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Can Changing Consciousness Heal Our DNA?

Have you heard the statement that ‘everything is energy’? Everything has a frequency. It is a well-known fact. Your body has a frequency. So do your thoughts, feelings, laughter, emotions, the food you eat, and actually everything else! Do you think it affects your health? Do you think it affects your life? Absolutely!

Your frequency has been lowered if you have chronic problems, or chronic pain, whether with your health, your job, your relationships, your money, or your self-esteem. We ALL come into this life with certain strengths and also certain challenges for us to go through so we can learn, grow, and heal. We are actually coming more into alignment with our True Nature, our Higher Self. But first we have to heal some of the hidden patterns held in our bio-field and our DNA.

When we are out of coherence, our heart rhythms are incoherent, and so are our thoughts. Lower vibrating emotions like guilt, shame, fear, anger, resentments, etc. pull us out of alignment, and can stop us in our tracks!. Thoughts like ‘I’m not good enough, or not worthy’ are very common and also bring our vibration down. Every single thing we think, feel, say, and do affects us in so many ways.

Are you ‘in tune’ or ‘out of tune’ with the Universal Energies, or your Divine Source?

We are ALL healing from so many trauma’s and events in our lives. But we are also healing on very deep levels from thousands of years of human tragedies, trauma, violence, wounds, etc. These things actually ‘shock’ the body when they happen. If they don’t get healed completely, they do get passed down in our DNA for a future generation to do the inner work. They actually cling to our DNA and impact our lives to get our attention.

What is NOT working for you in your life? There may be many things, yet they are actually all connected. Deep seated, unconscious limitations can create blocks, unresolved emotions, core fears, inner life challenges, dark energy, cords and attachments, and stuck energy. When something repeats its pattern in your life, you can bet there’s an underlying issue needing to be resolved.

What if you could actually ‘heal’ these negative influences once and for all? Do you know the cells in your body actually contain light? They are called Bio-photons. Increasing your ‘light’ from within, is 1000x more coherent and healing than using light from lasers with frequencies! This is a statement from Dr. Glen Rien, a legendary DNA scientist and pioneering researcher of Energy Medicine. He also states that using consciousness can change DNA, and he’s even proven in his work it can reduce cancer cells!

He states "When you are in harmony with the Universe, the connection between our individual bodies and the Universal Energies, it resonates with our own Bio-Energies (body’s energies) which is what healing is all about!" When you are in harmony with the universe and in harmony internally, you HEAL. Your body comes back into balance, and harmony, which creates coherence.

Yet we are so often caught up in trying to figure out what medicine, supplement, nutrient, or other outside component will save us! Understandably, it is 1000x more effective when the healing, the light, frequency, or energy, comes from WITHIN! That is true and lasting healing.

So how can we identify any of the lower vibrating influences, like stuck emotions, cellular memories, old ancestral trauma’s, and more? With the help of a trained and skilled BioField Clearing Practitioner, it can easily be done. This is deeply transformative healing work that we ALL need to work on inner levels, very quickly and rather easily.

We connect with your Higher Self, your own Guides, Angels, and even your ‘Medical Assistance Team’ (with your permission) to ask questions. They assist and guide us to determine what needs to be addressed. We use 21 charts and dowsing techniques to be quickly guided to the right answers for us to explore. We can even determine where it came from, this lifetime, inherited influence, or ancestral pattern, even unresolved past life issues. It is pretty eye opening with insights often flooding in.

Then we do some advanced, yet ancient, healing work. We use ancient Egyptian Healing Pendulums to create a powerful magnetic vortex in your energy field. It creates a column of Light as well as we draw out anything in your DNA, organs, tissues, glands, mental and emotional body, etc. We can clear it from all time, all space, and all dimensions, easily, safely and completely. (It is actually being ‘neutralized’)

Once these lower vibrations, ‘stuck’ energies or blocks, have been released and cleared, then we have room to infuse beautiful healing frequencies into your energy field. The powerful pendulums we use are based on sacred geometry, which our bodies respond instantly to. They create a beautiful vortex of Divine Golden or White Light as we use our intention and commands to infuse balance, harmony, virtues, and Inner Healing Keys into your energy field.

What is actually happening is we are eliminating the negative vibrations that are pulling you out of coherence, out of balance or off-center, with your True Higher Self. Then we re-align your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies into a more coherent aligned state. Your inner POWER, inner healing, inner Light become stronger, more effective so to speak. Things shift easily in our bodies and in our life when this happens.

It has been proven that DNA directly responds to the consciousness of the Healer!

This is TRUE INNER HEALING. Your electro-magnetic field can now carry lighter, higher information instead of being bogged down by the lower vibrating challenges. This is truly sacred and powerful inner healing work. It is my passion and my purpose. This is a culmination of over 30 years of my extensive training, insights from my observations and practice working with clients, and understanding what truly does the healing we all need. And what is not really working… in the long run. We spend too much precious time, money, and energy chasing things that might help us heal. Of course, supporting the physical, emotional, and mental bodies is important for us to stay healthy.

NOW is a very essential time for us all to heal old wounds, limitations, trauma’s, fears, and more. Finding our true power, inner purpose, and aligning our connection with the Universal Energies, or Divine Source, is at the core of our healing. It is NOT about what supplement, or other outside influence we can take in. That is only temporary. We are truly Divine and powerful Beings of Light.

If you would like to experience this powerful healing work, please visit my website at to book a session. We offer discounts for packages of 3 or 6 sessions to go deeper every time. It is like peeling away layers of an onion, until we reach the core. I call reoccurring problems ‘persistent bundles’. They can be emotions, beliefs, experiences, blocked energy, trauma’s, etc. that need to be unraveled and addressed once and for all.

It is always astounding to me, every single time, as it is perfect for anyone, with ANY concern. It goes right to the core, uncovers what is needed to be released, and what is needed for your healing. It is a compassionate and loving piece of work, a state of Grace and inner healing!

I also teach a Practitioner Certification training for ALL Health Practitioners, Energy Healers, Light Workers, Holistic Therapists, or even anyone interested in using this technique for our personal growth or family issues. It is an eight week Online Master Class training. The next summer class will be held July through August on Tuesday evenings, then a Fall Class will be in October-November. Please visit our website at for more info or to sign up to join us. You will be delighted at the depth and sacredness of this beautiful healing technique. Thank you.

Dr. Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Kinesiologist, certified Intuitive Healer, and Quantum Energy Practitioner with over 30 years of experience in the Holistic healing field. She is the founder and trainer for BioField Clearing. For more info, please visit her websites at:, or You can also reach her at 828-777-JANE (5263).

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