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Can We Accelerate Our Evolution?

We are all here at this very moment in time on planet Earth as she evolves, and we evolve with her, into 5th Dimensional reality. This is something none of us have experienced before. We are expanding out of the limitations of 3rd dimension, and healing from many traumas, challenges and limiting beliefs. We are discovering the depth and expansiveness of our spiritual selves. Since we are created from and connected to an Unlimited Divine Universal Creator, we hold all of these aspects as fractals in every cell of our Being. Yet we often don’t recognize it, are aware of it, or pay attention to it.

This is truly the most incredible time to be present on this planet! Humans go through a major shift like this about every 2000 years, and a greater shift every 26,000 years. We are in the middle of this Great Cycle. Are you ready? We have all volunteered to be here, in a physical incarnation, to help in the healing of humanity and to support this great shift. We are freeing humanity from the constraints, pain, trauma, and illusion of separation on very deep levels.

We all have individual responsibilities in terms of our own clearing, and for those of our ancestors. We are clearing energies that impede us from reaching a higher vibration and a new level of joy. Each time we clear old energy patterns, old traumas, or grief, we create openings for new and expanded energies to come in. The clearings we do individually provide a release for the collective field as well. We are all connected to this collective or group consciousness. Each time we clear old pain and woundedness, we clear it from Mother Earth as well. She is also ascending to higher vibrating energies. We can’t help but be affected by the increase in energies, and vice versa.

In the distant past we understood how we are connected to and operate in this universal realm. We were more natural and wild humans, not refined, but closely connected to the natural world. Over time we have been programmed, each and every one of us, with beliefs of limitation, lack, struggle, trauma, and even survival. We are told over and over how things are and how we should behave, or not. So many of us have succumbed to these old beliefs of limitation. Did you know that a conscious and aware person would never create a limiting belief intentionally for ourselves – they are always taught to us by others.

This is an important task. We all carry our own ancestral patterns in our DNA that require recognition and release or healing. We all play a very important part in the collective field. We always have a tremendous amount of support through our Higher Self, our Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Star Families, and more. We are never truly alone in this work. Many of the ‘Light Workers’, energy healers, or Star Seeds are here to show the way, to love and support us. You can ASK for a high vibrational Guide of pure Divine Light to show you the way, to guide you, be with you, and assist your process. They can answer questions and shine a light on the path of least resistance. They are extremely happy to assist us, but only if we ask. Are we ready to listen?

Ask to meet your Divine Guide as a companion to bring you keys of wisdom and insights. Always ask for the Highest vibration of 100% pure Divine Light ONLY. When you ask for support, or guidance, always expect an answer, but it may not be in the form you might think of. It could be a song, a word, or image, or an insight, or a book that pops out. It could also be an insight or sudden knowingness. The more we clear any negative patterns or influences, and even blocks or cords, the more aligned, aware, and open we are to the Truth of the Divine. Stay the course.

You might be confronted with tests of discernment. Can you trust the info? Can you trust your heart, your intuition? If anything does not FEEL right, release it completely. You will KNOW when something feels right, or not. Always ask that your Guides but see if it resonates with your Heart.

Take some time to quiet the mind chatter. We have to move into living from our Hearts, not our heads. We have been not only taught but provided with millions of ways to be distracted. Games, movies, sports, events, TV, computers, smart phones, music, and numerous other things. Of course, we can keep ourselves busy and entertained, but at what price? This is a crucial time for all of us to go into a deeper Spiritual practice as part of our daily routine. We cannot forego this and expect to ascend to the Highest degree.

It is essential at this crucial time that we focus on our spiritual health more than ever! This is why Atlantis collapsed – they were caught up in too much technology that their spiritual aspects were not fostered. We cannot let that happen again, and it won’t! We tend to pay attention to our physical health, our mental and emotional health, but what exactly is our spiritual health?

You can answer this with one question. How well do you relate to everyone and everything? How well do you relate to your self, to your family, your partner, your friends? How well do you relate to nature, the planet, the animals, the water, and more? How well do you relate to ALL Beings? How well do you relate to your gifts, talents, and passions? How well do you relate to your Heart and Soul, or your intuitive senses, your ‘gut instincts’? How well do you relate to the cosmos? All life in the Universe? How about to God or a Divine Infinite Source? Or do you keep yourself small, limited, content, and distracted with what you have around you, things to do, and don’t contemplate a bigger picture?

At this time, it is of utmost importance to practice meditation and contemplation. Quiet the mind chatter, expand your awareness, look for a much bigger picture! Be all inclusive of everyone and everything. We are part of and one with an infinite creative Source. No need for judgment, no need for blame, guilt or suffering. Not anymore as it keeps us limited and struggling.

Did you know that our conscious mind is in the pre-frontal cortex and only about 10% of our brain. The other 90% of our brain is operating from the subconscious and unconscious mind. This is what we often call our default patterns. Bruce Lipton, the well-known Cell Biologist, says we only operate consciously about 5% of the time. The rest of the time we are mostly working from re-actions, not intention. It is based on previous judgements and beliefs that we have been told, or challenges experienced and limitations we have been taught. We often attach a judgment to our emotional experiences, and this is what traps us in the reaction loop! How do we get out? How do we recognize these old triggers, traps, blocks, and cords if they are coming from our subconscious mind? We might need some extra help.

