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Are You Healing, or Just Dealing?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Opportunities abound when you choose to heal your relationship with your physical and emotional body. Great significance underlies every illness and disease, large or small, because the body is actually a biofeedback system in itself. It has an innate intelligence and is a magnificent self-healing system. Managing your energy, your body systems, hormones, emotions, trauma's, stresses, inherited patterns and more can be daunting. Yet it is essential for true and lasting healing that can span both previous and future generations and set us free. It's time for healing on a cellular level.

Of course you must take good care of your body. Eating properly to get balanced nutrients, getting enough sleep and rest, exercising regularly, and having a healthy livelihood and relationships all contribute to good health. The cells in your body are continually replacing them selves. But they can replicate damaged cells with trapped emotions and trauma included.

Your cells, molecules, and atoms are all intelligent. They communicate with one another. Your body is a repository of everything you and your ancestral bloodline have experienced. The joys, pains, and trauma's from this lifetime, and many others can be trapped as cellular memories in your DNA

All healing is reinterpreting what has happened to you. If you truly are ready to heal it is essential to identify and release these blocks, imprints, patterns, and cellular memories. This is where BioField Clearing comes in.

Having developed this powerful system over the years, we can now easily and quickly identify and release unprocessed emotions, trauma's, fears, inherited issues, and even ancestral patterns and unresolved past life issues using 18 charts. We also use a special technique with ancient Egyptian healing pendulums to release and neutralize them from your energy field, as well as your DNA. You end up coming back into alignment with the highest aspect of your true self, aligning with your inner soul!

Since this area of healing is fairly new to many, having a wise and compassionate guide to assist your process can be truly invaluable! Whenever the body exhibits a symptom there is always an underlying emotional component. Traumatic events can be unfinished business that must be understood from a different context and perspective to be released from the body.

We must seek to identify and eliminate the real cause, not just the symptoms.

Whether you are experiencing frequent colds, viruses, or more serious blockages like cancers, diabetes, or heart failure, your emotions and how you feel are always involved.

Our beliefs play an important role as well. Many times I hear the self-imposed limitations we claim to be true when left unexamined. That in itself can block healing from taking place.

Do you believe that you are good, you are valued, you are loved completely, and supported in every way? Do you believe that you can actually heal and let go of some old wounds and trauma's? What are your 'pains'? When we still place the blame outside of ourselves, we also keep ourselves from real healing. We learn to just 'deal' with things the way they are. It can be exhausting, frustrating, and expensive taking quite a toll on our lives.

Unexpressed emotions can also be buried in the body and lead to illness and physical distress. We may think of cleansing toxins, but what about toxic emotions? Wellness involves learning to express your feelings in a safe, authentic and mature way. What is it that you need? What is important to you? What do you really feel?

Our Soul is yearning for this absolute healing. I believe that is the true purpose of life. When we uncover the difficulties and trauma's, examine them, turn them around, and realize the real virtues that our Soul is learning to express, and even 'master', we have arrived! It can be a tremendous relief. More joy, light, and energy can enter where there once was darkness and blocked energy. It can be completely liberating! that is when true healing actually happens. The body has done its job of trying to get your attention for a deeper purpose.

My true passion in my work has always been helping others heal on the deeper levels. Sure, anyone can take good care of themselves, take good supplements, eat well, etc. but their healing is not complete. They still struggle with issues over and over. I've had to do my own share of healing, being vulnerable, and willing to do whatever it takes. It is an ongoing process it seems, but one that is well worth it's weight in gold!

I intend to focus my healing work now on these often hidden levels. Releasing trapped emotions, blocked energy flow, limiting beliefs and judgments, reframing old trauma's, clearing patterns from our DNA, and discovering our innate power and the magnificent grace within is the most gratifying offering I can make to assist my fellow humans to heal and advance their lives in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Having been sensitive to energy and very empathic since I was a child, intuitive diagnosis and energy healing came very easily to me. I didn't think the world was ready for it twenty or thirty years ago so I focused mainly on natural healing methods. But now the time has accelerated to a point where so many people are truly suffering and they are ready, able and willing to heal in amazing new, beautiful ways. I am here to assist in a wise and loving manner. It is truly an honor that fills my heart!

Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, and Certified Intuitive and Spiritual Healer with over 30 years in practice. She is located in Asheville, NC but works with people from all over by phone or online. You can find more information on her website at or call her at 828-777-JANE (5263). She also teaches online classes on her website Please join her mailing list to stay informed of new classes and offerings. ASK about our current specials!

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