or can expand upon, using our consciousness! Stay tuned and please join me. Thank you. Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd has been a pioneer in the holistic health field for over 36 years. She is a Master Herbalist, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Iridologist, Kinesiologist, Energy Healer, Certified Intuitive, and the found and trainer for Biofield Clearing. You can contact her through her websites at for personal appointments, for conscious expanding classes, or for training in this powerful healing art she developed.

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