What happens when we ascend? The more in tune or alignment we are with the Divine Nature of Universal Consciousness, the more JOY and love we experience in our daily lives. We are truly free to create a beautiful life, to experience our preferences, and the more aligned we are the faster we manifest from our thoughts and intentions. We are not just stuck in our heads, in our thoughts and reactions. We operate with clear intentions and integrity. Life becomes a JOY. We are coming into a time of great blessings, peace and abundance for all humanity. They call the time we are approaching, this Great Shift, as ‘Blessed Gaia’! The new age of Aquarius is upon us and developing rapidly.

Can we accelerate our evolution? Getting help from our Angels, Guides, our Higher Self, and even our Ancestors can be very helpful! They already know and see the bigger picture as they are not limited to the 3rd dimensional realm. They love us and can help us heal. When we notice our ‘trigger’s, fears, and limitations, we have to bring them into our conscious mind, to be aware of them. That is the only way we have power over them. If you cannot determine what they are, or where they came from, we can ask for assistance!

Over the years in my Holistic Health practice as a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Kinesiologist and Intuitive Energy Healer, I have clearly understood (with the help of my Guides) that we ALL need to heal on much deeper levels. We can no longer just medicate the symptoms or numb the pain we feel inside. We are being urged to look deeper – into many, many lifetimes and inherited or ancestral patterns for true healing. This is where we get assistance from our Guides.

You may have heard about the Akashic Records – these are the records of our Soul from every lifetime, past, present, and future. Every pain, trauma, experience, and even our accomplishments and gifts are all held here. How can we access them? Even more importantly is what to do we do about them once we know what happened or is requiring healing?

This is where Biofield Clearing comes in. I have developed extensive charts over the years and connect with my clients Higher Self, Angels, Guides, Ancestors, etc. (with their permission) and we ask for their assistance regarding their concerns and challenges they are trying to heal. They can easily guide us through the charts to exactly what trapped emotions, fears, challenges, blocks, inherited patterns, and more that require clearing and healing. This is invaluable! We can even ask what realm it came from, how far back, was it an inherited pattern, or a deep ancestral wound? Did we experience the trauma in tis lifetime or does it have roots back hundreds of years?

Things EMERGE in this lifetime that get triggered for us over and over as it requires our attention and healing. We hold over 34,000 bits of information in our DNA. Of course they thought on 2% was genetic, the rest was junk, but now we know better. It is ALL quantum DNA. Our entire story, extensive history, both good and bad. But the lower vibrating patterns of limitations and fears hold us back! We get so frustrated by these limitations!

Since everything is energy, and we are ALL connected through ‘life strings’ or the information field, we can assist anyone in this process. We can ASK your ‘team’ of personal Guides, Angels, etc. to show us what needs to be healed, or neutralized. It is a fascinating and eye opening process! When we discover the much bigger picture, it is often not about things we have done wrong, but the experiences we create through our limited filters that color or shadow our life. Imagine discovering the reason why you are experiencing lack and struggle is because of old patterns of our ancestors survival issues, including wars, famines, brutality, earth changes, and even from dark forces or entities? When we bring them out into the open, our conscious awareness, we can finally clear, dissolve, and neutralize them, no longer to be triggered. Of course, we may have layers of beliefs, fears, blocks, cords, traumas, etc. that require this deeper healing.

Every time we dissolve a number of items, we then assist people in deep healing and re-aligning with their True and Higher Self, their Divine Nature of unlimited potential! We utilize a variety of Healing Charts and ask to see what exactly is needed to master our infinite potential, and allow the divine virtues to emerge from our hearts! We become more empowered, more joyful, more enlightened than we were before. We now are operating from a higher calibration of vibration. As we integrate each and every step, we become more whole, more free, more aware, more powerful. Life becomes more joyful in every step of the way!

This is now a time for EVERYONE on this planet to heal on these deep, deep, levels and experience their true nature and potential. WE are the most unlimited, divine, magnificent Beings after all. Every single one of us. No need to blame, shame, guilt, suffering, or limitations anymore. Those lower vibrating energies are being released as they pull us off center, out of our true power and nature. What a blessed time to be alive! Healing is taking on a whole new realm into the quantum field. Imagine being able to heal through our mind, pour Soul, our energy field? Not only is it possible, but it is also essential! Are YOU ready for this deeper healing? Of course you are, or you wouldn’t be here now.

I feel very blessed to have been working with my Guides for over 30 years and their assistance in developing this powerful healing technique. It is something everyone can learn. Every single health practitioner or energy healer should have this in their tool box to assist humanity at this great time.

Our next training course starts next Tuesday via 2 hour Zoom classes over 6-8 weeks. People can learn this for themselves, or become certified to practice it. I invite each and every one of you to consider joining us. It is invaluable at every turn!

Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd has been a pioneer in the Holistic Health field for over 36 years and teaches Biofield Clearing, as well as consciousness expanding techniques and tool. You can visit her website at for personal sessions, or for online classes, or for the training course. Contact her at 828-777-JANE (5263) for more info.

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