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Are You Tired of Being Limited or Stuck?

We all work so hard to create a better life, to find more joy and happiness in our lives, and to relieve pain and suffering. It can be a lifelong challenge! Perhaps you have been trying to heal old issues or health conditions. Did you know that underneath ALL health issues lies the emotional and mental conditions that created or attracted that condition to you?

ALL disease always starts as a 'shock' to the system! We can all have traumas and incidents that can throw us off center, often in a big way! If it does not get healed during that lifetime, it gets passed down through the DNA to be identified and healed from the next generations. So we may hold many hidden challenges, difficulties, traumas, and shocks that are held in our DNA. These underlying issues often get triggered whenever we are trying to heal or create more joy. It is like your Soul is saying 'Wait - you still have this limitation, or belief, or trauma to deal with!"

Most of these are held in our subconscious and unconscious minds as we are only aware of 10% consciously of what if really going on behind the scenes. Frustration, anxiety, depression, illness, suffering and struggles may persist until it gets our attention enough to decide to do something about it. Just taking good supplements, or eating healthy, or doing positive affirmations are not enough to uncover and heal these underlying issues. But there is hope!

This is where the powerful healing art of Biofield Clearing comes in. Based on whatever your top concerns are whether they are health related, financial, relationship, your purpose, or anything, we can easily connect with your Angels, Guides, Ancestors, High Self, etc. (with your permission) and ask them to facilitate this process. We use a wide variety of charts for things like trapped emotions, core fears, inner challenges, blocks, limitations, cords, stuck chakras, traumas, or even negative programming, and they direct us to what you need to heal. We then create a powerful vortex of Light using ancient Egyptian Healing Pendulums with specific commands to neutralize and release these issues, turning OFF their triggers.

It is fascinating as we can also see WHERE these items came from, such as what age in this lifetime, or was it inherited or an ancestral pattern locked in your DNA, or an unresolved past life issue, an old vow or commitment, and more.

Once a number of items have been released, we then go into the Healing Charts to see what you specifically need to realign with your Highest and True Self! What is needed for you to Master in this lifetime? What virtues are you here to express, what empowering beliefs would be beneficial for you? And what is YOUR Inner Healing Key! This is truly empowering and deep healing work as it raises your vibration and frequency and inspires you to be more of your truly unlimited expression of your divine self!!

Every single person on this planet comes into this lifetime with challenges they need to go through and heal in order to evolve. We are all healing many generations of old traumas and wounds of our ancestors and the suffering they have endured so humanity as a whole can rise up to her true potential! Life should be joyful, abundant, loving, compassionate, and beautiful! Are you ready to heal in much deeper ways?

Right now we are at an extraordinary time as we are ascending and evolving to new levels. We are all called to do our inner healing work and release these old wounds and limitations. We are truly created from, living in, and connected to a divine unlimited Universe with so much to experience and explore. Do get left behind, stuck in old patterns and stuck energy. It's time to shake it off and become more of our true potential and experience life as fully and joyfully as ever! There is no need to continue to suffer.

If you have not experienced this beautifully deep and inspiring healing work, I invite you to experience it for yourself! You can use my special discount code of 'Biofield30off' at check out to get $30 off your first session when you book at

Dr. Jane is the creator of this work after 36 years in the holistic health field and numerous trainings. She realized that true healing has to go deeper, down to the level of our cellular memories and DNA. You can also learn how to use this technique for yourself or others in the Biofield Clearing training course. A new course starts Oct. 10 if you desire.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Jane at 828-777-5263 or email her at: We wish you the BEST and HIGHEST life possible!! Thank you.

Dr. Jane Smolnik is a pioneer in their field of holistic healing with over 36 years practice. She is a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Iridologist, Cert. Intuitive Healer, Kinesiologist, Licensed Avatar Master, and trainer. For more info, please visit her websites at,, and

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