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Are You Prepared for These Evolutionary Times?

How are you preparing yourself for this Great Shift we are all going through right now? We are evolving into a greater version of ourselves, as humans are moving into more of a 5D spiritual state of awareness. Yet so many people still struggle with fighting, lack and limitations, fear, and immature quarrels among each other. Yet we tend to ignore our spiritual disciplines.

The spiritually dedicated humans have been creating a clear vision and creating unique ways to solve old problems. Using the same old technologies and protocols of yesteryear only accomplishes very little in the way of self-healing, self-evolvement, and tangible results. There must be more done as a way of true inner healing.

As spiritually aware and aligned multi-dimensional beings, we have numerous abilities innately provided for us to evolve to a higher state, utilizing much more of our consciousness abilities. Yet we must clear out the old patterns, emotions, fears, blocks, and traumas that have kept us stuck in old patterns, and lower vibrating energies.

If you are not satisfied or deeply fulfilled with your life, or your relationships, or your health, or financial capabilities, or unclear what your life purpose is, then you have more inner work to do!

The old limiting patterns are designed to make you aware of what needs healing in your life. The triggers and buttons that get pushed have a purpose, not just to ignore them or push them aside. They will certainly keep reappearing until you do something about them. Take a deeper look.

Over many years in the holistic health field with numerous trainings, I realized that what people truly need to heal is on a soul level, not just physical. The inner yearnings that truly want to emerge from our hearts and souls struggle with these limitations. Can you imagine if you could heal, expand your awareness, and use your innate abilities for the greater good in your life? Your inner power is truly unlimited!

The Biofield Clearing technique is designed to do just that. Every single one of us can benefit from this powerful healing work as we can quickly and easily utilize the connection with your Higher Self, your Angels, Guides, Ancestors, etc. to assist us in this process.

Since so much of what is needed is buried in our subconscious and unconscious minds, we tend to only look at the surface, which is really the outcome of some of these hindering challenges we carry within. Imagine if you could bring up and neutralize, clear and dissolve so many of these limitations? What if you can feel much more empowered than ever before?

There is absolutely NO limit to what we can create, manifest and experience!

Would you prefer to have the relationship of your dreams, being loved and adored, supported and inspired every day? What if you could serve humanity and your community in ways that bring you great fulfillment and joy? What if you no longer have scarcity and limitations regarding money? What would you choose to experience in your life? All these things are right at your disposal. But first we must eliminate all the blocks that keep us down and realign with our Higher and True Selves.

Perhaps do an inner inventory: Make a list of your suffering and pains. What are you not allowing yourself to have, do or experience? What limiting beliefs hold you back? What are you willing to invite more of in your life? What are you willing to let go of to experience more joy this year? What permissions can you give yourself?

We are being called to focus more time and attention on developing our innate spiritual nature, to understand and utilize these amazing attributes buried inside. You are truly an unlimited magnificent Being with unlimited potential!

As we continue to uncover and release these items, we continually increase our inner wisdom and innate power. Life becomes more interesting, more fulfilling and empowering. It is something that we need to keep aware of and continue to lift our vibration and frequency, which is what truly heals us. It’s all about increasing our energy, vibration, and inner tools.

With Biofield Clearing we can continue to work on these hidden or persistent challenges that pull us off center and out of alignment. Once we have cleared a number of items that keep have kept our reoccurring problems or concerns as stumbling blocks, then we will have some wide open space to see what exactly you need to realign with your true nature and discover your unlimited potential of self-mastery!

True healing has to do with evolving and developing these abilities. I highly encourage you to do some Biofield Clearing work and continue to do more sessions and go further every time you do it. It’s like peeling away layers of an onion until we get down to the core of the issue. Some challenges that have been chronic in our lives, on automatic pilot, can take more time to truly get to the core and release. I know I’ve had my share and continue to examine items that I need to clear.

If you prefer to learn how to do this technique yourself, you can easily learn how to navigate through the charts, learn to master dowsing, connecting with your Guides, Angels, etc. and how to do the clearing technique that can clear things from all time, space, lifetimes, and dimensions. You can even exchange sessions with other students as well. It is quite astounding.

We have another training program coming up at the end of February. It is an 8 week online training program via Zoom. Each class is two hours each and includes all instruction, support, manuals, charts, forms, and replays as well. I also offer a bonus class as well to help you integrate the program.

Right now we have the last early bird special reduced rate that expires Feb. 20th. This reduced rate will no longer be offered as more is added to the program.

I encourage all individuals who are committed to their inner healing and evolutionary work to consider joining us. Of course any type of holistic minded practitioner should truly have this technique and program as part of their toolbox to assist their clients to facilitate their healing more thoroughly. If you have never experienced this before, I encourage you to check it out. I offer a special discount for first time session. When you use the discount code of ‘Biofield30off’ at checkout, you will receive $30 off your initial session.

My wish for you it to uncover more of your potential and discover what truly empowers you in every way! There are NO limits, only the ones we think we have. Enjoy life more! Be more inspired, more productive, more fulfilled!


Dr. Jane Smolnik has developed the technique of Biofield Clearing after over 36 years in the holistic health field. With the assistance of her Guides, she has fine-tuned this amazing process and teaches it 2-3 x per year. She also offers sessions with folks from anywhere in the world, via phone (recorded) or Zoom. Please visit to find out and more book a session. For the upcoming training, please visit Click on Course Info, or Find a Practitioner near you. You may contact Dr. Jane at 828-777-JANE (5263) for more info.

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